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Even after a very long time you can barly see any player with a S-card set.
These days you need to spend about 800m coins or 200g to get a S-card.
And most of the cards are useless to you if u want a set and they cannot be used for anything else.

suggestion 1:
Implement a npc that can be used to merge (sacrifice) 3 S-cards into 1 new random S-card.
Implement a npc that can be used to merge 5 A-cards into 1 new random A-card.
maybe add a fee or item in order to choose the kind of card (destroyer, lifeprime).

suggestion 2:
make more spend promotions also for other cards - not only the nuema portal set


  • blackknight0212
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    I agree that it would give the extra A cards in inventory a little more significant use than just exp fodder and a better chance to obtain cards needed but i would make the S card trade 1 for 1 with a reasonable coin fee since they are highly valuable and not getting the card you want after sacking 3 S cards for a gamble hurts one pocket to shell out another 600g for 3 S cards.