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2017 Anniversary Mount Contest - Design Thread!

kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum CrawlerPosts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
Greetings Perfect World,

Our 2017 Anniversary Community Mount has now entered the design phase!

Over the past couple months we have been polling you the community on which attributes this mount should have. Those polls are now complete and it’s time to show us what you think this mount should look like!

Starting today 12/2/16 and running through 12/16/16, please submit your concepts of what you think this mount should look like HERE!

On 12/16/16, we will close this thread and we will then pick our favorite player created designs, and from that group, let you vote on the winner!

After all Polls, the PWI community has decided that this mount will be:
  • Bipedal
  • Mammal
  • Glowing Eyes
  • Curled Horns
  • Feathers
  • Ancient

Here are the rules:
  • Designs MUST contain all listed attributes
  • Attributes can be used in any creative manner
  • All designs MUST be original works
  • All designs must be appropriate for the audience
  • You may submit more than one design but you may only win once
  • Any visual medium will be accepted

Contest Begins: 12/2/16 – 10am PST
Design Thread Closes: 12/16/16 – 10am PST

The top 3 community voted designs will receive some really cool prizes:

First Place – You will receive full credit for the design of your mount, a special free copy of your mount when it is released, $100 free Zen

Second Place – A special free copy of the mount when it is released, $50 free Zen

Third Place - A special free copy of the mount when it is released, $30 free Zen

Good Luck Everyone!


  • zhwon2zhwon2 Posts: 5 Arc User
    So this is my first submission to the contest

    After all Polls, the PWI community has decided that this mount will be:
    • Bipedal
    • Mammal
    • Glowing Eyes
    • Curled Horns
    • Feathers
    • Ancient


    The following is a walk-through of my notes on this mount's creation corresponding to the determined attributes.

    Mammal: The mount is based off of the gigantopithecus, which was an ancient order of ape, now extinct, that stood at 9 meters, or up to 10 feet tall. They roamed, some 9 million years ago, in what is now known as China, India, and Vietnam.

    Ancient: The gigantopithecus roamed Asia in ancient times and to accentuate that I have chosen to embelish the mount with valuable tribal artifacts. When "dressing up" the gigantopithecus mount, I was envisioning a large, imposing, ancient animal that was perhaps once considered sacred, or even worshipped as a god/demigod by an extinct civilization and so is still bedecked in gold belts/bracelets and other artifacts of the ancient temple in which it resided. Because it is a mount, of course I had to incorporate a way for players to ride it. This I have decided would be best done if there was a kind of ceremonial throne/chair strapped to the gigantopithecus' back (not unlike the firebolg drudge mount). The back of the throne, of course, draws inspiration from the stone/mask carvings of ancient civilizations from Asia. Think demon faces from old shrines or temples (Angkor Wat/Borobodur etc.) or the demon faces carved into the sides of the wall of the Archosaur central platform. In its left hand it holds a staff with some feathers and a human-sized skull. I was thinking perhaps for this mount's "idle" animation, it could periodically summon a green light/fireball from the staff.

    Glowing Eyes - over the years, prior to its discovery, the gigantopithecus learned ancient secrets from its time being kept in the temple, which has given it a degree of sentience and intelligence, reflected as an eerie and otherworldly green glow that comes from its eyes.

    Curled Horns - Rather than have the gigantopithecus grow horns (which might have given it a demonic appearance) I opted instead to have it wear the skull of a horned animal as a sort of headdress instead. The story here is that perhaps once the ancient civilization had died out and the gigantopithecus was left to fend for itself in the temple, it gradually adopted the role of the temple's high priest and so, has donned the high priest's headdress. I had trouble deciding what "style" of horns would look better and so have included both variants in my design.

    Feathers: The feathers, again rather than being part of the mount itself, is an embellishment, in this case a feathered robe that it has chosen to adorn itself with, possibly another item that the high priest owned that it has claimed. I'm thinking that the color of the feathers should be very dark, but not black. Think of the feathered collar of the Handsome Prince Shirt with tinges of blue, but larger and forming a cape that drapes around the shoulders and back of the gigantopithecus mount.

