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Neverfall : Bug Reports



  • mphan1135mphan1135 Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited July 2017
    Neverfall quest Ultimate Purification required Overpowering Tumor to complete the quest. The problem is I was allowed to use required Overpowering Tumor outside of the quest area. Now I don't have the Overpowering tumor to complete the quest. I can not trash the quest to start again. What can I do to complete the quest? If quest chain in Neverfall can't be complete, I can not continues with the cultivation quests. Please help.

    BM Tideswell, mphan
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  • rudi666rudi666 Posts: 41 Arc User
    the stun should be freeze. only the text is wrong, the effect is correct.
  • blastoid15blastoid15 Posts: 26 Arc User
    As Zakarie game master told me to post this here since he couldn't help me, here I am.
    I do not recive Dawnlight Halls feathers since 2 weeks ago anymore. Until that time I was doing ddh daily, but now I never recive feathers so I do the instance.
    Pretty please help me. It is disturbing that for 1 month I can't do anything because this bug.
  • nene#6448 nene Posts: 226 Arc User
    blastoid15 wrote: »
    As Zakarie game master told me to post this here since he couldn't help me, here I am.
    I do not recive Dawnlight Halls feathers since 2 weeks ago anymore. Until that time I was doing ddh daily, but now I never recive feathers so I do the instance.
    Pretty please help me. It is disturbing that for 1 month I can't do anything because this bug.

    Are you in untamed form/UVD by any chance? If yes, change to human form and then you should be able to get the feather.​​
  • mphan1135mphan1135 Posts: 5 Arc User
    Player BM mphan1135 (Tideswell Server). Neverfall bug. The quest "Ultimate Purification" This quest required "Overpowering Tumor" to destroy the well to follow the chain quest. The bug is this quest allowed me to use "Overpowring Tumor" outside of the quest area. Result, I do not have "Overpowring Tumor" to finish this quest. I can't trash the quest and start it over. When I trash the quest, quest fail but immediately the quest is received again. Can you provide me with the required item or let me trash the quest to start it again. Thank you for any help.
  • justdaxjustdax Posts: 94 Arc User
    New tomes from marriage quest (at Matchmaker Savant NPC) -- descriptions are wrong. First 3 tomes (White Lady, West Room, and Jean Mon) appear correct showing Def Lvl +2 (according to pw database; next three (celestial mortal, butterfly's wish, and ideal romance) also show def lvl +2 but should read atk lvl +2 according to pw database.

    I don't know anyone who's gotten enough Love Forever to get one yet, but expect this will become a problem soon as players get the 99 Love Forever needed for the tome. (I have 72 so far and am looking forward to upgrading my tome).
  • justdaxjustdax Posts: 94 Arc User
    @shimarra above --

    Wraith's Ploy is needed to get to OHT. All other maps are open without doing additional quest chains (although they do still exist). If you can't get in and don't have the quest available from General Summer - do you still have your chrono key? the messenger of time should have a quest to buy a new key if you don't and then you should be able to enter (I'm assuming you did the wraith's ploy chain long ago). Hope this helps.

    Note Wraith's Ploy chain first pops up at lvl 70. It also shows up when you RB and get back to lvl 70 (both times). The initial mobs change at lvl 80 and again at lvl 90+ but the chain should be available. It may show up in find quests as "Heaven's Tear: Wraith's Ploy."
  • renegadefun2014renegadefun2014 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Still waiting to hear something about why I don't have a Spirit Bore debuff anymore. It hasn't worked since the expansion and now I've "upgraded" to Neverfall Gemini Slash and Gravel Blade (which I never wanted in the first place) to see if that would make it work and it still doesn't work and now I'm stuck with a skill I never wanted instead of the Soulsever stance that I wanted to keep. I would even go so far as to switch to demon then back to sage and start over if the debuff would just get fixed.
  • nene#6448 nene Posts: 226 Arc User
    Argent glyph for mystic skill Comforting Mist has wrong info. States you get "cooldown reduced by x meters"
  • christerchrister Posts: 60 Arc User
    Soothing Pulse (Cleric skill) combined with an Argent Glyph.
    50% of the weapon damage should be as wood damage. Tested this on someone in PvP, dmg diffference is very little with normal wood defense and increased wood defense.
    I can also just hit any monster that has wood immunity, no problem at all. However when I attack a monster with Metal Immunity, there is no dmg at all. Either a typo in the description or the skill is bugged, because it's only counted as metal dmg.
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    @Christer Yeah, thats 100% a typo. But wouldn't you think it's odd that a pure metal class now all of a sudden gets wood damage? xD I mean other classes have that happen but I always thought that this is a typo.
  • christerchrister Posts: 60 Arc User
    Hey, I was a little excited that we could finally deal other elemental dmg xD @jsxshadow
  • eyes7eyes7 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Angel of WIshes teleport to Dawnlight Hall dumps you at the World Guide NPC instead of the entrance to DH.
  • elcocotelcocot Posts: 17 Arc User
    I would like to report these two errors:

