How many mil coins is needed for those gears for my sin

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lionhearth belt and necklace,interval cape,rank 9 reputation without the rank 9 gear just the ring,LA interval leggings and G16 interval dagger and love up and down in total coins i can take my time and log in each day with my jolly alts on my account they make 560000 per day just logging in and 560000 x 30 days is 16800000 x 12 moths witch is 1 year=201600000 x 2 (years)=403200000.Is it enough for all the gear?


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    assasin30#2740 Posts: 15 Arc User
    I can do something more important like real life work to keep me busy wile i just log in my alts for the job.
    Just make some calculation on gears cost and total cost Lionhearth belt necklace,interval cape,LA interval leggings,ohh yes forgot,LA TT 99 interval wrist and boots (ashura),rank 9 reputation in total cost,tome:Love up and down and G16 interval dagger