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Joe's excuse corner

dingo488dingo488 Posts: 936 Arc User
I know you requested for the other thread to be closed, because I thought you were done, but now you're spamming my youtube videos with all your stupid excuses, can you leave it here please if you feel the need to vent, thanks.

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  • bloodedone87bloodedone87 Posts: 1,883 Arc User
    And this thread is gonna be closed in 3, 2,

  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 397 Community Moderator
    So far it's not breaking any rules. We'll see what happens.​​
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  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Man, that was pretty entertaining read. Is there more ranting on other videos? I only found some on your most recent one and it`d be shame to miss some.

    To Joe, as you no doubt will see this, stop making excuses and accept you got rolled like a big boy. If and when you spend years telling rest of the community they have no idea how to play the game, you should expect some reaction after your performance in the video. If you didnt invest so much time trashtalking the community, community would have no reason to trash you when you make mistakes. These tantrums are honestly just pathetic, entertaining to read, but pathetic.
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  • strife614strife614 Posts: 22 Arc User
    1v1 is all that matters

  • bestdusk#2943 bestdusk Posts: 18 Arc User
    qontrol vid made me kek
  • firefraiifirefraii Posts: 49 Arc User
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    One question to completely destroy this thread:

    Can anyone tell me what it is with my "excuses" that is not true and based on facts?

    Class disadvantages, imbalance...that all doesnt exist, eh? It's just my own fantasy.

    So, after the next culti, when you get randomly jumped by a dusk and veno after getting mystics genie block skill onto your head and instantly die without any way to survive I will be there to write: "GG noob".

    You could say I "positioned" my SB wrong in this fight, yeah, maybe? And? The major reason why my SB died wasn't the positioning. It was because my Toon was by far the squishiest and easiest to kill by default and if that squad would've gotten any skill at all I would've even died when kiting to africa. Follow the video and tell me if I would have died if:

    1. I had another class like Seeker, Barb, BM or Assassin in that situation.
    2. If I had a cleric and/or BM backing me up in this situation.
    3. If I would've fought vs a squad without paralyze/purge combo and reel-in/stunport potential.

    Go through all these points and ask yourself these questions and then tell me if they are "excuses". Because if they would be excuses (and I know logic is hard) then my Squad wouldn't have won other fights vs even way better geared players. But yeah, completely ignore all victories when you can just rant on about 1 fight? You guys are just pathetic. Get a life, I suggest.

    PS: Being the best at something also doesnt mean you have to be able to perform at 100% at any time of the day. I wanna see Usain Bolt running at top speed right after he wakes up in the middle of the night after 5h of sleep (as an example). I could even say I am the best at any time at just knowledge of this game because that is superior in any regards in terms of PvP compared to anyone here. Why do I think that? Read your comments and how you ignore any game mechanic imaginable and just rant on "QQ he got killed by 3 people in 1 fight QQ".

    Do you honestly believe that due to this 1 video I am now exposed for being a bad player (which considering my knowledge is impossible)? Step out of your fantasy world please and start making some sense. I don't need your acknoledgment. I don't need your appraisel. I need you to stop barking at me like little dogs and to actually show me what you've got. If your logic skills are as good as your PvPing skills then any 1v1 fight would be no contest. I urge you, read through your comments, it's like arguing with pre-school kids: "I dont care about reason or logic but you LOST HAHAHAHA".

    @phantomforce#4598 I don't mind if you leave this thread open for those kids but I guess it's kinda emberrassing for them. I mean, they can't let go a single fight, keep boasting about it on and on and on to no end..tells you quite alot about the character of those people. To each their own :D
  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    And Joe obviously missed the point completely. Nobody has said the matchup wasnt hard, all which has been said is that you could of played better and some of the things you did in that fight were idiotic. And you kept arguing as if you didnt make any mistakes, how people are bad for suggesting such things.

    Now tell me is it logical to assume somebody is extremely skilled when you are shown video evidence of a fight where they are performing poorly and they keep arguing they didnt make a single mistake?

