[Event] Winter Sweepstakes Event Thread

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t's winter time! This week, share us your strolls through the wintery wonderlands of Perfect World! We're celebrating the end of the 9 year anniversary of PWI as well as the holiday season with some legendary raffle drawings. Lucky players may even win free Gold for their account! There will also be one truly fortunate player who will get a Crown of Madness!
Start: 12/15/17 @ 11:00AM PT

End: 1/10/18 @ 11:59PM PT

Raffle Drawing: 1/24/17 @ 4:00PM PT

Here's what you do:
  • Travel to wintery locations and take pictures!
  • Valid locations are the following – Frigid Bay and surrounding snowy areas, Archosaur/Etherblade/City of the Lost/City of the Plume/Tellus (while snowing), Neverfall (while snowing/decorated), North of Thousand Streams/North of Etherblade (The Harshlands, Snowy Village, Avalanche Village and surrounding wintery/icy areas)
  • Include your friends, mounts, pets, fashions, anything! Be as creative as you can! The only rule is your character has to be in the picture.
  • Submit your pictures to the official event forum thread along with your character name and server. Limited 1 entry per player.
  • You will earn 10 raffle tickets drawing for your submission if approved.
  • Additionally, earn 1 raffle ticket for the following:
  • Each day that you login for at least 1 hour (character must be LV90+).
  • Each day that you spend at least 5 Gold (character must be LV40+).
  • Maximize your chance of winning by collecting up to a maximum of 64 raffle tickets by the end of the event!
  • S Grade and S+ Grade winners will be drawn and live tweeted (follow @AroundTheArcPWE) on January 24th @4:00PM PT!

Raffle Rewards

C Grade

300 players will receive:

x5 Ancient Gift
x1 Glyph Pack Lv 4

B Grade

100 players will receive:

x 15 Ancient Gift
x 2 Glyph Pack Lv 4

A Grade

50 players will receive:

x 25 Ancient Gift
x 5 Glyph Pack Lv 4

S Grade

10 players will receive:

$100 in Gold (Arc Credit) or equivalent regional currencies

S+ Grade

1 player will receive:

X10 Glyph Level 4
Crown of Madness

  • Limit 1 selfie submission per player.
  • You may change your submission at any time up until the end of the event.
  • You must submit your entry with your character name and server.
  • You can use basic filters for your pictures. No additional doctoring or shopping is allowed.
  • Please note – entry via selfie submissions, login or spending Gold does not guarantee you will win prizes! These entry methods will generate virtual tickets.
  • It is possible to have multiple winnings. Being drawn for one set of rewards does not exclude you from the others.
  • Rewards will be sent directly via in-game mail directly to your participating character. Make sure there is enough space in your mailbox!
  • Gold winners will have the amount credited to their winning characters' accounts as Arc Credit.
  • Please allow 1-2 week to receive your rewards after they have been announced!


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