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Scheduled Server Maintenance [4/18/2017 - 11 PM PST]

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Good evening PWI players!

We will be having our regular server maintenance tonight at 11pm PST. Tonight's maintenance will have a patch - just a cash shop update only!

*Tentative Duration*

Maintenance is expected to last approximately 4 hours, so during that time you will not be able to access the live servers.
*Maintenance times are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Actual end times will vary depending on the progress of the maintenance.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

- The PWI Crew


  • jorock457jorock457 Posts: 28 Arc User
    Will the bugs in our skills be fixed. For example, seekers gravel blade combined with blue glyph doesn't do what it's supposed to do.
  • patsybangerpatsybanger Posts: 74 Arc User
    We have another day of 4x? The ad for it was a full week that didnt start until thursday.
  • beast21gbeast21g Posts: 631 Arc User
    any bug will have fix?
    give us something
    a fix for new instance, for skills, the culti for some people
  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    QQ no fix for dawnlight halls gdi guess i'll be the only one with lvl 5 glyphs cause no fix for dawnlight halls yet again... Let's fix the cash shop that's broken yes please change the prices to silver so normal people can compete 1 silver = 1 gold etc.

    Nah i think it's cause the Fortune Key pack for Foils have 2 high of a drop rate nearly getting 1 every 100 packs and getting 400mill out of each foil.
  • irmooseirmoose Posts: 72 Arc User
    What's wrong with the new instance?
  • athrinbalathrinbal Posts: 30 Arc User
    I was genuinely curious as to whether or not they meant for us to only be able to enter one path with one feather.
    Also, anyone else been able to do the Deicide and Judgment Modes on any of the paths yet? Or are they still greyed out for those that have completed each path?
    Also, pls gib more feathers
  • givemeapsgivemeaps Posts: 12 Arc User
    What about Kestra card?
  • matthew4matthew4 Posts: 373 Arc User
    @kalystconquerer#0876 where Is patch information or no patch today Is more Bug
  • wildz2wildz2 Posts: 91 Arc User
    Not sure if its a maintenance accident, but Merchant Nostra isnt there anymore
    (NPC for the TT99 gear given in war front supply crate/neverfall code)
  • sahitan001sahitan001 Posts: 49 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    Nosta is ingame in startzone. and yes at moment much meetings at pwi . but at moment is kalystconquerer. For the forum. Each has its own tasks. next code coming soon.... There are many other problems than we always have to ask about codes and gifts.
  • wildz2wildz2 Posts: 91 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    sahitan001 wrote: »
    Nosta is ingame in startzone. .

    was gone for a day or two.
    But yes he is back.
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