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Should I upgrade r9r3 daggers to r9r4 OR better work on deity stones for gear?

ezuksimezuksim Posts: 5 Arc User
Both are not exactly cheap, thus, the question. Give me some insight. Thanks.


  • ninjakitchenrulrninjakitchenrulr Posts: 70 Arc User
    Depends. If your daggers are highly refined then do dieties first. If not then upgrade the daggers first.
    That's how I would go about it. I have both of what you are working towards and I like the build :smiley:
  • ezuksimezuksim Posts: 5 Arc User
    Daggers are currently +10. I can only afford to put 4 Deities on one gear but the cost is almost the same as upgrading the daggers.
  • ninjakitchenrulrninjakitchenrulr Posts: 70 Arc User
    Then maybe daggers first. + 10 isnt low but it isn't as costly as +12 to replace and the guaranteed dagger stats is nice.
  • ezuksimezuksim Posts: 5 Arc User
    Yes that was my 'go to' at first. But then I hear ppl saying dagger upgrade for sin is not necessary. That got me thinking why. The r9r4 daggs don't refine as well as the r9r3. But the added stats make up for it. Not to mention the sure 70 attk levels. I don't see why not

  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 757 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I vote cards and star chart.
    Btw what are your r9.3 weapon stats? Cause if you are +20 attack level only (like my sin qq) the upgrade is more worth it compared to if you are +25 attack level.
  • ezuksimezuksim Posts: 5 Arc User
    card is CF set rebirthed. starchart is spirit 3fatestars. r9r3 weap is 20 atk level 16 dex and 5crit. at this point, i am leaning towards upgrading to r9r4. i jsut want a few more opinions.
  • evilsmakersevilsmakers Posts: 185 Arc User
    Dagger is better,since 4 deity is 8 Atk lvl ,while if you upgrade you going to gain 10 atk lvl ,not to mention R9s4 gives more phy atk (about 1k more at +12)


    The GG
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