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Arigora coins missing

et3reaet3rea Posts: 55 Arc User
edited March 2018 in Arigora Colosseum
So my squad and I completed our minimum of 10 weekly matches. Last sunday in the arigora squad menu it was saying "Arigora coin reward: 823", monday (yesterday) my reward dropped to 0 and apparently im not eligible for this week reward even tho i completed the 10 fights. Anyone has experienced the same problem before? I tried to contact support but they told me that i need to do more mathes in order to qualify. I often do just 10 battles x week due of lack of time and never got any problem. I asked to the other squad members if they have the same issue and they say they see the reward, althought they completed 40+ matches this week.


  • harmmerharmmer Posts: 2 Arc User
    Need to have participated in at least 30% of the team fights.
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