    Bipedal - I think in terms of animation, the mount could perhaps move in a similar way to the firebolg drudge mount.

    Anyway I hope you guys like my design. Hopefully, if I've got some time I'll be able to submit another less "scary/serious" one for those who are more into something cute.

    Cy aka SonofTheWitch
    MissFits Marshal

  • afcmaybeafcmaybe Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Titiany on Dawn Glory

    Here's mine, I know it's simple but I hope you guys like it. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's work! This entry is simply the first thing I thought of upon seeing all of the criteria for this competition.

    Fullview; http://oi64.tinypic.com/28tykaq.jpg

    Here's a second entry from me; just a quickie with a couple of colour schemes. I might try to make a third, more elaborate entry if I find the time. This entry is based on the Jersey devil!

    I figure the user would sit at the base of the neck, just before where the wings start.

    Fullview; http://oi68.tinypic.com/1zxtmz7.jpg

    Here's a third and final entry from me. In the end it's not even as elborate as the others, but I hope you guys like it and might consider voting for one of my entries! Perhaps the rider could sit on the shoulders of this mount amongst all that fluff - or maybe on top of it's head, holding onto it's horns. This entry is of course based on the amazing aye-aye!


    Fullview; http://oi65.tinypic.com/29wvlhf.jpg
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  • wishes08wishes08 Posts: 117 Arc User

    This is just a simple sketch did.

    Bipedal - on two legs
    Mammal - black panther
    Glowing Eyes - red idealy
    Curled Horns - top of head to hold on to
    Feathers - wings idealy the one below it drew later
    Ancient - weapon

    Idealy when stationary stand up tall and have the spear upright, when running though angled slightly and off ground to look like charging.

    Wings when stationary can tuck in and out maybe every so oftern, when moving wings are towards the back.

    Yea know picture isn't great if have time ill do a better version later

  • n3murinomorin3murinomori Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    This is my vision of the new mount . I tried incorporating as much as possible of the wishes of our voters and this is what it came out as .

    Here are some written details about this . For the body i used as referance the brazilian mythological monster Capelobo which was said to have sloth like arms with claws , a well built body covered in shaggy white-gray furr and strong legs with hooves .

    He originally had a giant anteater like head which was leaning forward with a big arced back ( hump ) but i redesigned his head to fit the horn i had to give him . Because of the idea of him having a bunny like tail i decided the hornes should be part of the skeleton of his big bunny like ears . If the ears are a bit to much the design is easy changed into a more normal looking creature that has a big cranium with curled horny antlers covering , his face leaving out only his eyes and mouth . His eye sockets will glow with color instead of having regular eyeballs .

    Because he has an arced hump like back he can have a mounted platform where the rider can stand to ride him while holding his big horns .

    As i had some troubles incorporating the feathers into my design i decided on him wearing a feather belt around his waist , maybe a feather neckless and feather shoulder pads . Also that the user can change colors of through the mount color feature and giving the mount a more personalised touch .

    As for his idle animation he can have some scratching moves and stomping one of his legs as if wanting to charge at something .

    Hope its interesting .

    And i had some time so i made another design .


    Also i just wanted to to show off my epic paint skillz .

    TheGreatKhan of DawnGlory
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    TheGreatKhan of DawnGlory
  • vitasufervitasufer Posts: 3 Arc User
    • Bipedal
    • Mammal
    • Glowing Eyes
    • Curled Horns
    • Feathers
    • Ancient


    someone forced me to do it
    im usualy more into anime girls or cool stuff so didnt rly knew what to do since the 2 legs is rly annoying like for everyone you cant make smth cool out of it xD
    but anyway
    here you got a wolf leader that wear feathers around hes iron neck to show he's strengh each feather mean the number of decenies he's leading he's clan he got red eyes that show how high hes bloodlust is and the horns give him a supernatural strengh that make him the leader

    dont be to harsh qq xD
  • omgitzshookomgitzshook Posts: 4 Arc User
  • bangbangbangbang Posts: 124 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    someone please just redraw a tyrael with curled horns. Maybe a tyrael that turned into diablo because of the soulstone.... I WANT EPIC GLOWING WINGS TOO. With evil red glowing eyes in his hood. Give him a deadly looking tail too...

