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Bug: Elysian Arena

craz1nfcraz1nf Posts: 76 Arc User
Before I start, I have already submitted a support ticket for this, got the usual runaround where they don't want to do the obvious simple fix for me... so I'll just post the ticket & response, I'm too annoyed to just write it all out again.

The issue
Hi, i have an issue with the new Elysian Arena. upon login we are given 6 random pet bags, and the new Elysian Arena. However, when i opened my 6 random pet bags i was given 3 Woodpatch Fairy and 3 Earthbound Stone, leaving me unable to use the Battle System to obtain rewards/new pets because you need atleast 3 (different) pets deployed in order to do the battles.
there is currently no way for me to get a new/different 3rd pet to do this without actually participating in the arena battles.... i don't know what to do to fix this (i assume the only way is to have some pet bags issued to me to get a third/different pet).

Now for the usual response from gm's

Thank you for contacting us. I'm sorry to hear that you only got 2 set of minions from the initial pet bags. Rest assured that I have forwarded this potential bug to our QA team. While we investigate this problem, we recommend watching for any news posts and patch notes for future fixes.

As GMs, we do not have influence over game decisions, however, we frequently forward feedback and suggestions to the developers.

The best way for us to quickly resolved the issue is for you to directly posting this in our Quality Corner, as this would be a good topic to discuss with the Moderators and QA. Our Development Team and Community Teams check the forums often as well.

Here's a link to the thread regarding submission guidelines: http://forum.arcgames.com/pwi/discussion/754921/read-this-before-posting-submission-guidelines

Here’s a link to the forum itself: http://forum.arcgames.com/pwi/categories/quality-corner

For other inquiries, please let me know.

Thanks again for reaching out to us. I hope that you continue to enjoy your adventures.

***gm name removed, though i should probably just leave it here**
Game Master
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  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 832 Arc User
    You can get more eggs by harvesting animals or crops in charger's paradise / fragrance garden then click "storage".​​
  • fairymaster1fairymaster1 Posts: 52 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    that is just bad luck, those packs are chance packs so there is no real guarantee of you getting x minions. They could have just not given anything at all and you start from scratch. One thing that would be cool is if the minions actually wandered around you homestead on land you own instead of just sitting around.
  • widowdeewidowdee Posts: 17 Arc User
    Hmmm, I got the minions pouch but no arena. What gives? My HS is lvl 6 now. Is there a level requirement for the arena to appear like there is for the charger's paradise?
  • obielleobielle Posts: 690 Arc User
    widowdee wrote: »
    Hmmm, I got the minions pouch but no arena. What gives? My HS is lvl 6 now. Is there a level requirement for the arena to appear like there is for the charger's paradise?

    I believe the requirement is just a level 2 HS, and you should have gotten it with the 6 pouches. Check your Wonder Market and see if there's a recipe for it, since you do need to craft it first before you can use it. If it's not there, and you're sure you can't find it, you can get another one from Vyn Yen in west Archosaur but it costs 5mil for a replacement.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • bjg1bjg1 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I also cannot find it for free.
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