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What would be the best time for you to soloque 6v6?

zandhondzandhond Posts: 32 Arc User
edited April 2018 in Arigora Colosseum
The last 2 weeks there has been Colosseum 6v6 Personal Matchmaking fights. This does no require a team. The average gear was endgame or as good indication 'being able to pk' this keeps the balance.
Alot of the players who joined experienced this as fun and seemed to want this more often.
After all, its better then clown fiesta pk xD
To make a efficient flow of fights we need a minimum of 24 players to cycle between 2 fights constantly.
The way teams are made seems to somehow depend on personal score from 3v3 , because it displays score after a fight is done and with for example, 2.5k score i got 12 fights while some got over 40.
Now all this fun took alot of spamming people and a cross server horn. It would be awsome to get enough players togethere without to much effort, if the main pkers/pvp players from each server take a moment to spread the word. Lets see if it can be done :D

About the days:
Friday/saturday is a no go, people will prefer 3v3 for coins
my personal preference would be mon/tue/wednesday since there is not much to do ingame regarding pvp on those days.


What would be the best time for you to soloque 6v6? 20 votes

whipmaihurr 1 vote
zandhondveiszbjadvr6splendideyeskukla2deek090legolassasxxcutieangelxx 8 votes
maksim1995noobynoobynooby 2 votes
jearxbeargeirskokulcatgirldesuglay4funzombiemaster123xutogiathetruesinszphantomforce#4598valor#2556 9 votes


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