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Scheduled Server Maintenance [6/05/2018 - 11 PM PT]

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Good evening PWI players!

We will be having our regular server maintenance tonight at 11pm PT. Tonight's maintenance will have a PATCH click HERE!

*Tentative Duration*

Maintenance is expected to last approximately 4 hours, so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.
*Maintenance times are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Actual end times will vary depending on the progress of the maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

- The PWI Crew


  • shadydawgshadydawg Posts: 82 Arc User
  • bulletmanbulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    Kaly we miss your codes share some event gold

    hope you the best day
  • laela#0754 laela Posts: 1 Arc User
    the summer event was posted to run through june 13th so i hope your not ending it early.
  • magusdarkmagusdark Posts: 16 Arc User
    UMMMM. WHY ARE THE SUMMER EVENT NPCs MISSING AFTER THE UPDATE?!?!?! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ACTIVE FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!!! Some of us were saving our Dog charms to get items and we were close to our goal amounts. THIS is the reason why you people lose players. Don't make it too complicated and sit around asking "why are they leaving?", look no further than your crappy business practices of only allowing people to be competitive by buying gold for CHANCE PACKS with crappy drop rates(gambling) and then creating faulty events, and blatantly LYING to us about dates and such. I am actually furious and seriously considering leaving for good. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP.
  • elcocotelcocot Posts: 17 Arc User
    and still no fix for XNW as we reached new level, addition to the DC all the time: it was possible to fight only on crystal content. capture the flag and towers were broken...
  • memegirl2memegirl2 Posts: 111 Arc User
    Same old song and dance..with no response or changes ect. "Sigh"
  • yoda3160yoda3160 Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Dog charm npc probably won't be back until next year most likely, however you can redeem the charms at the ambassador next to the npc to port into Adventure Kingdom. Should have known by now from previous events that they probably won't do anything since there was only a week left for the event according to the news and it would take another patch to reenable it.
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