    Archer skill Quickshot Sanguine glyph effect: lvl 1-4 Increases the attack rate by 70 %. Whithout glyph and with the glyph same attack rate so effect does not work.

    Archer skill Wings of Grace Sanguine glyph effect: lvl 1-4 Duration increased by 9 second. it is decreasing the duration from orginal 15s to 9s. the text is wrong.

    Can you please check and correct ? and also pls ask devs why they hate archers so much ?
  • dogmdogm Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    More of a config error then a bug perhaps.. but the Tideswell server has 31 days on the check in calender for november.
    DG is correct at 30. No idea about the other servers.
  • xkaileenaxkaileena Posts: 1 Arc User
    Neverfall Cultivation bug
    Well...i sent a ticket and was advised to post it in the forums.
    I was Demon ( and already had the requirements to pick the quest ), and decided to switch to Sage before doing the new cultivation ( Chaotic Soul ), so when i switched i ended up with both Demon and Sage versions, and i could only trash the Sage one when i got. I did both untill the Uncharted Paradise instance, but only finished the Sage version, afraid of bugging something else. Now i'm on Chaotic Soul, but the Demon version stills there, and i can't even trash it.
  • whoopaywhoopay Posts: 1 Arc User
    Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but there's a problem with the "immunity to movement debuffs" buff, in that there are so many abilities that just ignore this and apply movement debuffs anyway. Could this be fixed so it can work as it reads? It woud fix sooo many class balance issues if it did.
  • ruechenruechen Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Veno, cleric and sin possibly more classes (bm, db, seeker and SB seem unaffected) have lost up to 2.5k mag/phy attack off of base/max stats range since wonderland update. titles/glyphs/gear/star chart still the same as before but base and max attack values have decreased by 2.5k. ( all those I know of that are affected so far in different classes mentioned are rrr9 but won't list names in forums without their consent but a GM can pm me for them)
    Post edited by ruechen on
    Sage Veno - 105x3
    Demon Seeker -105x3
    Sage Cleric/Mystic - 102-101-101
    Sage Sin/SB -101x3
    Sage DB -102-101
    Demon Barb - 101-100
    Demon Psy 102
    Demon Mystic/BM/DB - 101
  • zoey4u12zoey4u12 Posts: 23 Arc User
    Mystic Skill Gaia's Blessing /white glyphed: not working or skill describtion is totally wrong!!
    Skill describtion says: effect ends after 12 seconds! I was testing with seeker into fights -> skill not worked puri not worked, even not after effect should be done. PVE: skill used on boss, and debuffs runned out just by natural way, after 12 seconds was still debuffed. Debuff runned out after 16 seconds( more cuz count started with used skill).

    wait for day we get working skills and skills with sense...
  • captainterrystarcaptainterrystar Posts: 3 Arc User
    i try us suver west esat can not get in to game
    captainterrystarrangers :) 1st Terryzark
  • matu420matu420 Posts: 4 Arc User
    check your Reward page now its broken need a Server Reroll asap now ppls geting mad and more or soon some ppls will quite this game hope u understand Reroll the server
  • torquoisegamer2torquoisegamer2 Posts: 17 Arc User
    Why did it have to be a rollback? I would have 100 times preferred a 24 hour maintenance to the 12 hour rollback we got
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