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2017 Anniversary Mount Contest - Design Thread!



  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    I have fixed the image embeds where I can for you guys. (makes voting easier I'm sure.) Keep in mind though, that if you post from a mobile device or host your pictures somewhere like Facebook, it's never going to allow you to embed/post properly. (The former because of post code limitations, and the latter because they hide the extension.)​​
  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited December 2016


    Character: Wyvelin
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Creator's note:
    We have a lot of badass, cool, beautiful and fancy mounts but I wanted something that's simply cute and fuzzy. I added a sun & moon theme because I like such elements (no, it's not related to the recent Pokemon game). The creature is inspired by foxes and cute rodents.

    Right click and open image in a new tab for the full resolution.

  • purplegypcerospurplegypceros Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    And i believe my last submission for the contest:


    a grand majestic creature that has sat waiting for a worthy rider in an ancient forest and had become partially part of the fauna and has become slightly mud perma-stained on it's underbelly.
    i had a hard time making this guy colourful considering i wanted to give it an aged appearance but i'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. (of course the scheme is not concrete and change is welcome)
    It walks like a chocobo but runs like a velocidrome, its idle animation includes it scratching just under its chest feathers, attempting to sit down only to stand up again and forcing the orb between its horns to do... something? (no one knows what it's doing, it just makes the orb glow brighter for a while).​​
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  • ryeckoeryeckoe Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Used a little gamble on this
    1-Bipedal -(please see top right corner) the minotaur wll walk on two hooves
    2-Mammal- mostly refered to as a half man half bull in several mythological references
    3- Glowing Eyes-although the sketch is black n white (due to a pint sized mini boss stealing my colours) the eyes of the minator will be red and glow as if an ever burning fire is behind them
    4- Ancient - Minotaurs or half bull creatures are refered to in several countries historical mythology
    5-Feathers- So a gamble but around the minotaurs neck is a dreamcatcher containing feathers
    6- curled horns - visible above minotaur's head
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  • purplegypcerospurplegypceros Posts: 13 Arc User
    Uh well, here's my submission for this competition, I took extra care to make sure I incorporated all that was specified:

    Sorry about the lack of details on the feathers and ancient jewllery (they were meant to have aztec/mayan-esque markings on them), a laptop mouse isn't exactly a forgiving medium on the wrists.
    The colour scheme for this guy is far from concrete, if anyone at PWI has a better one please feel free to change it.
    I figured however considering its rather muted appearance iridescent feathers would be able to make it pop nicely, possibly also topped off with a falling feather particle effect in its primary feathered area.

    in my mind i see it running sort of like a hunched over Glacial Walker, when immobile it would rest it's knuckles on the ground similar to a gorilla.
    Its immobile animation could be it looking around before pounding the ground in a show of dominance.

    Alternatively I still suggest we get a piano mount that plays one thousand miles when it moves :D



    there we are ^^
  • purplegypcerospurplegypceros Posts: 13 Arc User
    Hey! I'm back with another one:


    This is my take on an aztec-esque demon warrior (yes its helmet/head is meant to look slightly slanted) almost entirely summoned from the underworld.
    admittedly though I'm not sure if the structures jutting out of his shoulders are classified as horns or spikes...
    the veins on the darkened skin are meant to glow and occasionally as part of its immobile animation he might huff out a lick of fire similar to what the Burning Bullet flyer does, it may also roar at the heavens or find itself being pulled back into its summoning circle only to pull itself back out slightly.
    (also note the arcane symbols are primarily used to indicate ancient symbols, I'm... not too creative with those c:> )

    It's feet never leave the black miasma (as if he were to be fully summoned it would spell the END of Perfect World! *lightning* *thunder crash) but it basically runs like a big lumbering dude.

    Oh i never managed to get to the saddle (I might later) but its meant to look like the lower jaw of an ancient jaguar statue resting on his shoulders under his tropical feather necklace.
    (as with before the colour scheme is not concrete)



    ok, now I'm content :)
  • marianafixmarianafix Posts: 23 Arc User
    LadyDullahan Tideswell

    it was inspired on the saber tooted tiger wich is a mammal and ancient.
    curled horns
    glowing yellow eyes
    feather on back and tail
    it also have brown spots

    sory my bad english
  • breegrlbreegrl Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Meet King Anura i made!