    This sort of behavior is exactly the reason why you get trolled as much as you do. Its a direct result of your attitude, if you were quiet type minding your business posting your videos, people wouldnt troll you too much. But this "I`m the best and you all suck" kind of attitude you keep showing is the reason why people troll you for the stupid things you say or do. If you want to act like that, so be it but dont cry when people react to it.
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  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    No, I didnt say I didnt do any mistake. I could've positioned myself better, yes, but we are talking about 1 fight. 1. One. Uno, But people are all acting like I am the biggest nub alive just because I didnt pay attention for once in a game mode that was completely new for me plus all the other things I've mentioned. Yeah, I could've handled the situation better, and? What's the biggy? I could show videos of nearly everyone here where terrible decisions have been made but I don't because if you have a bad day, get distracted by something and another 1000 reasons why you could perform badly sometimes isnt something to even talk about.

    In contrast..ppl like Synth keep doing the same ridiculous mistakes over and over and over again. That's what I would call a bad player. IF my squad ever fights again vs qontrol squad then don't expect the outcome to be the same. Not at all. It was my mistake not to focus on the only CC-char at once. Now I know the best strategy to go against them because no paralyze = no kill (for tthat setup).

    Well now I admit I positioned myself badly but you will never know the exact reasons why. Only a rematch can prove something.
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    You guys are mean lmfao funny though.
    But seriously a clear easy solution is trying a new squad mix if this one is not working as well. In Arena let's be honest seeker and assassin isn't even bad support for sb due to the fact seeker can back both of you up by procing either defense charm and SS slash even makes full Jsod toons quake. Heck, My cleric will try and proc our venos 0 def and kill ppl with plumeshell if I can't get there in time. SB in itself has aoe cc and can quite well make up for lack of a bm or duskblade it's just no aoe disArm or para (wait do they have that yet or next culti someone double tap that for me please) but still vortex ulti aoe pushback tidal force in the right spot, sb in arena is more annoying than a bm for many ppl a bm just has more tankiness and hp but sb has a decent amount of saves. Like lunar sacrifices I've seen a sb use that to save his cleric from me GG. I get push back and stunned in the sky even by sb....A Seeker SS slash and ulti can tele stun and possibly kill me if geared and all AA me not to mention a deity sin burst damage is nice. I don't think your squad is in the least a bad set up. You switched to 16 deity 8 Jsod if I'm not mistaken. Anything non full Jsod gets put down like paper even +12 deity sins are easily ended here if focused. Small scale pvp deity is easily killed there's many videos you can watch rekko, tigga even fixed purged then focus dead hell syntheros died to Nemki AOE damage in while in his ulti stealth, at the same time while we were AAing his duskblade ally LMFAO. Deity has no place in the arena if you get purged/focus by equal or slightly above average gear. Besides sparking right in front of the bm which I'm assuming you figured he was ganna be CC locked, the only real problem you're facing is now you're too squishy to survive any true focus a full Jsod sb esp in reaper form even purged is extremely difficult to kill

    Some people say half and half is a good mix but I've been half and half and you always feel like you're either not tanky enough or not dealing enough so I opted for full defense purge because Jsod or deity purge spells death just more so on deity. I know a sb can't take advantage of the purge but sb ulti is perhaps one of the most op debuffs to be able to deal 45% more for quite sometime despite your gear grade and the dot damage is hella broken along with squad AA this is very lovely for arena. Ultimately I think @dingo488 did very well I've had a few fights agianst him and Crygol accomplishes ALOT on his sin despite his gear, their veno even killed me in a match with iron wood proc despite me being like x3 her gear GG WP idk if Qontrol was there although gf though. If you feel you lost due to their combo of bm veno sin was superior to your team of sb sin seeker (honestly both sounds pretty decent to me) but if you feel like that switch up the classes don't think it's fair to say they unskilled just because they won due to class advantage @jsxshadow

    It's the same as ppl like Certain wizards I won't name the main two who QQ all day about duskblades having paralyze but first ones to use fire proc and hit ppl even barbs 40k-100k+ and some Ppl don't even have 30k hp buffed but this is considered no issue lel
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  • firefraiifirefraii Posts: 49 Arc User
    On the subject of excuse corners can i add this here? Paiin got kinda angry when he got given a few facts and started flaming :(
  • neverfall#3483 neverfall Posts: 4 Arc User
    It's strange how much the PWI community is starting to sound like the LoL community. Strange and sad.
    get gud ~
  • draco5787draco5787 Posts: 38 Arc User
    > @phantomforce#4598 said:
    > So far it's not breaking any rules. We'll see what happens.​​

    That was a bold move Cotton, let's see how it plays out!
  • evilsmakersevilsmakers Posts: 182 Arc User
    firefraii wrote: »
    On the subject of excuse corners can i add this here? Paiin got kinda angry when he got given a few facts and started flaming :(

    And here is a vid to prove that what so called *Facts* are nothing more than lies


    The GG
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    edited May 2017
    @evilsmakers GG!!!