    Bipedal - humanoid/demon
    Mammal - humanoid/demon
    Glowing Eyes - demon/angel
    Curled Horns - demon
    Feathers - angel
    Ancient - angels are ancient mythical creatures so are demons!


    Head: Hood no face just glowing eyes. Curled horns ripping through the hood. A blackish red glowing halo above his head. The halo is animated to constantly cycle like black smoke on a red halo moving.

    Body: Armor with openings like claw marks glowing with a lava texture pulsing glow. Spikes growing out the back. One arm is demonic and other is still human. Glowing angelic wings on his back maybe one is turning demonic.

    Legs: Same as body where half is demonic half is angelic. Add a demonic tail that swings when he moves.

    Idle animation: visible breath of flame and smoke emitting from his face. Wings will flutter sometimes while his head looks left and right.

    Mount location: He should be huge bigger than an average human because hes a huge **** demon. The mount location should be on his back like the player is holding onto his wings. For embracing a female char maybe have her look like shes holding on to the male char by the leg and resting on the tail a bit.

    For reference you can just google tyrael

  • iamtearshiamtearsh Posts: 103 Arc User


    ...All im saying is.. read the description/explanation first before I get flamed. There are few things I missed to put on the image and I realized it after it was merged into one. <3

    The choices were clearly chosen for laughs but might as well give it a shot.

    I tried my best to think of a bidepal creature with feathers and horns so I thought I'd dig up ancient mythologies and luckily found something interesting from the list of Japanese Creatures and it was called a Karura.

    Depictions of Karura show a creature that is part human and part bird often having numerous arms, wings, golden feathers and talons of an eagle. In Japan, he's almost shown playing a flute. Versions of him often represent the king of all birds and that he can fly faster than the wind.

    I made the arms and covered it with feathers to make it look like wings.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the bottom view of my Karura to show it so I just leave the details here. The bottom view should show the Karura's human figure in the same way you look at a flying bat. The close up of the talons are drawn to show the tiny details. Instead of it playing a flute, its wings/arms are decorated with a lace filled with musical notes. If i added the flute it will end up looking like the flying pet from Luminance.

    Obviously, I decided to lean more on its Avian form just to make sense of the feathers.

    Making sense of the requirements. After all, a tomato is a fruit but it goes well in a vegetable salad:

    Bipedal :
    It has two human thighs but after the knee it will be eagle legs and bejeweled talons.

    Mammal :
    Karura is part human part bird but while designing I won't mount a humanoid bird or I'm betting ayone else for that situation. So, I covered it up with feathers but made sure human vanity is present. Bottom view should show the silhouette of its human body. I just exaggerated the chest with more feathers for that royal feel.

    Glowing Eyes:
    I went for the White, Gold and Blue Karura so it has BLUE glowing pair of eyes <3 It does say it flies faster than the wind what other color best represent the wind than white and blue for the skies.

    Curled Horns:
    I made the horn look like a floating crown to show that this creature represents the King. I would'nt go for a dead horn it must be something creative.

    Bird head, Human body and arms covered with FEATHERS and eagle legs. I added details on the feathers so it does'nt look average. Everything to make this humanbird fancy.

    It is an Ancient Mythical Creature from Japan.

    And there you go guys.. that's my entry. It would be easy if I just made a Harpy but NO! Human head, birdlike body is not pleasant to the eyes it will end up like that Undine Mount. No.


  • xwhitefrostxxwhitefrostx Posts: 45 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Etherblade server: Maziikeen


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  • valdismanvaldisman Posts: 562 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Bit late but this one I came up with a few days ago after last poll. Suck at drawing so going to get Mazi to help with a bit more.

    A Gorilla t which will walk and run in a bipedal stance. Horns can be bigger if preferred. Currently has a Mohawk and beard of feathers as well as feather attachments to his Gorilla skull shoulder plate. Eyes are blank so they can glow and can also have the skull eyes glowing.

