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Seeker Upgrade Skills + Glyphs

ruhcikruhcik Posts: 40 Arc User
Hello i writting this post because i still think about which skills i should upgrade on my Seeker.

Im sure i wanna go Ion Spike ( RED) and HeartSeeker(RED) also i think about 3 base skills but dont know which glyph i should go and i still have 1 slot for skill :) Will be nice if any seeker will answer and tell me what he think about upgrading skills + glyphs.


  • ebisamaebisama Posts: 27 Arc User
    if you go wind blade the green glyph you can put darkcloud bolt (green yellow or blue) but my fav is glowing blade(Green) with arme nier (Yellow) for a 100% disarm chance or (Green) for more chi gain for the last slot .Rest is pretty much what i will do to 3 base skills + 2 metal with arme nier
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