servercrash Dawnglory - double drop gone

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i dont know why i even bother making a forum thread, when apparently nobody of the PWE team reads it, but as the title says - our server crashed, was offline for 5 minutes and came back up with the bonus events gone.


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    I don't have any contacts at the moment for PWE.

    Please log a ticket with support for this. Are the servers ok now? Any instance down etc?

  • hoshichan
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    sorry, but i dont think it should be the players responsibility to ensure the hardware running properly, or are we the ones getting paid? :)
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    new codes \o/
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    Additional things: - Faction Talents

    Certin things in base have also been removed theses include:
    • The exp buff aka campfire/tree (no one uses feast ^^)
    • Teleport to fsp/up/dh
    • Npc that gives keys for up/dh/qsm
    • Damage boost to mobs

    Unsure if there are other things from this also missing

    Still have:
    • Damage boost to mobs (inside base only)
    • All three summon npcs
    • Summon squad members
    • Mount speed boost
    • rez
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    zzzz and now alot of ppl cant enter in there homestead on dawnglory....GG PWI
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    PWE to our forums
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    Not sure what to call that wobble lol
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    if i remember correctly 2x started after last maintenance on all servers at the same time. on american servers 2x is still running, so they have bonus around 20h longer until now
  • hoshichan
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    what happened to our new CM, communicating with us or maintenance threads arent a thing anymore?