    Will add another one with bands around its waist and arms with various sized bones, feathers and a skull hanging from them to give a bigger emphasis on the ancient side.

    I however like this simplistic designed mount. Less really can be more.


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  • sakuranyasakuranya Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Ancient Kimera Lord
    Foxy_Sakura - Twilight Temple


    A mount made out of Lion, Ram and a Chinese dragon.

    It's special features are glowing and flaming eyes. There is also flame around it's mane and around the hips. Mounts golden mane should have a moving effects and wave slowly like calm water waves so as his long mustache. As for feathers I added some around Kimeras head from which the mane coming out.

    Since the mount has to be running on two legs I decided to make its body from raptors figure, he will be running like one as well.

    Hope you will like it :blush:
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  • roblaine69roblaine69 Posts: 2 Arc User
    Hi. I'm old school pencil and paper, so it turned out a little fuzzy. Tried my best to follow the contest guidelines, so here goes:
    Bipedal-Long, wide feet with thick clawed toes, meant for speed/climbing, adapts readily in any environment. No arms, because I just didn't see the point.
    Mammal-I went with a black panther with a bluish tint to its skin
    Glowing eyes- I gave it two sets, more bobcat than panther, but it still works. Excellent night vision, nictitating membrane to protect the eyes in harsher weather.
    Curled horns-several sets surrounding the head. Somewhat ornamental, yet deadly if the creature is ever cornered.
    Feathers- A long coat of feathers which begins at the neck, growing down its back to hang to the ground. The colors are always shifting and glistening, giving the creature the illusion of being covered in thousands of tiny jewels.
    Ancient- I picture this creature existing in the earliest days, a mount which was once ridden by the Gods.
    As to the problem of where you would ride, I thought it would be cool to have an open chest cavity, with the distended ribs protecting the rider within. Nothing gross, just an empty chamber for a person to ride in comfort.

    I hope you enjoy, and good luck to everyone else who entered.

  • holysenshiholysenshi Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Bipedal: Uses only the front legs for walking. Hind legs are for sitting.
    Mammal: A magical big cat creature....
    Glowing eyes: It has ruby or emerald stones as it's eyes.
    Curled horns
    Feathers: One big feather on it's head and many small ones all over it's body (spine, elbows, ...) Tail that consists of many big feathers. It was once able to fly but now it has only 4 middle sized feathers left near the saddle.
    Ancient: Ancient creature with old iron chains.

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  • glodybarb#5200 glodybarb Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Well my design is based on a extinct Bipedal and mammal animal that used to exist the name of it is {Chalicothere} I forgot to add a horn which i can add later. The glowing eyes will be ruby fire and will have a hellish flame to it to make it stand out the other character that is next to the Bipedal animal is a mini sprite how it will work is {They both will have a long glowing bulb which connects the pair together and the Bipedal animal will be following the mini sprite were ever it goes}. The design is kind of similar to the dog mount were it follows the bone kind of inspired me to do something similar o also the feathers is like the Bipedal tail glows with blue and green color i shall update my drawing later.
    Update with horns
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  • malllliiimalllliii Posts: 137 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    First Entry

    Born half human & half demon, The demon prince Zane.


    Mammal: Born a half human, Zane posses traits of a human. Hes VERY large in size. His body is that of a human but its coated with dragon scales and has spikes sticking from its arms and torso. His head is being covered with a hood, below the hood is his mouth opening (rawring xD) . His fingers are claws and his should have spikes. There is a ruby lodge in his chest that glows (life force). Wiggle tail cause what demon doesnt a tail? xD. Colour scheme would be black and red like a magma feel.

    Bipedal: He walks with a little hunch.

    Glowing Eyes: His face is never revealed but his eyes glow bright red aura.

    Curled Horns: his curled horns pierce the hood.

    Feathers: His wings are coated in black feathers.

    Anicent: The prince has been roaming the earth for centuries. He has a tribal tattoo on his right arm and a scythe that was passed down thru generations in his demon clan.
    Second Entry

    Zane's Pet Lulu


    Mammal: This cross breed species is popular in the demon clan. HAs stubby hands but very long nails and just as sharp teeth.

