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is the colosseum always free for Personal Matching?

ahmasahmas Posts: 24 Arc User
was nosing about yesterday and found the reward npcs for arigora and had done personal matching to try it out. i didnt know that you could do personal, only squad mode. i did get into a couple cross server teams right away and they didn't charge me a cent. is this true for ALL personal matchups? also i didnt get any score points from either battle when teammates did.. is it because i died from r9s 1 shotting me? i atleast buffed my team and healed, should get something.. or something just for entering. would love to know if its free though, then i could go this route for planning g17
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  • capnkcapnk Posts: 486 Arc User
    Personal matchmaking is free, but you do not get rewards. You need to pay for an official squad to get coins.
  • ahmasahmas Posts: 24 Arc User
    i saw my teamates had score ratings and from opposing team. but i got 0 everytime
    "Homicidal Elf" - Sir_Willie

    Sage "JEDI" Cleric
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