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[EVENT] Winter Mount Contest 2018

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
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Summer is about to be in full swing – so what is this chilly contest doing here?
We’re looking for YOU to create a wintery themed exclusive mount.
Start : 6/13/2018 @ 10 AM PT
End : 6/29/2018 @ 10 AM PT

EXTENDED - 7/06/2018

A forum thread will go up so you can post your entries (You Are HERE!) – be sure to stop by the Official Forums when the contest kicks off!

[*]Please ensure that your mount is winter themed in some way. The more seasonal it is, the better!
[*]Entries that have been submitted in previous contests can be entered, but they must follow the theme of being wintery or Christmas themed.
[*]No copyrighted materials or designs that are not done by you will be accepted. The only exception to this is if you create a variant of an existing PWI mount or monster.
[*]Designs must be fully rendered in the medium you chose.
[*]The more details you add to your submission the better. This includes – having multiple poses (front and back) or sketches of mount movement.
[*]Incomplete submissions or submission lacking in basic information or that do not look “finished” will not be considered.
Mounts will be selected by PWI staff.

The more entries we receive, the more rewards will be unlocked for the community!

20 Entries – War Avatar Pack C x5
45 Entries – Ancient Gift x5
50 Entries – War Avatar Pack S x3 + 50 Event Gold
100 Entries – War Avatar Pack S x5

These prizes are cumulative – meaning that if the community submits 45 Entries total, everyone will receive War Avatar Pac C x5 and Ancient Gift x5.


Choice of ANY mount currently in the game, including unreleased mounts! (Excludes Mounts with any copyrighted names or designs)
A FREE copy of the mount you designed when it debuts in the game!
Choice of one of THREE powerful items – Neuma Portal Chest, Crown of Madness OR Emperor Tome.
50$ Free Zen (or region equivalent)

1st Runner Up
Choice of ANY mount currently in the game, including unreleased mounts! (Excludes Mounts with any copyrighted names or designs)
A FREE copy of the winner’s mount when it debuts in the game!
20$ Free Zen (or region equivalent)

Good luck PWI players!
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  • jen#6926 jen Posts: 3 Arc User


    The Car has a white snowy glow (similar to fashion weapons that sparkle snowflakes, and when driving, snowflakes and $ notes fly in the air behind the vehicle. Also leaves white tires-in-the-snow pattern
  • sadliesadlie Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Winter Wolf - Mount

    I am not good at system drawing, so I have created the mount, using a simple hand sketch.

    Special effects:

    1) The mount will be white and it will looks shiny
    2) White paw marks will be seen in the ground for 3 seconds when it walks/runs


    1) Howl
    2) It shakes off and the snow flakes will fly in the air.


    I have a silver mane mount. I wish to have a white color mount, which looks furious; A hunter.

    Sorry for not showing the front, side views. I thought that would affect the environment I have created.
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  • lolitalottielolitalottie Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Arianrhod's Cage

    Wings grow strong
    Once the cage is gone
    A flicker of white
    Sweeps through the night

    My mount is based on the Welsh Goddess Arianrhod. She had the ability to shape-shift into a large white owl which enabled her to see into the dark depths of the human soul.
    The cage represents her free spirited nature and the ivy being her sacred plant. Its also where the player will sit.
    Her wings release a myriad of snowflakes upon movement leaving a wintery trail behind.

    - Elodiee : DawnGlory
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  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Snuggles Posts: 133 Arc User
    edited June 2018

    The ear rings, nose, and tail ornament all glow in a pattern.

    I called it Forsaken Divinity

    Thou shalt not be forsaken...
    The only GOP
  • bulletmanbulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    i got a idea for new mount well since im not an artist i explan it and use images as reference

    1-its rabbit
    2-it has santa's hats on his head ears are out side of head
    3-its pure white
    4-glow super white
    5-while it walks snow will drop from it
    6-it has some sort of cold aura around it
    7-it has red eye
    8-don't know if its good or not it can have a bag of carrot around it
    9-don't know if it possible but it would be cool to when its not moving rabbit can sit and eat carrot
    10-must be fluffy

    its like some snowy rabbit that glows and drops snow with blueish aura

    here is pic of rabbit that i have in my head



  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    Character: Wyvelin
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Since we could use the Christmas theme in this contest, I took the opportunity to design my ideal Christmas/Winter mount. fox-26.gif

  • ryeckoeryeckoe Posts: 22 Arc User
    Xmas Tree Sledding
    iNTENTiONALiTY - Etherblade
  • pigbarbpigbarb Posts: 1 Arc User
    Mount Name: Screamer
    Character: Murali
    Server: Tideswell
  • xwhitefrostxxwhitefrostx Posts: 45 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Character: ArchnoIogia
    Server: Dawnglory

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  • afcmaybeafcmaybe Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited June 2018

    Gembound Unicorn

    Should you find yourself lost in the North, you may be found by a Gembound - as it is their purpose as guardians of the North. It will ask you a question. Should you answer it dishonestly, it will dissipate into snow and frost, leaving you to find your own way, or succumb to death. Should you answer it honestly, it will guide you a kinder place, away from the cold; after all, there is no greater gift than life. If, out of nowhere; in the midst of frost and snow, you hear a single bell jingle - you can be sure a Gembound approaches.

    It's characterised by it's large rack of antlers, heavily furred neck and back and double row of scales along it's back.

    -It uses it's antlers to detect dangerous weather. When the icicles formed upon them fall, this incidicates an incoming snow/hailstorm. Should one see a Gembound with clean antlers, they should take shelter.

