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[PSA] IMPORTANT : Friday the 13th Raffle - Smilie Winners

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
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Hello PWI players!

After getting the information in from the Friday the 13th Raffle, the total count of players is much higher than anticipated!
To assist CS and to get these items to you faster, I'll be helping them collect the information.
To make this easier, please observe the following -
  • Please only post once and if you are a winner
  • Please post in exact format for "Character Name - Server Name - Smilie Set"
  • Please no discussions, this is only for users to state which smilies they want for their character

Here is the following smilies to chose from as a reminder!
  • Midnight Mouse Smileys
  • Foxy Smiley Set
  • Monkey Smiley Set
  • Tiger Smiley Set
  • Piggy Smilie Set

Since disbursements happen on Tuesday nights, if you want to get your items faster, please be sure to drop your information as soon as possible!
Please also observe that holidays will also cause a delay, since disbursements will have a high likelihood to NOT occur on these nights :

Nov. 21st 2017
Dec. 19th 2017 (?)
Dec. 26th 2017
January 2nd 2018 (?)

Items will be tied to the ACCOUNT that charged gold, so they can not be put onto another account you own.
We have the amount charged and the account it was charged to recorded, so don't worry!

PLEASE NOTE : Because we are processing a high volume of users, this might take longer than anticipated. Be advised that the quicker you contact us, the faster we can get you your rewards, so don't delay!
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