Diety or Jades

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Are there any BM's out there who went from jades to diety? Looking to get some feed back if you feel you made the right choice by doing so.. Or your going back defense levels gems when ever you get the chance to? Is the damage noticeable to you being diety build from switch from jades? Would like to hear some feed back please...


  • jsxshadow
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    BM is all about support in Mass-PvP and such. Having some deity is ultra-effective in 1v1 and can be somewhat nice in 3v3 as well, given that you squad delivers some support or has other targets worth focusing but yourself.

    Deity increases the chance to charmbypass/oneshot people with a red glyphed skill. Even without it, if you get your hands on a single target with Ulti +HF you can dish out some serious damage. When you are forced to defend yourself and spam CC all the time then ofc more survival power is better.

    Personally, I love myself some deity on BM. Damage potential on some situations is truly broken and can rival, if not beat, barbs armageddon.
  • teikiatsu11
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    I also put it as do you want to be the immovable object or the unstoppable force?

    Deity BM is certainly viable, albeit frowned upon by people. To survive as one does take skill, and I mean you can't be one of the several half-assed BM's running around these days. You genuinely need to know your class. You're also shifting into very different territory for a BM, we're primarily suppression and assist. With Deity you are moving into a very offensive role.

    Overall I most often recommend going for Jades, just because that boosts our survivability and helps us get through the ganks that can, and almost always will, happen to us in mass pk. Its the safest option for BM's and if you're talented you'll still get your kill in a 1v1. It just takes a lot of work.

    So the real question is: How confident are you in your abilities as a BM? If you're very confident, have great situational awareness to keep track of your buffs, debuffs, genie, pots, and chi you will certainly do great as a deity BM. If you're skeptical I'd say go for Jades and practice until you feel you can take the loss of defense and still get by.


    Deity is best for highly talented BM's, we're already a class that heavily punishes mistakes without having the knowledge to compensate. Jades for a safety net but you'll need patience to win a 1v1. Deity to make your fights go by way faster but you'll need the talent to compensate for the def loss. You just have to remember no matter what BM's require patience and focus.