    -It's fur is a double coat, exceptionally soft - especially where it is thickest. The Gembound is envied by rich fashionable women, hunters and cold people alike. Only an honest person may touch it's fur.

    -It's scales always point North if placed on the water's surface, like a compass. The Gembound has an excellent sense of direction.

    Movement; The Gembound moves in a graceful manner. Not only like a deer, or a horse - but something of it's own nature. It must take care to traverse deep snow or thin ice, as much as anything else.

    Idle; It's body heat causes ice crystals that settle in it's coat to evaporate around it, generating a light cloud of steam which sparkles as it catches the light.

    Character; Chal
    Server; Dawnglory

  • eylenaaeylenaa Posts: 44 Arc User

    Elenett - Et
    ignore questionable lineart.
  • lydie#9550 lydie Posts: 1 Arc User
    Everyone likes cookies, but we can never have them in PWI.
    So, i created a cookie mount :3
    When using mount, cookie will be floating.
    When standing still, cookie mount will rise up like in the picture.

    character: LydiaBuble
    server: Dawnglory


  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Since this got proxy voted out last time by a vote bot... here's another re-entry.

    It's said to be the coldest of ducks, one that's soo cold that it can barely walk straight, it needs heat for survival, maybe just maybe you can save it; or maybe it just hates Christmas.

    The original mount idea was to celebrate wonderland but the story of A Christmas Carol also influenced the creation of it.


    and of course credit to the original creator who also invented a walk cycle, which can be found below:

    Twilight Temple
  • vesnoulivesnouli Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited July 2018
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  • vesnoulivesnouli Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited July 2018

    WlLDWlND -Etherblade
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  • detrion10detrion10 Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited June 2018

    My mount is a small foxie with huge eyes and fluffy fur, with a thick mane of hair around neck that makes it even cuter. Foxie moves normally, in a graceful manner, it sometimes "roars" and/or purrs of contentment.

    character: DatrioN
    server: Dawnglory

    "Wintery fox mount"

  • forbiddenwordsforbiddenwords Posts: 321 Arc User
    edited June 2018

    Meet Carol, an adorable arctic weasel, who's here to melt your heart when the chill of winter is starting to settle in!

    Some info:

    - all his accessories are symbols of winter/Christmas (even his name, although he doesn't sing carols :c )
    - his fur is milky white (with a dark tuft on the tip of his tail) and fluffy, just like a real weasel!
    - his size shouldn't be too big, the height is slightly shorter than that of the player
    - preferred idle animation: Carol slightly gets up on his rear feet and looks left and right, sniffing the air (as if checking his surroundings)
    - the intended design of the mount is simple yet symbolic; the mount has a subtle rainbow glow on his tail tuft and socks, and a frosty mist coming out of his back

    Additional sketches and details:


    An idea of what the running cycle of the mount should be (NOTE: this is only for reference purposes. I do not own this GIF and all credit goes to its original creator)

    Short video as a reference to the movement of weasels:

    And bonus picture as proof of their cuteness overload!

    (fact: despite their adorable appearances, weasels are actually bloodthirsty savages)

    PixelHeart - Etherblade
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    ☆ Pixel ♥ Heart ☆ Etherblade ☆
  • madimadi16madimadi16 Posts: 6 Arc User
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    I`m truly sorry ,something was wrong with Forum,and it wouldn`t post ,and the next day I see my post on several spots.
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  • madimadi16madimadi16 Posts: 6 Arc User
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    So it looks like i was spamming,but I had no idea what actually happened,and it appeared so many times.
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    So I apologize once more,and please delete all this comments.Thank you
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  • madimadi16madimadi16 Posts: 6 Arc User
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  • caroline#4909 caroline Posts: 2 Arc User
    Ice Pegasus
    PrincessCarol - Twilight Temple

  • wishes08wishes08 Posts: 126 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    A sledging we shall go

    Only just noticed this event now so this is a basic version of the mount. If I was to do things up a bit more I would possibly use red as the sledge colour along with little bells, as well as maybe a couple presents on the ledge iself.

    Had more time so did this up a little

    Idle Movement
    Huskie sits (may howl) and occasionally lies down (may roll around a little)

    During Movement
    If the slightly more festive version is wanted then bells may jiggle while on the move, as well as the faint patter of the huskies paws.

    While the below links are unnecessary, I like to reference things for the future as a just incase need to refer back to.


    Sledge - https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g667560-d3747392-i90794048-Husky_Co-Saariselka_Lapland.html

    Huskie - https://www.gettyimages.co.jp/detail/ニュース写真/musher-rides-on-his-sledge-harnessed-with-husky-dogs-ahead-of-ニュース写真/901815688#musher-rides-on-his-sledge-harnessed-with-husky-dogs-ahead-of-the-picture-id901815688

    Werewolves - Dawnglory

    Image Glitched so re added
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  • cabbellacabbella Posts: 2 Arc User

    Cuddly Cat
  • dealer12333dealer12333 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Almiraj Tideswell

  • gioves33gioves33 Posts: 31 Arc User

  • xymjuhixymjuhi Posts: 5 Arc User
    uploading for a friend, StyxYouGently Tideswell

  • dark93kingdark93king Posts: 2 Arc User
  • klysklys Posts: 283 Arc User
    Character: MysticBoob
    Server: Twilight Temple

  • rexxiexxx#6094 rexxiexxx Posts: 2 Arc User

    Cute dyeable Snowman,who carries players on its back

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