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After logging onto my PWI account after a year, I have discovered that ALL of my fashion and a few of my mounts are GONE. I am furious as I have spent real money on those things and spent hours of my time grinding for items to trade for fashion. I can literally name off the things that have been deleted and now there is no way to get them back. please someone help me or I will NEVER play any of Arc's products/games. My main character had a huge Fashion tab as i had used like 3 wardrobe stones to hold my fashion. I logged in to find out that I couldn't even click on the fashion tab in my bag. I also had an extended bank, which is now reduced to just two pitiful rows. I am FURIOUS, someone please tell me there is a solution and that i'm able to get my items back.


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    Maybe you are just simply using the wrong character or account. No matter what obstacle you face online or in life really, you have to be able to think it though with a unclouded and clear mind. Did you type that before considering every logical reason why it may have disappeared? I've taken years off from this game collectively and haven't had that happen. I also doubt someone would devote their time of their actually life to make that happen manually.

    If you were simply ****-ed (they bleep that word out) than the hacker doesnt have the power to revert back time of an item's effect. If you are not just simply mistaken, (maybe you thought you were calling it quits at the time, and sold your stuff) Or if anyone else-No matter who they may be, has your password for whatever reason, then Stop reading right now. The the only other option would be a server rollback occurred anywhere from a day to a week after you allegedly sold all your fashion in that first hypothetical and left the previous year. The odds of that happening are low but it's not impossible.
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    some one had this prob before i think with some flyer and stuff like that and they were able to get the stuff back.I think it was something that happend,not positive on what it was but they did manage to get stuff back.Send a ticket to see if they can help,tickets do work.I have sent many and have been satisfied.

    Indeed the answer.

    I would also check your other toons account stash etc. I'm often surprised by something on another toon.

    I hope you get this sorted.