    Bipedal: It walks like a T-rex and swings its arms left and right when walking.

    Glowing eyes: Has green gem eyes.

    Feathers: Same black feathers as zane.

    Anicent: This creature been around since the dawn of man.

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  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 66 Arc User
    used windows paint for this one and had a hell of a good time filling the pixels lol:


    A human-like mount that just uses its hands to carry us in front of it would be nice. I cheated a bit with the horns (on the hat/helmet) and the feathers (on the belt).
  • iamtearshiamtearsh Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited December 2016



    Ok, so here is another entry from me.

    This Chimera is made from a Human, Wyvern and Avian.

    Wyvern - is a legendary creature with a dragon's head and wings, a reptilian body, two legs, and a tail.

    Avian - are a group of endothermic vertebrates, characterised by feathers.

    Human - also known as homo-sapiens are among the most numerous of the large mammals.

    Crazy Requirements:

    Bipedal --- this chimera got it from its Wyvern origin as described above.

    Mammal --- no other mammal comes to mind than a human.

    Glowing Eyes - this chimera has a covered head and the golden glow of its eyes should iluminate the inside of the helm like a headlight.

    Curled Horns - still not letting go of my signature crown for horns (they did say I can "Attributes can be used in any creative manner" ) My obssession for crowns. I leave it here.

    Feathers - feathers from its avian blood and ofcourse this feature shall be added to its wings.

    Ancient - the chimera was found in ancient egypt mythology and was described as a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of more than one animal.

    My Chimera Queen is covered in golden armor, details were shown on the drawing. Both wings are covered in golden plates as well but the right wing has a white fur (just like the duchess gown) and jewels .- I consider that part as the highlight of her armor.

    I wanna give this mount a high-five cos she looks cool but sadly she don't have hands :'(

    How to ride it? Just like how we ride our dragon mounts in game :)

    Who would'nt want to mount a Chimera Queen aound PWI, right?!

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  • grinoir#7035 grinoir Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Holy Gaurnob Mont

    I used the boss Damned Gaurnob from the dungeon 69 (Wraithgate) to creat this mount version,
    the "Holy Gaurnob". One sacred version with angel like wings and white shine, the player will use one of the
    most powerfulls bosses of the game as a mount. A bit poetic.

    Bipedal - This boss is a bipedal (a minotaur)
    Mammal - its a minotaur like
    Glowing Eyes - the eyes glow in soft sacred blue shade (his weapon too)
    Curled Horns - two curled horns in the head (this is a minotaur boss)
    Feathers - Feathered wings in the back
    Ancient - His Armor and weapon are ancients

    (I hope the links work, i'm not used to post images...)

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  • xylosxylos Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Here is my design hope you like it used a sketch of my forum avatar and added the wings hoping I can win and get my vision in the real world and out of my head and into the game. mount%20touchup_zpsmjmeqzzv.jpg
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  • purplegypcerospurplegypceros Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Uh well, here's my submission for this competition, I took extra care to make sure I incorporated all that was specified:

    Sorry about the lack of details on the feathers and ancient jewllery (they were meant to have aztec/mayan-esque markings on them), a laptop mouse isn't exactly a forgiving medium on the wrists.
    The colour scheme for this guy is far from concrete, if anyone at PWI has a better one please feel free to change it.
    I figured however considering its rather muted appearance iridescent feathers would be able to make it pop nicely, possibly also topped off with a falling feather particle effect in its primary feathered area.

    in my mind i see it running sort of like a hunched over Glacial Walker, when immobile it would rest it's knuckles on the ground similar to a gorilla.
    Its immobile animation could be it looking around before pounding the ground in a show of dominance.

    Alternatively I still suggest we get a piano mount that plays one thousand miles when it moves :D

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  • zhwon2zhwon2 Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Second submission here. I think the biggest challenge is probably sticking to the "bipedal" category.

    After all Polls, the PWI community has decided that this mount will be:
    • Bipedal
    • Mammal
    • Glowing Eyes
    • Curled Horns
    • Feathers
    • Ancient

    ECHIDNA aka The Mother of Monsters


    The following is a walk-through of my notes on this mount's creation corresponding to the determined attributes.

