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PWI Player's Boutique - Pick Your Items Thread (Anniversary Edition)



  • bestdusk#2943 bestdusk Posts: 18 Arc User
    Astrospira Lvl 3
    Astrospira Lvl 4
    Starseeker Powder
    Nebula Dust Orbs
  • iamnotnormaliamnotnormal Posts: 66 Arc User
    i dont really care what items comes in since i don't really pay to win. i just wanna says that if it just items without reduction in prices ... its just another weekly boutique update. ... anniversary ... supposed to be festive not drain ur wallet. :disappointed:
  • snowfoxxsnowfoxx Posts: 1 Arc User
    Netherworld Unicron (Mount)
    Candyheart fashion weapons
    Brilliant Butterfly set (Female Fashion)
  • heronzito67heronzito67 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Medal of Glory and General Summer's Token.
  • War avatar A chest :)
  • erokeserokes Posts: 195 Arc User
    padautz17 wrote: »
    thedoc1212 wrote: »
    Dear sir or madam,

    Can you enlighten us all on what this caviar and lobster you speak of? I see you offer no items in your statement, yet our offers that we want are simple common items you say.

    Okay, i have to explain you everything...

    There are several items which are part of our game and in the game files but we are NOT able to obtain them. Let it be gear, fashion, flyers, mounts or even pets. We will not be able to get these items any time soon unless we use this rare chance to get them into boutique. What you guys ask for are items which we already have in boutique or which we can obtain easily from other ways.

    Just use pwdatabase.com if dont know any special items which we cant obtain right now.

    Here some items which are part of our game and files but not "obtainable". I know about only 1 chance that we were able to get them and that was the last "kill the gm" event and only because Kaly felt like these might be good items to drop as rewards. The fact that a gm chose it as reward might prove that its already allowed.

    -Veno Pet

    or items where its unclear if its allowed like this robe.

    Im not talking about if these items are usefull or not but that are items which we cant get without such rare opportunities. So you guys have 2 possibilities: use your chance to get unobtainable items like this available for everyone OR vote for common items like pigments which we get most likely in 1-2 weeks on sale anyway (keep in mind that the chance is high that the price will be the same as always).

    Side note: Why am i not suggesting items? Because i dont need or want any. I dont have coins to waste for stuff like fashion. I use my coins to improve my gear but whatever i need to improve my gear is either in boutique available already or not allowed e.g. pack items like CoM, SoT or War Avatar Cards. My comment was just the impulse to get you guys back on the straight and narrow.

    But you also need to consider that if they did add these items theyd likely be priced quite high so people do pick fashions and dyes easily cause they aren't too gold heavy whereas I'm sure if the Mother egg is brought in itll be 40g like the useless spotted Felis pet that cannot even be evolved and is weaker than other pets its just decoration really. So where would be the fun? You also don't think packs aren't old to see in shop too? I'm tired of packs being always on sale but they still are for you to win the possible CoM, WoA or SoT. And as for everyone to get? Not really if things are priced so high.

    If you don't wanna waste coin on silly items then that's fine but no need to get upset over others choices if they don't fit your idea of "rare, obtainable (possibly forgotten/outdated) items" even though you just said it yourself you wouldn't spend on them. So what's the point?

    Xenryu ~ Chaotic Soul Venomancer {Retired}

    A Horrified Fashionsta

    ~*~ I now reside in the game called Real Life with my husband LordLunaris ~*~
  • reardonreardon Posts: 2 Arc User
    the baby hercules pet ticket
  • roorroor Posts: 2 Arc User
    keys 18 gold for 100 and a decent spend reward event!
  • paulanne1paulanne1 Posts: 13 Arc User
    Illusionary stones, specific pigments each week instead of just holiday/special occasion.
  • lunstralunstra Posts: 1 Arc User
    Pinstripped fashion set

    Gloomy Nore set

    Veno Pet: Battle bot or just reduce pet prices overall becaouse no other class has to buy something like that.
  • elcocotelcocot Posts: 17 Arc User
    War avatar A chest
  • kikolilo1kikolilo1 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Rank 9 materials (Medal of Glory)
    General Summer's Token
    Mysterious Chips Packs
  • captainparancaptainparan Posts: 1 Arc User
    the level to 100 stones
  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    Pack with 100% chance to get this -->
    ☆☆☆Crown of Madness
  • gamefwgamefw Posts: 1 Arc User
    Dashing Prince Fashion Sets
  • raja911raja911 Posts: 1 Arc User
    I would suggest:
    **War Avatar A Chest (Pending Dev feedback)
  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    boot777 wrote: »
    Pack with 100% chance to get this -->
    ☆☆☆Crown of Madness

  • kek#6688 kek Posts: 2 Arc User
    > @kalystconquerer#0876 said:
    > On the note of R9 Fashion Weapons/Fashion Armors, the devs actually don't mind them being created. They didn't think there was a general need or want for them, but if players want them, I just have to send a request to the art studio we work with. But that's something that's oustide the scope of this thread and a more long term project more than anything, since we have a certain budget to work in for things like that.

    I'd like to see boundless R9 armor/weapon fashion (permanent), or the skins on limitless R9 replaced with boundless as it looks so much better, also R8 recast weapon fashion if possible, love the look of the BM poleaxe and other r8r/r8rr skins.

    Suggestions for anniversary boutique:
    Galactic Soldier male fashion and other rare fashion.
    Hot Color Pack sale.
    Chienkun sale (would be nice to have a supersale and make them worthwhile using over re-refining/sharding).
    Super rare skill books like Assassin Shadow Walk (sage/demon).
  • toobadsanta1toobadsanta1 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    I would like medal of glory and general summer tokens to be on super sale lol. For some its really hard to grind and get top gear when grinding doesnt help so much anymore. thank you for you time.

    Server: Etherblade
  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
    WARSOUL WEAPONS even recast ones at some what reasonable cash shop price like first stage 50 bucks second 100 final stage 200 dollars g-17 final stage weapon 300 dollars etc
  • umbarion#5569 umbarion Posts: 2 Arc User
    roor wrote: »
    keys 18 gold for 100 and a decent spend reward event!

    this guy i vote for president :D
  • blindfox#9441 blindfox Posts: 1 Arc User
    chip packs, gst and mogs.
  • slayermatt6slayermatt6 Posts: 3 Arc User
    more fashion! like the headliner set
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