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So how many people will leave?

camoodiicamoodii Posts: 51 Arc User
Just for PWI to see what this update has truly done PLEASE post honestly your reasons if you are leaving this game.
So...How many people are leaving or thinking about leaving the game do to this "New Content" update? Please let PWI know why.

Also this is my goodbye to PWI I am leaving because this now it basicly a PAY TO PLAY game. They might not want to call it that but it kind has been heading that way for a few years and I think with this Update is has come as close as ever. So for me this is my last post. I wish all you non-casher luck in staying afloat in a game that is directed to the cash player only. :'( Goodbye all my good friends.


  • greenfire312greenfire312 Posts: 269 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Not to jump on you personally as I don't know you, but... this game (and probably every game, really) kinda has a running joke going on which goes a little something like this:

    "This is the last straw, I'm leaving forever!" (etc. etc.)
    "Ok. See you in a month." :tongue:

    Look, I'm not going to say what they did to FSP was good, because it wasn't (guessing that's your example given it's what everyone else is complaining about). I will say that F2P players have always found a way to make it worthwhile before. I used to be a cube-runner / PoF farmer back before FSP came out and tanked the PoF market. Back then I could make 500k+ per character per day just from that. Then as it turned out, I could make 1mil/day (give or take) from FSP instead.

    My point is, there's never going to be a reliable farming solution which lasts forever. But there is likely going to be something that replaces it, because there always has been. Keep calm and keep your eyes open for opportunities. The first week after a big expansion/content update drops is always chaotic.

    As to PWI being P2P/P2W... well yeah, it's been like that since 2009, and that's not going to change short of them putting up a new server without R9 in it (among other things). But if you stick around here long enough, you tend to do so in spite of that fact. :tongue:
    Mains: Miugre / LigerKing
    Etherblade server
  • bulletmanbulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    im thinking about leaving for simple reason of FSD change i framed fsd with 10 toons not alt run all geared g16/r8 farmed a r9 sin nw ring was going for nw neck made 1 g16 one just last stage of upgrade then going for cape helm tome i was making near 20m with other dailys .but right now my gold mat from TT dosent sell for weeks g16 gear hard to sell as well not many make new toons for for a near end game gear you need like 500-1b but how can i make that much if fsd gone old faming path take to much time not going back to sell gear for ages dh gonna die soon as well all op ppl got a daily squad .in the end cs player will get high end gear and get bored since not many of them left around .still gonna wait till next maint to make sure if fsd npc are glitched or its all gone .at least i know 6 more player who are like me was farming fsd we are same squad most of time just waiting to see if fsd is buged or gone .
  • sensualsoulsensualsoul Posts: 282 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    I just log to do the one Primal they didn't mess with, the back pack one that gives the chart. I did the three little dailies in the new area and a FSJ. Done. Well seeing as that's about it I am now going to a new game to keep me entertained since really with no way to make coins there's not a reason to play.
  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    I just log to do the one Primal they didn't mess with, the back pack one that gives the chart. I did the three little dailies in the new area and a FSJ. Done. Well seeing as that's about it I am now going to a new game to keep me entertained since really with no way to make coins there's not a reason to play.

    Pretty much same situation I guess.

    I had just made it to TS10, needed to work on War Avatars and Starchart.

    No more starchart stuff accessible.

    Made some alts so I could farm my War avatars>>They are now bound.

    No use to even play the alts if their only use is to barely carry their own weight.

    So yeah, log in, do few stuff...but gets pretty boring.

    Gonna hang around and try to adapt, but for the first time since I'm on pwi, I actually close the game and play something else from time to time. Might end up leaving.
  • jamesburr36jamesburr36 Posts: 150 Arc User
    LOL at all the "I can't farm FS with a hundred alts so I'm quitting" rants.

    Hypers were added back to frost. go farm for frost babies and quit whining
  • limit1#4879 limit1 Posts: 75 Arc User
    FSD/J is the most efficient farming method. coz flow silver coins have lots of uses...
    FSJ nuke squad = 15m or more FSD not nuke = less than 1hr depends on how well geared the party is most of the time there is a r9 dude running it with is alt so the run is a bit faster.
    what are the current farming coins methods *
    truthfully making g16 gears is tedious and most of the time not profitble, some interesting toons from TT manufactures g16 weapons. Basically when LIW gets below 15m he buys every stock of that LIW and creates overpriced weapons ranging from 60-80 mil. buy LIW=15m + upg15 = below 1m +manu service=17m = he spends around 33m and sells it double the price without regards to stats and sockets and markets price. i have nothing against how he does his business but he can do this coz he got money to burn for commission shop duration.
    prices without regards whether its lunar or TT
    g16 gears HA<LA<AA = 30m+ depends on refines and shards
    g16 weapon = there's not really a market in here. price mostly depends how greedy the seller is
    TT g16 armors and weapons doesnt really sell coz of they don't have a resale value when u dont want to use them anymore.

    and lets face it my sister is the only new noob i've seen in the past months that stayed playing the game.
    most noobs stay @ pwi for atmost 1 week then never comes back to the game. which means no one to sell armors to.
    *i did not say a fellow name in here i said "interesting" i can change it to "curious" fellow if you like*
    2. NW farming method = this is not efficient coz its not daily which means its not a reliable source of income.
    3. Skillbook Farming = yeah this is 1 hit wonder. even if you can do this daily on the new update.. how much skillbook do you think will pour on the market price will get lowered and basically this will almost come free. (i dont like this method of farming specially since i have a experience on a "DS addicted guy" in our server well overpriced skillbooks prevents any sort of progress in a game. )
    4. Manu Service = one of the most inefficient way of farming. u get 1 badge per 1ws boss. u can prolly be efficient if your r9+12 and run ws badge run by yourself coz u can do it fast. i calculated how much will you get from here. if mold cost around 100k each you will get around 500k+ even 1m
    tested running FWS = tele spend = 20 with intervals of 1-2 minutes each broadcast., thats how slow to form squads in here.
    another thing just coz u have a squad doesnt mean u can finish it until the weapon boss. people fail on this instance.
    5. lunar run = efficient if your r9 (sin) but not if your g16.
    profit = most likely same as the first one but both is affected by how many new players join the game or returning players who wants to get stuff back. This is not profitable ....lack of new players...period.
    6. merchanting = this here is one of the reasons Y this game got the ridiculous inflation that it is experiencing.
    merchant A
    Product A = 15m

    merchant B buys product A coz its cheap
    Product A = 20m
    you see the logic here? in the real world this stuff happens a lot, but in the real world the revised prices are not big like that example .
    in pwi
    A = 15m
    A = 30m next merchant who buys it. pwi logic double gains.

    list your farming coin methods in here...
    but seriously speaking.
    you will noticed how many players are gone.....
    when you this blank space in the world chat and stays blank for about 5-10 mins and you know something is wrong with the game.

    random dude:wc dead?
    random dudeB:nah they are just on vacation
    random dudeC:y are they on vacation for 3 months?
    random dude:.....>)
    bow thank you.
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