    Mammal: The mount is based off of Echidna, an ancient being from Greek Mythology. She is principally known as the Mother of Monsters, having given birth to several monstrosities that plagued heroes and gods alike in the Greek Pantheon. For her design I have chosen to incorporate various traits from some of her more famous of "children" namely; the sphinx, the chimera, the hydra, and the ladon. She is essentially a mixture of a human woman of gigantic stature (think approx twice the size of a player), and various creatures.

    Ancient: Echidna was an entity that was believed to have been born of the union of Tartarus and Gaia the embodiment of the underworld and of earth. Although not a Goddess, she was commonly worshipped by some cults and so I have chosen to dress her up in the image of how I imagine she would be depicted by her followers: a fearsome but beautiful demigoddess. Her headdress is gold and embedded with sparkling jewels and glowing runes, as are the bracelets on her primary set of hands. Along the wrists down the forearm of her second pair of arms are tribal-like tattoos, which also glow. Similar to my previous design, the firebolg drudge mount, and the undine mount, players will "sit" on a golden platform which floats behind her. She also wields a pair of scimitars, one on each of her secondary pair of arms.

    Glowing Eyes - The Mother of Monster's eyes glow a deep, haunting blue.

    Curled Horns - Echidna spots a set of horns - similar in appearance to those of a ram or a buffalo that extend from behind her crown. The horns are also bedecked with a number of blue-gem encrusted gold bands. Echidna's ears resemble that of a deer or a fawn, these sit directly below the lower edge of her crown. She has two golden earings, one on each ear.

    Feathers: I briefly contemplated giving Echidna feathered wings but wondered if it would not be too "messy". For now the feathers she sports adorn her crown and also form a "skirt" that circles her blood-soaked loin cloth to cover the lower half of her body.

    Bipedal - I think in terms of animation, the mount could perhaps move in a similar way to a player. To accomodate her multiple arms and swords, she might "run" in similar fashion to a female player using dual swords. her serpentine tail will be animated and will coil around her when motionless, or trail behind her when running. When idle, Echidna will twirl her swords around, or toss one into the air and then catch it.

    Anyway I hope you guys like my design. Hopefully, if I've got some time I'll be able to submit another
    Cy aka SonofTheWitch
    MissFits Marshal

  • extreemskyguyextreemskyguy Posts: 30 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Here is my idea for the 2017 mount. Its called a Skrifixs. Magic feathered wings, legs from a teradacktal, lions main, snake tail with feathers, bat ears. It has White flame eyes and a glowing body. Link to original image.

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  • tricksietricksie Posts: 189 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Just because there isn’t nearly enough pink and girly mounts being submitted. egg-1.gif
    Here’s my longshot submission.

    egg-44.gif <~ these need to come back into the CS.

  • isonaultiisonaulti Posts: 10 Arc User
    First thing that came to mind after reading the criteria + a reminder from a friend.

  • omegaforce63omegaforce63 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Mount drawn with inspiration from the ancient Greek god, Pan.

    Pan in pencil.

    Wing Detail

    Had a little fun with the winged Elf riding on his horns xD

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  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    So the back story on the mount shown below...
    The mount's name is The Ugly Duckling or that is what most people know it as, it was the result of cybernetic testing to make a perfect animal that would satisfy everyone's needs. While the cybernetic testing was undergoing a fatal voting system was put into effect to satisfy everyone's needs, little did the scientists doing the experiments know that the society would vote to make a perfect troll mount. The result of all the polling and voting for a perfect creature was done and the creation was a success however, the creature soon spiraled out of control and went on a rampage. Meanwhile on this rampage the author behind The Ugly Duckling began writing a child friendly version recount of what was going on and this creature became known as The Ugly Duckling. No one knows what happened to the creature after that day but, it appears to have resurfaced in a calm and friendly state.... it is feared that it will begin another rampage and destroy cities like it had done in the past.

