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Other games just dont appeal for pwi replacement

laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
edited February 2018 in Off-Topic Discussion
So was checking out whats out there going threw youtube honestly they all suck.

We have better custimization and fash.

The fight style combo thing i mean i mihgt as well use an x-box controler feels more like a old school street fighter game in the arcade then a mmo.

Checking out final but its paid subscript after lv 35 like i need another bill.

theres a few games but they seem like knock offs of us and if you thought we our outdated trust me we are not there toons look like are beta verstion with the 3 main races back in the day.

what im surprised is no youtube coverage like best mmos 2018 i seen and played a few of the ones mention on youtube other then flashy cinmas not really feeling it.

also the rigs and graphic cards now needed to run these newer games suck and the content isnt all that.

what im surprise regardless if where pay to win or not we never get mention ?

are game looks better then most of the newer ones even if its engine is older are toons seem more cooler in most ways other then a wet skin look.

if it wasnt for this base thing i could deal with some of the other greed things like glyps etc to many to name.

and before you guys start throwing out games i already look and played those ones on 2018 mmos on you tube when you search like 5 of the top reviews on there page nty.

El capiton going down with the ship to the very end lol

Im stay to that last arc cant be reached txt


  • meiwakumeiwaku Posts: 14 Arc User
    blade and soul isnt that bad, i run it on a gt740 which sucks for a gfx card tbh. could try that unless your pc is powered by a potato xD
  • rebecca1973rebecca1973 Posts: 48 Arc User
    Watching tv news channels would be better than PWI right now. I'm so disgusted with this game and their stupid, unreasonable expectations.
  • erokeserokes Posts: 195 Arc User
    You say you can't pay another bill but on your previous posts when the game did what it did you stopped charging. So initially you are charging same amount you would for a monthly sub or move given the new items you likely go for (if any thing else I mean). Even enough for a buy in like BDO (haven't tried myself yet and if I remember it was on sale for 5$ which isn't that bad).

    Sure. Buy what you want and do you, but to act like
    oh no a sub run away is just silly. I had always found the debate funny when it comes up about subs. that its horrible yet with the goodies provided in PWI you don't realize you use more than enough to pay a sub if you ever migrated to one. Ive had a few friends try Final only for them to say the same about not affording the sub...that's fine...then to turn around to and show they are top geared and max refined/sharded in short time after they claimed they'd quit 100% then to return to start over from ground up. Hmm. Makes you wonder. But hey again, do you just people need to quit acting like a sub games will kill your bank when people have spent thousands easy every week in PWI.(*coughNPRafflescough*)

    I will agree on some points that pwi has some great customizing, great shops for cosmetics(which is why its hard to completely uninstall)So I also compare with other games and while I also agree on those videos not everything is going to be exactly what PWI offered (I still look this day for it cause you never know - hello hidden gems). Also if another game replicated it then you'd say it was another knock off as you have said other games have copied PWI (when people have easily claimed the same when PWI made its debut). Face the fact PWI hasnt been so great hence why its not gotten coverage you believe it deserves. But if you want to start making videos on content to bring some flare to PWI go ahead, I will gladly check them out as I tend to do that but mostly its just PvP videos and being I was never into that so I just watch to see familiar faces.

    And to answer your question if PWI was Pay to Win would it get noticed. . . it already is. Unless you meant Pay to Play? As in monthly sub. then yes. I'd think if one is paying a fee, content would be advertised and up to date on changes because you are paying per month so gotta keep people interested and worth while whereas PWI repeats the same sales and claims to "remove items that will never be seen again only to show up months later" tactic. Also the server behavior would be looked into thoroughly until they are fixed unlike PWI where some places do get fixed while some are overlooked. And we then wonder why or how given how much money people give this game and hardly see things improved but taken away or changed to make even more difficult. But people have to adapt and move on. Just like you need to move on or least try to have an open outlook when it comes to different games.

    Besides, if you only play new games for a few levels you aren't getting a taste of what else it has to offer. You are just dipping your toes in the water. You're just too used to PWI's controls and look to give others a proper chance.

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  • iamnotnormaliamnotnormal Posts: 66 Arc User
    im also semi quitting .. still dont know...what replacement games i can play
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    I've been enjoying BDO a lot. Can't really twink toons easily, or multiclient, but overall the way the game system works makes up for it.​​
  • limit1#4879 limit1 Posts: 75 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    mhworld is good one but ps4 and xbox only still no pc version... and general rule of the thumb...
    LOOTBOX GAMES is a no no... i think we already learned from that.... playing this game.
    bless and ashes mmo are coming but not for potato pc. both are good content since you get every gear inside dungeon unlike this game. i thank pwi they didnt charge us for entering and exiting the game
  • deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery Gamer ⭐⭐🐈 Posts: 92 Community Moderator
    Black Desert looks similar to pwi, haven't played it myself though.
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