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Have not played for a long time, feeling that things have changed

stenkillstenkill Posts: 1 Arc User
Hello peeps,

as my title states i have not played for about 1,5 year or so, and have not done something serious in this game for maybe more than 2 years. I'm running a BM which back in the day was partially built for APS with atk/sec somewhere around 2.5. I currently run deicide fists +10 and some axes i cant remember the name of to switch between damage and AoE, but i have a feeling APS is not as sought after anymore. I am looking to gear up for reawakening and start running Nirvana and TT with 2 friends of mine who play cleric and sin. any advice as to the game's current state and what my armor should be focusing to instead of APS (If aps is not recommended anymore?)


  • charychary Posts: 850 Arc User
    g16 Nirvana armor and def level r8r axe and then start saving for r9rr, assuming you're going for pvp. If not, full g16 Nirvana gear is enough for every pve instance.

    Nirvana as an instance is not profitable anymore and not worth the time. APS still has use in some pve though, but only the older instances like TT, Lunar, and Warsong.​​
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