    Bipedal - he Stand like a human and runs like a human

    Mammal - he has a Were Jackle body and legs from the god Anubis side

    Glowing Eyes - his eyes glow like the sun

    Curled Horns - rams horn but another picture he has another type of horn

    Feathers - wings is from the raven of death

    Ancient - his base from Ra was the sun god. He was the most important god of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra was swallowed every night by the sky goddess Nut, and was reborn every morning. The ancient Egyptians also believed that he travelled through the underworld at night. And Anubis was the god of embalming and the dead. Since jackals were often seen in cemeteries, the ancient Egyptians believed that Anubis watched over the dead. Anubis. Anubis was the god who helped to embalm Osiris after he was killed by Seth.

    Myth in prefect world - Meet King god AnuRa is made from 2 forgotten gods, In the Twilight Temple in prefect world have u all noticed the Egyptians art in the temple? why is it there in Prefect world? did the great pwi god made it? or it was a long forgotten place that was once ruled by another race? No one is for sure but one thing is for sure that the Wraith has taken over it and the gods that protected the temple has turn into Wraith...

    But 2 hasn't ...

    The Story goes as they say is that when the wraith took over turning those in it into monsters,demons, and elites that only the bravest heroes could kill them, As many has falling 2 gods refuse to become Wraith elites,

    Ra And Anubis

    Both has seen their brothers and sisters turn into monsters and in order to get out of the temple they must fight them!But how?They try but too many of them and there powers are weaken from fighting, Ra needed the power of the sun and Anubis needed to see freedom again, Both agree the only way out is to combined their powers to become one god. Ra summon his powers while Anubis sing the song of death, Light and dark swirl around them as two souls became one.

    A New God was born name King AnuRa!

    They has taken down all there fellows gods that turn into demon wraiths and through mazes they have found the door to freedom!...

    ...but it came with a cost...

    When they step out the sun burn the new god and the flare dance around them, The powers of Prefect World send them into an a prison ...an Egg, And there there King AnuRa slept with in the small egg waiting for someone to free them so they may walk or run in the new World of Prefect World!

    Will you be the one to waken them from their prison?
    or will they forever be trap in an egg never to be release?

    Another type of horn

    Fun facts - The god Ra can be seen in the Chinese language

    Not sure if it needed a crown?

    from: Twilight temple
  • ellenfanellenfan Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    can we just get this? lol
    meets all the criteria btw... :D
    (if anybody wonders, its in hs codex under nature->festival)


    ps. i hate how i cant seem to be able to make a pic appear in my posts..
    (mod edit: It's because you're using a url, and not the direct image link.)
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  • endezecheinendezechein Posts: 26 Arc User
    Garuda-a mythical bird-like (humanoid) creature that appears in Hindu and Buddhist Methology.
    I tried my best to include all the characteristics for the contest and above is the result.
    P.S. sorry for the bad handwriting :p

  • ineedmorecoffeeineedmorecoffee Posts: 7 Arc User
    It took some time drawing this, but I'm happy with how it came out.
    Here's a link to the full size 5k x 3k image: http://orig10.deviantart.net/be96/f/2016/349/1/9/beastmount_by_aquamoonfizz-darojxd.png


  • adeeb#4364 adeeb Posts: 1 New User
    looks good
  • onlymydnaonlymydna Posts: 8 Arc User
    This is my concept hope you like it

    Egyptian humanoid - Named Frostburn
    Goddess of fire and ice.
    She is hot on the inside and cold on the outside.

    Glowing hot red eyes.

    Her skin and hair is icy blue.

    She has two curly icicle horns on her head.

    You sit on her shoulders and hold on to the horns.

    She holds on to your legs so you will not slip off.

    She has a long no sleeve dress and mantle that is made of frozen feathers that sparkles with multi colors.

    Because she is so hot inside, her dress is always melting leaving puddles of water behind her.

    AmaryllisDrake -Tideswell

  • shaddixkarshaddixkar Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2016

    I was going for some sort of panther-like creature that apparently has a penchant for collecting skulls and feathers. Same as the one above, you sit on his shoulders and grab his horns, then hang on for dear life and reject the reality that you'd probably yank the skull off at high speeds. (Also, that's not fire. I just can't draw feathers to save my life.)

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  • muh14muh14 Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited December 2016


  • rveyrvey Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Hi, here is my entry. I decided to made Nuwa because she is one of the main deities in China and I think she must appear to Perfect World. She also played a big role after Pan Gu's era.


