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Scheduled Server Maintenance [ 9/19/2017 - 11 PM PST]

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Good evening PWI players!

We will be having our regular server maintenance tonight at 11pm PST. Tonight's maintenance will have a PATCH! <--click for patchnotes!

Tonight will be spawns for TW and DC rewards disbursements, so please keep in mind that this may impact maintenance times.

*Tentative Duration*

Maintenance is expected to last approximately 4 hours, so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.
*Maintenance times are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Actual end times will vary depending on the progress of the maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

- The PWI Crew

Tonight's Maintenance Discussion

If you could pick between a bunch of instances where you had "keyed" entry or "one a day entry" OR one singular farming instance that you could enter almost as many times as you'd like to (Earning Time still affects your drops after you've hit your time limit for the day), which would you pick and why?

For the sake of making this easy, lets assume you can farm the same things in both cases and that these items have tangible value and are equal regardless of which way you acquired them (inside the restricted instances OR in the singular farming one).


  • bulletmanbulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    DH for me since it's faster now

    would be fun if FS boss would drop FS coin to farm and share.
  • xcybershotxcybershot Posts: 17 Arc User
    Delete def parth in ws and make mobs harder and bosses unnukeable! So we can easier farm it then is not 2x drop its hart to get squads for defense.
  • stunningbitchstunningbitch Posts: 1 Arc User
    I definitely don't like keyed entry and being limited to entering only once a day.
  • fillecool226fillecool226 Posts: 25 Arc User
    The instance could be Flowsilver Palace to get a lot of Shiny Silver Coins!! :)
  • sontzusontzu Posts: 962 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    I prefer being allowed to go as often as I like; let the farmers farm !
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  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    For me it's different things :

    - a rework of the Nirvana palace so that drops there are either increased OR changed to reflect the changed 'value' of the drops.

    - If i had to choose, it would be a singular farming instance one could enter as much as one likes. Warsong comes to mind.

    Keyed entry to an instance only leads to the frustration that it takes way to long to gather the items needed to craft/upgrade. The amount of mats needed in certain cases is , truth be told, way over what someone with limited time can do. If one only has 2-3 hrs of gametime, it would take em several years to get 1(one) item completely upgraded. That's simply rediculous considering pwi has lost so many players. And probably one of the reasons for it.

  • yoda3160yoda3160 Posts: 103 Arc User
    There's a few dungeons I could think of that each would have their own reasons.

    Twighlight Temple: Although there are modes that have fewer bosses that don't require Ultimate Substances, for full runs it requires anywhere from 1-3 US depending on the level/difficulty, which you either have to get and trade luck tokens for or take the time to farm the mats to make them. Removing or reducing the need for US would allow newer people to be able to get their TT gear faster and be able to get up close to what some of the higher level people are at.

    Lunar: Would be nice to have the cost either reduced or removed to get people to want to farm it for making Lunar gear to make unbound Nirvana Gear.

    Nirvana: For harvesting crystals for upgrading TT/Lunar gear. Although you can get 6 keys for free per day, the cost to get additional keys is extremely expensive, 3 mil per key if I remember right.

    EU: With the addition of being able to get class specific sage/demon skill books added in the recent patch, this one would would be very helpful to have the once perday limit removed to make it easier for people to get the skills they're missing. Plus it tends to get hard to find groups for it when it's not the bh of the day partially since it can only be run once.

    QSM: For those that might want to farm it for mats for upgrading the gear from the Morai orders. It also might get people to want to do it more if they didn't have to worry about getting a key everyday to get in. Also reducing minimum party size down to 2 for some of the lower ones might help with those that know they could solo it but normally can't find enough people to run a full party.

    PV: Would be good for those who need exp. Right now I think it's set up so you have a limited amount of time after you start that you can keep entering if you're fast enough with them.

    Uncharted Paradise: For harvesting mats to make Dragonbreath weapons and getting stuff for Homestead.

    Dawnlight Hall: Would be good for harvesting glyphs. Could maybe limit certain rewards to once perday kinda like the way FSP is, in order to make it too abused.

    Over all, any limited dungeon with the daily limit removed would make it alot easier for people to find people to run them since they wouldn't have to worry about whether someone had already been in before. Dungeons like Nirvana and AEU with the multiple keys that you can get per day/per week, are fairly easy to save up for when you actually need to run them for stuff and would make a great compromise for adding to some of the other dungeons. Lunar and TT currently only get run a good bit during increased drop periods partially due to the limit or they don't feel it's worth the cost, otherwise people tend to only go in there if they need something for a quest or cultivation.

    Out of all of these though, I would have to say that Lunar for older dungeons and Dawnlight Halls for newer dungeons would benefit the most from having the restriction removed or increased to allow more runs per day. EU would be really good too since people have been requesting for the daily limit to be removed from it almost since it was originally added.

    QSM probably wouldn't benefit either way since people tend to go for WS gear instead for use in pvp, that and most people don't know or don't care about how useful the upgraded gear from there is for use against mobs and stuff, especially for certain classes. It's also possible some would rather just worry about one set of gear, with how little it's run. The RB2 form is the only one that seems to get run now with it being an MBH.
  • wishes08wishes08 Posts: 126 Arc User
    Initialy I would of said keep it all the same but having read the bosts above I renmbered some othe instances I didn't consider.

    Nivana becuase the amount you get from 1 run is not worth the price it is to buy a key to open the instance. The only balance to this would be if the mats from there were increased or if there was a daily extra bonus like in fsp and dh where the first run of the day get's extra though a quest.

    EU but make it 3x a day or so not full out out free access always. This is so that it doesn't effect the market too harshly but more than it is right now.

    In general though I think the balance in game is still settling from the update that we had at the start of this month, any major changes like keys will possibly be detramental to the market and farmers that do this for coin rather for themselves.

    Think of it this way I am selling Glyths for 700k on Dawnglory if the access to of it was increased from once a day per charater then the value of mats will drop tramendesly. However as it currently is you cna collect the key each day on all charaters with the required cultivation to hord keys for later for spam running.

    Again thinking this though again and considering the sheer amount of mats needed for a upgrade of a weapon which is predicted in years even if farm every day. UP would be on this list as the amount of mats gained per run isn't truely enough realisticly, It's one of the reasons I don't acturaly bother to run this instance and collect mats as I go in DH and the odd time I'm dragged to UP to help out.
  • ankfaeriyankfaeriy Posts: 15 Arc User
    Make UCH 3x a day and also make it a BH or MBH because a lot of people are still far behind with blood and this can stimulate and help to run it more often than just sometimes...!
  • tek1nigtek1nig Posts: 793 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    @surtr you forgot to fix the faction roster merit text. Any number 5 digits(10,000 merit) or higher isn't being displayed.
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