[PSA] Reminder for Race of the Ages - Frostcovered City

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Hello PWI players!

For those who are running FC for Race of the Ages and not for leveling/power leveling services/heads room sales etc.

PLEASE make sure to pick up and complete ALL quests inside the instance! This is how we will be keeping track of full instance runs!

This means picking up and completing quests that normally get skipped, such as Jail and the final room with the Frost Elder.

And if you haven't seen them already, GM shops are set up near the Banker in Snow Village to pick up your The Past of Frostcovered City item drops!

Also as a reminder, your completions for both this and Cube of Fate will be data pulled after the entire event is over, so please give us a few weeks to pull and process all data!

Thank you for your understanding and have fun!

- The PWI Crew


  • stephshannon
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    GM in dawnglory isn't a shop so can't trade it D:
  • aphrodita
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    she has 3575 of the items in her bag, maybe she didnt buy more and the shop closed automatically.
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