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my 1st bm need hlp plse

alphasobealphasobe Posts: 13 Arc User
Hi to all experienced bms I need youre hlp please im still a newb to this game.
I got my 1st bm to lvl 100 from lvl 81 becoz I used the lvling pill we got from the codes and I got 100 allocation points free to use and I was wondering where should I put them on becoz I want to be a sage bm with fists/claw build and so far my stats for now are str201/vit44/dex/165/mag5 so what is the end game stats required for an endgame fist/claw bm and what armor should I use as lvl 100.
Can any experienced bm help me with this please I really thank you in advance... :'(:'(


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 756 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    If you are going with G16/3rd cast of nirvana fist/claws you'll need a minimum of 188 dex if you go fists, or 193 dex if you go claw. Eventually you can choose to go exactly 200 dex for the extra crit rate (quite a populair option), everything else you want to put in strength for maximum damage. This is a PvE build, PvP builds can differ a lot depends on playstyle. Notice these numbers are with your gear equipped.
    Also you'll have to rebirth eventually, by then all your stats will automatically go back to default. This means if you do your build wrong now, dont worry, you can restat for free once you rebirth. And once again when you rebirth the 2nd time.
    Just make sure you always have enough dex for the fists/claws you want to use, and put rest in strength. It is nearly impossible to stat your stats 100% correct the first time, as you'll get different gear over time. Dont think too much about it as long you can wear your gear, and put some money into restatting when you have the gear you want to settle with and when the restat notes are on sale.
    Also this website is your best friend to play around with for builds: mypers.pw/11
    You should bookmark it!
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 756 Arc User
    Aaand my comment got caught in the spam filter or something >.>
  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 397 Community Moderator
    shopcheese wrote: »
    Aaand my comment got caught in the spam filter or something >.>

    Yeppers! Pulled it out for ya. Might have prevented it from happening again, but I dunno fer sure.​​
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  • alphasobealphasobe Posts: 13 Arc User
    Thank you so much for the info shopcheese I really appreciate it very much now do you know wich gear should I go for at lvl 100 becoz I can make tt90 gear I got the tailor skill for it so do you have any info on that I really appreciate any info on gear and thanks a lot again..
  • alphasobealphasobe Posts: 13 Arc User
    also that stats that I give you above are the ones without the gear and yes it is a pve build
  • alphasobealphasobe Posts: 13 Arc User
    and the gear that I got right now is tt80 heavy armor that I made with 2 hp and 2 mag. def shards on each
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 756 Arc User
    Oh you have tailor? That will come you pretty handy: Since you used the code you should be able to get a free tt99 armor set. It would be bound to your account but having tailor means you can upgrade this to nirvana. I think you need Lv6 tailor for that.

    I want to mention that endgame instances have a lot of bosses with a buff refered as "anti-aps", this means using fists/claws will do close to no damage. This doesnt mean claw/fists is a bad thing to have, but its important that you are aware of it and have another weapon to use for those instances; people expect you to at least have axes for heavens flame (hf) and damage. Having a pole is a good idea too for glacial spike (gs) but it doesnt have to be a good pole. Being a fist/claw build means you can use all weapons designed for bms.

    Lot of bms have two sets of gear: "tank" and "aps".

    Tank gear thats budget friendly would be a full set of g16/nv3 and using axes, youll be doing good aoe damage and have more survivability. If you ever have enough money, you want r9 gear. This is the best gear available in the game.

    Aps gear (attacks per second) is a gear combination where you want as much -interval on your gear as possible and using fist/claws to attack as fast as possible. This is good single target damage, but leaves you squisy. It can be build in many different ways.
    The budget friendly version of aps gear is typically tt99 wrist+boots, g15/nv2 nirvana pants, lunar cape, at least one stat of -0.05 interval on your fist/claws. This isnt enough to maximize your aps, but after this point it will be a lil more hard if your budget is low. Getting a tome with interval is recommended. Since you want to be sage, getting 200k reputation to get r8r top and then reroll the top for interval stats might be important as well to make up for the lack of demon triple spark.

    I have had 4 different aps characters where 2 of them were bms. All of them were build in different ways to reach the max 5 aps.
    You should do some research on where the -interval stats comes from, make your build on the link i sent you earlier, and then just go for it.
  • alphasobealphasobe Posts: 13 Arc User
    thank u again for all the info u gave me
  • e1fingere1finger Posts: 43 Arc User
    Its been awhile since i played due to RL stuff but dont see to much things have changed far as play styles on a BM. From last that i remember , theres no reason to go for aps build once you reached near End game play. Since near most instance bosses at end game have anti aps buffs. Skill Combos is called for this day in age unless i missed some important updates. someone can correct me if im wrong i been out for few months. I still keep to my belief with blademasters, thats "go all the way, or go home and roll another class", cause anything in between will just disapoint you or **** you off. But if you can be set in it, its a fun class. It gets real fun in group play.

    But like Shop said 200 Dex is the popular cap, 200 or 220 Dex for that crit rate+evade and Accuracy.
    you can browse or ask around, some other pros have got the sword and axe build and some even pure axe. And their game play is still solid.
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    I roll with 300 dex on my BM and I pretty happy. I also use Accuracy Gems in the weapon and have 2x Accuracy on my BMs star chart. The more Accu I can get, the better imho. Missing on critical skills is insanely annoying and can **** yourself over way harder with that compared to having a bit less damage than full STR/less dex builts. More hits actually hitting and the increased crit rate actually result in more damage on average.

    Dragon Bane + Ulti in a perfect CC lock is devastating if every, single attack hits it's mark and is nearly always a critical hit as well. Throw in some zerks and it's gg.

    As for the general built in terms of weapons...always use at least Axes and Swords. As a Demon BM I rely alot on Star Smite and Mage bane to built up chi very fast. If you also glyph all your skills for additional Chi you will end up with enough chi to spam HF/Dragon Rising and literally anything 24/7 as long as you have a target to use your skills on. Personally..I use Fists and a Poleblade too, just to be able to use all skills a BM has. Glacial Spike can be extremely powerful (if HF isn't ready or in combo with Stormbringer Ultimate...devastating) and the fist skills (even tho very situational) can be useful too, sometimes).

    With the next update and the improved ultimate skill..BMs can end other really fast, even on their own. I love the BM class and while it seems like they've been neglected compared to other classes in the recent updates...then thats only due to them always having been extremely strong in the first place.

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