    Many years later, Pan Gu's greatest fear came true. The heavens collapsed so that there were holes in the sky, and the earth cracked, letting water rush from below to flood the earth. At other places, fire sprang forth from the earth, and everywhere wild beasts emerged from the forests to prey on the people. Nuwa drove the beasts back and healed the earth. To fix the sky, she took stones of many colors from the river and built a fire in which she melted them. She used the molten rock to patch the holes in the sky, and she used the four legs of a giant turtle to support the sky again.

    Bipedal Mammal - Nuwa is successor of Pan Gu so I decided to made her image based on him. Pan Gu was introduced by Perfect World by having an untamed body and appearance. A human body with head and legs that resembles a lion.

    Glowing Eyes - Her eyes are emitting glows and leaves an aura trails.

    Curled Horns - Her horns are inspired by deer antlers and Fengguan, a chinese empress' headgear.

    Ancient - She is widely known as the mother of China, the root of Perfect World. She repaired the damaged heaven and made humankind through molding of a clay.

    Feather - She herself was an empress. I used Fenghuang Bird (Chinese Phoenix) as an asset for this because it represented power sent from the heavens to the empress. The bird is attached through Nuwa's hips and head. It's back/nape will be the seat of the player.

    Hope you like it and welcome back to me xD

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  • spotty281spotty281 Posts: 7 Arc User
    Well, because i decided to procrastinate, I was unable to actually draw and colour on paper, so i had to sketch these pictures out on my phone xD haha...

    I finally decided to name this interesting creature: Soul Rune! Soul Rune is a Dragon/Wolf hybrid created by me.
    Arms, legs and tail are scaly, the rest of him (besides the feathery wings) is fluffy. :3

    Bipedal: He stands on his 2 back dragon-like legs.
    Mammal: He's part wolf c:
    Glowing Eyes: Not only does his eyes glow; his rune symbols glow red as well!
    Curled Horns: He has lovely curled horns on his head.
    Feathers: The horns have 2 feathers and a small white bead attached by a string, and his wings are made of lovely black feathers.
    Ancient: Now at first i was like, "what do they mean by ancient?", and then i decided, why not put some ancient symbols running across his body? and so i found runes which are a letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet.


  • The Ancient Infidel
    IGN: Siby
    Server: Tideswell

    Deus Vult 100%
    cant use forum using main account. gg.
  • ninna321ninna321 Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Name: Avelu
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Bipedal : Walks on 2 legs
    Mammal: Dragon/ Fox / horse (kinda! with the legs) hybrid
    Glowing Eyes: I drew them blue glowy
    Curled Horns: curled one's on his head
    Feathers: his wings are made of feathers might not have drawn that very clear
    Ancient: dragons are ancient beings
    colors: i made a mix of white/blue but i think black/red would also look good

    As for the name i was thinking of Pythios or VitraDraco, but that it up to you!

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  • skyte325skyte325 Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2016

    Very hard to do this on phone. But sun bear, with feathers covering forearms, and horns coming out. Apologies if this is getting double posted.​​
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  • endezecheinendezechein Posts: 26 Arc User
    Smoking Mephisto
    (In case you guys cant read my handwriting:
    Black Color-Dark feathered Wings (like really dark feather effects)
    Red Color- Bone like structure such as the horns and some parts of the body(Prefer the natural color of the bones)
    Lighter Blue- color of body and tail
    Darker Blue-color of extremities
    Green- Glowing green eyes
    "The pipe should be wood like to give it a realistic look and also, it smokes its pipe when standing still/afk"
    Bipedal-walk on 2 legs
    Glowing Eyes-Glowing Green eyes
    Curled Hornes-Bone like Curled Hornes
    Feathers-Really Dark feathered Wings
    Ancient-Demons are ancient supernatural beings

    Tried my best to make the best use of my pens as coloring.
  • Nearly extinct. Zynx fights for the survival of its kind. Its skin was harvested because it's a a strong material and was used for armors. It drains its riders energy as a fuel.

  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    skyte325 wrote: »

    Very hard to do this on phone. But sun bear, with feathers covering forearms, and horns coming out. Apologies if this is getting double posted.
    I did mention earlier that it's impossible to do this on the phone.
    Nearly extinct. Zynx fights for the survival of its kind. Its skin was harvested because it's a a strong material and was used for armors. It drains its riders energy as a fuel.

    And additionally, you need to use the actual image link.

    I fixed em up here for you since even editing your post will not correct the issue. That's how bad posting from mobile is.​​
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