Primal world quest items

if you cant get them from dalies anymore, where do you get starchart stuff for higher level charts?


  • coinsrus
    coinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    Pretty sure they just accidently broke primal, it will be back to normal...eventually..
  • forbiddenwords
    forbiddenwords Posts: 321 Arc User
    You can get them from FSP (with the new token reward), from Heavenfall Temple or through the new Transmutation system (it actually gives a decent amount of starchart items when you trade in a lot of things, though it is luck-based). The changes to the primal quest rewards are permanent. Their removal was a sort of compromise for the increased Vitae.​​
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  • aphrodita
    aphrodita Posts: 228 Arc User
    any info on the heavenfall reward changes?