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[PWI] Adventure Kingdom Opening Event Week 3 Leaderboards

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Hello PWI Players!

Week 3 (And 2) Leaderboards are now up! Leaderboards using the same link from the previous post, but if you need a reminder here it is! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PbeN_aiwmz4HZdgrKdRhoeo0ecGDzzVz6Y-hacskSLo/edit#gid=0

All information should be accounted for!
If you are missing tokens, your in-game mailbox was full at the time of sends or an error was kicked back at the time of send.

Rewards disbursements will take a bit as per our announcement HERE, so please be patient as they go out!
And as always, keep your mailbox clear to receive your rewards.

Thanks for participating and playing in Adventure Kingdom and we'll see you when the park reopens!


  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 324 Arc User
    that spreadsheet is as wrong as it could possibly be, sorry. like everyone in fac chat is a) wondering why this list shows so many token b) what they received so many token for ingame c) where are the token for the wonderland leaderbords? i had the unshared top score in dawnglorys shooter gallery and received 0 token for it X_X.

    thanks for the cool event, but this is a mess, whatever went wrong in the first week carried over.
  • ninna321ninna321 Posts: 19 Arc User
    Is this a joke? u posted it anyways without editing any of ur math.. there is ppl with 100 tokens on that list that are listed in the 100k points... this is disappointing even for PWI
  • aensidheaensidhe Posts: 178 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    Why are rewards mailed out already when the tokens-ranking is not yet fixed? We have people who should not have received 'x' amount of tokens receive disproportionately high rewards, and players who should have received more tokens and missed out on the correct tier of rewards.
  • aradrielaradriel Moony Mender Posts: 73 Arc User
    Just chiming in here that this is indeed ridiculously wrong. I'm boycotting charging anything to this game anymore but I showed the list to my husband in game and he died laughing. It shows him as getting about 10 times as many tokens as he should be listed for on Tideswell.

    /smh pwi.
    Raging Tides/Tideswell
    Arandelle | Cleric
    Aradriela | Wizard
    Not-so-perfect world'er since Jan. 2010.
  • yoyohohoyoyohoho Posts: 34 Arc User
    i didn't get my tokens for wonderland quest chain or the correct reward!
  • tideborn20090tideborn20090 Posts: 56 Arc User
    If it makes you feel any better I didn’t get all the stuff it says I should such as the whale pets
  • tabaloultabaloul Posts: 159 Arc User
    at least we had an idea of how many active toons we have all over the servers which is around 8k, not bad​​
  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 452 Arc User
    So when are the whale mounts being sent out?
  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 397 Community Moderator
    nunuator wrote: »
    So when are the whale mounts being sent out?


    Support Ticket ♥ Support Email: [email protected]PW Wiki
  • gravewulfgravewulf Posts: 36 Arc User
    I don't even bother anymore with this kind of thing. It's pointless. Seems there are a few that get lucky, most of us are used to nothing. Goes for the "Wonderland" slap in the face also, what a joke.
  • tideborn20090tideborn20090 Posts: 56 Arc User
    Just wondering about the whale pets.. haven’t seen anyone with them yet so I’m assuming they haven’t been implemented but would be nice to have an eta
  • age03age03 Posts: 1 Arc User
    How easy is it to get level 105 from 78 as cleric?
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Age StarTrek-Gamers Administrator
    USS WARRIOR NCC 1720 Commanding Officer
    Star Trek Gamers
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