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TW where is the gank?

lambo51lambo51 Posts: 8 Arc User
time ago when a faction gained more than half a map, the medium factions would attack and little by little they would remove 2 or 3 land for the weekend, and the map would be balanced. Now the lands between them are removed or they settle for 1 or 2 lands. But he finds in any opinion no one can deny how boring it is to do tw !!!!!!!
Let people be greedy, how many lands can defend Tempest, Dyna or Crush? and if they lose anyway it will be fun to face with all the faction 1 or 2 squad of these faction with R9r3 + 12 G17 + 12 and a spirit that gives envy? !!!!!!!!!!!! .
I accept objective opinions, criticisms can keep them where the light does not shine. Thank you


  • aspiringapathyaspiringapathy Posts: 66 Arc User
    Hmm, for the gank to be worthwhile or even viable - other factions have to see a benefit beyond "can we take a land from them". Right now the priorities seem to be to fight for second or third place.

    Tempest has 17 lands
    Dyna 7
    BloodBath 5
    Crush 11
    Vicious 3
    BootyCamp 4
    Kindrid 1
    NewEra 3

    So in order for there to be a rankings upset. Dyna would have to lose at least 2 lands (1 of which to BloodBath). While ganks can be a strategic play to change the land count in favor of another faction - there has to be something to gain and more often than not, it's motivated by emotion and opportunity. What act or player is going to bring together multiple factions rallied against one?

    Tw is pretty boring now yeah, but that was to be expected when the pvp focus of the game shifted to svs. More people grouped up to make better competition vs. the other servers. This has really hit the mid-tier (no offense intended) factions hardest in that some of their more invested players left for the pvp opportunity, leaving them with less ability to make the threat of a gank viable.

    Sorry if this is rambling a bit, I hope my point was somewhat legible...if not, the tl;dr is - people won't gank until they see it as of benefit to them again. Things right now are too spread out for it to be worthwhile unless it is done purely for spite.
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