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SB Glyph Help?

SystemSystem Posts: 270 mod
This discussion was created from comments split from: Stormbringer Class Discussion.


  • bloodrayne29bloodrayne29 Posts: 34 Arc User
    Hi I`ve been away from pwi for a while returned and am now trying the stormbringer class which i am loving so far, have just completed the starter glyph quest but glyphs are completely new to me, i am a pure pve sb and wanted to know which glyphs i should concentrate on for my stormie and also if there is a guide anywhere about them although i have looked and cant seem to find anything about them.
  • zombiemaster123zombiemaster123 Posts: 109 Arc User
    Hi, all you need to know:

    I mainly focused this video on PvP, but it's basically the same in PvE.
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