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Demon HF v Neverfall "upgrade"

reddragon961reddragon961 Posts: 5 Arc User
I'd like peoples opinions on whether to upgrade my demon HF to the NF version. It seems like it's a bad idea to me. I'd assume most people would use the golden glyph to gain some of the chi back. Seems like it's not worth losing the 1 second of HF tho, or am I wrong?

Also, on a side-note... do most BM's use a glyph set, or do you find that having no glyph set and just taking 5% from everyone as opposed to 15% from some and doing 15% more to others? I've been wondering about that as well, since in mass PVP bm's aren't responsible for doing damage, even tho we can do some pretty devastating spike damage if we're lucky with some crit zerks on our upper swing of dmg. Seems taking 5% from everyone as opposed to taking 15% from some would be the ultimately better option. Probably a lower incoming damage over time.

Thanks for your opinions!


  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 918 Arc User
    Demon HF all the way, for PvE ofcourse. (Since you're demon I assume you're asking for PvE)

    IGN: Madskillz
  • e1fingere1finger Posts: 37 Arc User
    NF HF by far that 1 sec lost is nuthing compared to the gains from the new glyph system ,IF u take the time to read everything out and with much practise you can pull off a 16 sec extended HF . Far as Glyph bonuse will having a no bonuse seems the way to go in a mass pvp or small scale , if ur doing 1v1 well u do have the option to switch up. far as PVE goes ofc it dont matter really .
  • jehu50jehu50 Posts: 52 Arc User
    Noob question where do you ge tthe NF upgrade which npc please.
  • teikiatsu11teikiatsu11 Posts: 92 Arc User
    jehu50 wrote: »
    Noob question where do you ge tthe NF upgrade which npc please.
    You get them at Royal Knight Hector. He's in the center of Neverfall city.
  • fatebladefateblade Posts: 13 Arc User
    I like NF HF coz I get instant chi for gs, so 8sec plus GS > 9sec HF. Sure, you can Demon HF + genie/pot + GS, but youll lose 1sec.
  • bla5tbla5t Posts: 2 Arc User
    If you do Never Fall Drakes Breath Bash with a Gold Glyph Effect and Never Fall Heaven's Flame, is it easy to get enough chi to fire off another Heaven's Flame after another one in case a Nuke Squad falls short?
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