    The scientists based the design based off of these polled guidelines from the society:
    Bipedal: Mandarin Duck- chosen for the purpose of happiness and prosperity
    Mammal: Udders- chosen for the purpose of feeding young since it produces asexually through leaking rubber sap through it's udders
    Glowing Eyes- due to it's cybernetic nature the eyes are believed to be completely electronics of some sort
    Curled Horns- due to having no way to defend itself goat horns where given to help the creature survive in the wild
    Feathers- with stolen sap from the rubber fig the feathers where made.... they appear rubbery for some reason
    Ancient- due to being lost for so many generations the creature appears to have grown a beard which is now used as a weapon for defense


    Creators notes:
    This mount I believe should be dye-able in order to reflect the cybernetic nature of this creature.
    The rider would sit on the center of The Ugly Duckling in order to show the mount that it is the alpha.
    This is an alpha of the mount and I know this requires some work on PWE's end but, I would like them to have fun with the creation of this mount :D. (If it wins)

    Created by:
    Prespire with inspiration from my duskblade (Duckblades) and the ugly duckling by: Hans Christian Andersen
    sever: Twilight Temple
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  • purplegypcerospurplegypceros Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Hey! I'm back with another one:


    This is my take on an aztec-esque demon warrior (yes its helmet/head is meant to look slightly slanted) almost entirely summoned from the underworld.
    admittedly though I'm not sure if the structures jutting out of his shoulders are classified as horns or spikes...
    the veins on the darkened skin are meant to glow and occasionally as part of its immobile animation he might huff out a lick of fire similar to what the Burning Bullet flyer does, it may also roar at the heavens or find itself being pulled back into its summoning circle only to pull itself back out slightly.
    (also note the arcane symbols are primarily used to indicate ancient symbols, I'm... not too creative with those c:> )

    It's feet never leave the black miasma (as if he were to be fully summoned it would spell the END of Perfect World! *lightning* *thunder crash) but it basically runs like a big lumbering dude.

    Oh i never managed to get to the saddle (I might later) but its meant to look like the lower jaw of an ancient jaguar statue resting on his shoulders under his tropical feather necklace.
    (as with before the colour scheme is not concrete)

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    I tried at least, I can say that... I haven't drawn in a long time, an it shows.
    My beast is a mix of actual beasts, Terror Bird (body), Gazelle (horns), Hare (arms an feet), an a few others... I giving up on it as the more it is worked, the more it looks like a Jedi Ton-Ton.
    I could make the feathered crest on its head more pointy, add wings or feather up its tail. But it still ends up looking similar to a Ton-Ton. I draw very lightly before deciding of features so it won't show during a scan, (which is why you can barely see it now) adding wings would be kinda silly as the mount (like the Lovers Balloon) does not actually fly. I also named the beast: Adisookaan (which means) "Legend"

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    This is the Old Man Khoan Mount

    Entry: Eirghan
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Ancient Chinese style
    Bipedal Human
    Human Mammal
    Glowing Eyes
    Curled "Horn" eyebrows
    Feather detailing on belt

    He carries both female and male alike to their destination in the "embrace" style.
    The fastest jogger in PWI he will carry you to your destination as fast as the quickest dragon or steed.
    Though he may be of age he does not like to be regarded as ancient, so please refrain from calling him as such.
    He features horn-like eyebrows as was fashionable in his time, along with feather detailing on his robes to announce his status as the speediest of Archosaur to all he passes.

    Please note he prefers to dine on meat and water and will toss you in the nearest lake if you try to feed him Hay.

    Click for a Larger Image:
    Please note the shadowy form is to show how the player will "mount" Khoan the Carrier
    Here he is without the final layer added so you can see the detailing of the robes ;)​​
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    Hi! The first thing that came to mind..this is the Griffin
    I think it's perfect for a perfect world :)
    Griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin was also thought of as king of all creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.
    But I decided to modify it
    I adhered to these data:
    ✔ Bipedal
    ✔ Mammal
    ✔ Glowing Eyes
    ✔ Curled Horns
    ✔ Feathers
    ✔ Ancient
    And that's what happened ;)


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