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Christmas tree?

benfuf20benfuf20 Posts: 9 Arc User
edited December 2016 in General Discussion
Hey there! Just wanna know if there's a christmas tree somewhere in perfect world, I'd like to see what it looks like. If you could post me a screenshot I'd be most grateful! I know that you can buy one for the homestead, I'm curious about that one too.

Thanks in advance!
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  • kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum Crawler Posts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee


    The Homestead one is surprisingly smaller than I thought it'd be. Hopefully someone gets to posting it before I do.

    As far as spawned Christmas trees go... I want to say Frigid Bay (?) has one near the Penguin Mart Shopkeeper NPC ? There was also an old 2008-09 Christmas event that had a tree that would give you cards. If players don't scrounge up a SS I could probably get that one for you in a few days.
  • benfuf20benfuf20 Posts: 9 Arc User
    Thank you for the reply! I can't check any of the trees because my new laptop is not powerful enough to run the game. Would very much like to see them though so if you have time then please send me some screenshots :) i've always been a big fan of this game, i'm sorry I can't play anymore. Love the story
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