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Guess who's back?

nathulosnathulos Posts: 10 Arc User
Yeah that's right... all the peeps from the Raging Trolls server better remember Crixxix! That's if this laptop can even run PWI lol. We'll find out soon!


  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
    sorry theres only room for one king troll on this board i dont play well with others pings to death your isp with brute force stay down lol evil dark tooth smile
  • dblazen1dblazen1 Sh*tposting at the speed of light.Posts: 1,177 Arc User
    The only fitting image for this forum.

  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    105/105/105 Seeking ScallyMode
  • bloodedone87bloodedone87 Posts: 1,883 Arc User

  • jacobsrevengejacobsrevenge Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited December 2017
    merge happens. Raging Tides and Dreamweaver become one... this is Tideswell now. and yeah Genessesia will one shot your *ss.. see ya ingame! :D
  • nathulosnathulos Posts: 10 Arc User
    See ya'll soon!! :smile:
  • scarletxdiamondscarletxdiamond Posts: 1 Arc User
    I remember Crixxix! I don't know if we ever interacted, but I saw you around. I too just returned after years, for nostalgia's sake. Sounds like the game has changed, though, and it's nearly dead. I was hardcore F2P, as was my guild, and we played for the enjoyment of it. Sounds like that's no longer possible. Sad.
  • teabaggteabagg Posts: 1,010 Arc User
    Game is mainly an alt fest now days..less squads to do daily bh's with when few years ago there were non stop squads everywhere in WC.
    Im the best sig maker ever..ijs.

  • kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum Crawler Posts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
    When I read this thread's title, I instantly thought of Eminem's song...

    Anyways, welcome back! If you haven't already, be sure to take a gander at our lovely Wiki, which has been receiving alot of love and care from some of our players in the past few months! :)
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    When you try to make a big entrance but didn’t know you aren’t famous at all gg
    105/105/105 Seeking ScallyMode
  • nathulosnathulos Posts: 10 Arc User
    blazerboy wrote: »
    When you try to make a big entrance but didn’t know you aren’t famous at all gg

    LOL I miss the trolls around here. Good times haha
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