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Quest items inventory

poetmompoetmom Posts: 2 Arc User
edited May 2016 in Suggestion Box
Also,,, it would be GREAT to see the quest inventory in full use again, instead of quest items going to our regular inventory, with all the stuff that the game now gives out to fill up our inv... it makes it very difficult when quest items need to go there also (and with all the added items that cannot be stashed even, the game should give everyone 16 more inventory spaces - regardless of current inventory size, just to compensate for all these items that now fill up our inventory, that would be so great to see the game do)... i've got full safe, full cupboard, full wardrobe and full inv on more than one toon and still run out of space constantly... thanks for you attentiion to these matters.
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  • bhavenbhaven Posts: 45 Arc User
    I would like to knwo if anything is happening wrt this matter. It's a bit ridiculous labelling items "Quest item" and then putting it in normal inventory. I have a lot of slots empty in my quest inventory. I don't have a lot of space in my main one. Is this some sort of sick joke?!
  • vevermanveverman Posts: 1 New User
    i had to quit playing because my quest items went into reg inv. and when I got new armor I could not even get the old armor out of inv. no space to do anything. yes I tried the PW lady to destroy bound items. did not work either. at a loss and just gave up. great game but TERRIBLE logistics and TERRIBLE support (so far) If they ever fix it or a new company takes over I will re install and try again.
  • phaedraephaedrae Posts: 3 Arc User
    Same problem here. Could be good to be able to sell those items or at least destroy them as bound items. As reborn player I cannot reset the quests and am stuck with those items in my inventory.
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