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G17 Ring

maksim1995maksim1995 Posts: 123 Arc User
edited July 2017 in General Discussion
Hey @kalystconquerer#0876
Since you (don't want/can't) answer on that [Charge Rewards Redemption End Changes] thread, I'm gonna create a separate one regarding the issue occured.

Recently you posted this spoiler showing us a new way of crafting G17 (2nd cast) Ring:

Personally, I wasn't aware of y'all bringing this exclusive option 3-4 months after Neverfall patch and basically creating a gear gap among players AGAIN...
In this way the only thing you need to farm arena for is that basic 7sypGL3.pngStar's Culmination Ring + use any of these Lt89lad.pngGjADSG8.png and there's your brand new G17 (2nd cast) ring, while here I need WlDDD1d.pngArigora Coin (x15.000) to go for an upgrade, which is like 4-6 months of farming arena every week...

My question is, can we (affected players who crafted 1st G17 cast ring at Katrina Starblaze NPC) get items/compensation required for 2nd cast from you guys which is one of these options:

WlDDD1d.pngArigora Coin (x15.000)

VjlfLf8.pngArcstar Dust: Truth (x375)
UMcpPHE.pngArcstar Dust: Mind (x50)

7sypGL3.pngStar's Culmination Ring
Cf5O1Od.pngReawakening VI Finger Bead

I already had a chat with Support team and they are not really willing to help with this..
Waiting for your response, thank you. :/
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  • barbarossa#7822 barbarossa Posts: 16 Arc User
    For the sake of correctness I'll point out that both routes need a Sky Cover, Star's Culmination Ring and Reawakening VI Finger Bead to get Starchaser Jade: Wither (2nd cast g17 ring with both p.att. and m.att. and refining to both p.def. and m.def.).

    The difference is that the original route requires also 15 000 Arigora Coins and 20mil while the proposed new route requires 680 Supply Tokens, 55 Seals of War and 99mil. I'd take the new route any day.
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