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Life Hunter Interrupt-Glitch?!

zombiemaster123zombiemaster123 Posts: 109 Arc User
edited October 2017 in Assassin
So, if you interrupt Life Hunter at the perfect timing right after the chan bar is through and before the skill animation starts it still deals both strikes of damage. That basically cuts the total skill-execution time to ~40% of the original. Heck, it's even so broken that if you have perfect timing and chain Condensed, Spell Cutter or any other fast skill that it will count those 3 hits as one and give way for nice charm-bypass combos.

Granted, it is tricky to pull off and messing up the timing could lead to deselecting your target. But still, why is no sin using this? That's pretty OP. Yeah, lag can **** you over quite a bit I guess but that applies to pretty much everything, hehe.


  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    im not an expert but im pretty sure you cannot interrupt a skill with 0 channeling?
    Can you?
  • unholyalllunholyalll Posts: 14 Arc User
    there is plenty of sins actually using it, if you ever wonder why your charm doesnt tick and you scroll up the damage log..you know why now. like this class isnt already op enough :D
  • elcopete94elcopete94 Posts: 56 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    no, it doesnt deal both strikes of damage, the damage just came late something similar to archers metal combo the LP cancel combo or wizard pyro+gush combo is just alot better for dph than just spamming life hunter and eli(like most of the sins do XD) ...btw for who doesnt know this combo is the reason sometimes u get hit through AD/inmune apo
  • zombiemaster123zombiemaster123 Posts: 109 Arc User
    @coinsrus No, you can even see the channeling bar. Hence interrupting is possible, I tried it myself.

    @unholyalll it does deal both hits of damage when you cancel it at the perfect timing. You can see the damage instantly showing up on the hp bar..only the damage above the head has a delay.
  • evilsmakersevilsmakers Posts: 185 Arc User
    Oooh ppl start understanding this,i have came up with this after 1 month of LH being on p-server xDDDDDDDD

    There is few amazing sin tricks i will be showing later

    The GG
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