    @all I really should stop arguing. I will leave people to their own beliefs. May they think I am bad, IDC but it's hard to resist the urge to clarify a situation in which people think themselves as good when they are just riding the "advantage-train". Ofc, calling them out to have advantages is just making excuses. Then using similar situations as examples of how ridiculous that is "DB vs caster" they get ignored and are called being "out-of-context" whilst it is actually the best example there is.

    People will never learn and always try to boast their egos. The difference is, when I beat someone in a fight I'm not like "stupid noob, garbage player". I am more like "gf, if you would've used this and that I would've been in trouble. You should try this and that and then you can win."-guy. OR when winning a 3v2..that's not a gf. Winning with an advantage just doesn't feel right and I am no hypocrite...ask ppl that have fought me. I don't only type and analyze fights I lose and make "excuses" I also do that when I win and give credit where credit is due. Except ofc if people start being offensive. Then I counter with being offensive as well. Fire wth fire. An Eye for an eye.

    This is all I will say in this matter for now. If we meet in 1v1 or 3v3 then best of luck to anyone. If you find it reasonable to be reasonable then pleasebe reasonable and act accordingly. Bunching up with a bunch of max geared players shouldnt give you bursts of joy for winning over way worse geared people. Just farm your arena coins as efficiently as you want and keep quite about any challenge/credit at all. With that you can avoid any drama in the world unless that is exactly what you desire. Then, as well, go ahead.
  • dregenfoxdregenfox Posts: 713 Arc User
    edited May 2017
    I can kind of understand the SB in the video going towards the veno since strafing the other way would trap him against the edge of the area but walking towards the BM and triple sparking in front of him sounds pretty suspect.

    I would chalk it up to just not being aware of where the enemy is but the SB literally has the BM targeted the entire time...

    I think it is mostly panic due to the pressure sb was under. That matchup wasn't going to win anyway, not against that comp designed to wreck casters :).
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  • bhavenbhaven Posts: 45 Arc User
    huehuehue this thread is incredible.
  • aeternusdoleoaeternusdoleo Posts: 180 Arc User
    Meh. If it was an eff up on Joes part, then learn from that and rematch at silverpool or something if egos need stroking. Only way you gain skill is by seeing what doesn't work and not doing it again... right?

    But who am I to talk. I effin' hate PVP. Give me a boss to DG/HF! XD
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  • rollerpigrollerpig Posts: 79 Arc User
    jsxshadow wrote: »
    One question to completely destroy this thread:

    Can anyone tell me what it is with my "excuses" that is not true and based on facts?

    Class disadvantages, imbalance...that all doesnt exist, eh? It's just my own fantasy.

    ......there are numerous circumvention methods and mitigation that allows classes to balance their disadvantages, lol.

    Using that as an excuse is like crashing your car into a wall and blaming the wall for being too sturdy.

  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    rollerpig wrote: »
    jsxshadow wrote: »
    One question to completely destroy this thread:

    Can anyone tell me what it is with my "excuses" that is not true and based on facts?

    Class disadvantages, imbalance...that all doesnt exist, eh? It's just my own fantasy.

    ......there are numerous circumvention methods and mitigation that allows classes to balance their disadvantages, lol.

    Using that as an excuse is like crashing your car into a wall and blaming the wall for being too sturdy.

    First off, necro and second: Comparing a game that is purely based on artificial logic with the fundamentals of physics is just a little bit ridiculous.

    A more fitting picture to compare to PWI is when you are driving in the open and you suddenly hit a hidden wall but you also can't take any other route because you are actually inside a box. This is the level of imbalance this game has. You won't see it coming and even if you do then there is still nothing you can do about it.
  • kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum Crawler Posts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
    Holy moly batman, it's a necro!

    Closing this.
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