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Queued Up Instances [Idea/ Suggestion]

berrynlberrynl Posts: 21 Arc User

I think it's always been somewhat of a mystery why the "Arena" area, which normally is accessible throughout major cities and Archosaur, never got off the ground in the International version that we play. We know the map exists, it was demonstrated in 2011 with the PWIC tournament.

However, if there is something wrong with the linking to/from that specific area in the game that prevents it from being used, we do nowadays have some perfectly fine maps available to us that would allow for queued instance matches/events.

We have 3 different Nation War maps available to us, Crystal Contest, Capture the Flag and Bridge Battle that could be recycled for use in a queue battlegrounds system. This wouldn't be set to a certain time of day, but rather a certain amount of players queued up for it. A team of 10 could queue up to want to fight another team of 10 and once they're found, they get ported into a map of both sides choosing (or what they queued up for to begin with).

I feel like PWE as a company is missing the boat on this common event in any and all other online games where something as simple as queuing up for an instance (PvE or PvP) exists. I think for the PWE public a PvP queue would be preferred as it is easy enough to find PvE anywhere.

It'd be fairly simple to expand on the idea as it gets implemented in time with potential titles linked to consecutive victories as a team, or as an individual. Or minor payouts in terms of some kind of some currency that can be exchanged for a set amount of in-game items, could be trivial, could be worthwhile. I think the majority of the player base would just be happy for such a thing to exist and eagerly use it.

You'd be doing something that is sought after by your community as well as it would bring motivation and competition back in more than just the set times of TW and DC, which while at times interesting, are mostly just a crapshoot. Besides this, you would be boosting use of charms, defense charms, potions, apothecary, etc. for your sales and increase competitive spirit which in turn might drive sales again.

It is the true definition of minimal effort, maximum results from a company's POV.

I'd honestly suggest going down this route to see if something as such were possible, there wouldn't be an easier way for the PWI staff to increase general happiness of players and increase revenue streams.


  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator
    I assume you're talking about This Instance and not the qualifying arena for the server's champs (i.e. the one where Harpy Wraith was summoned?)

    You know, I'm not entirely sure who'd be around to remember this that could be asked about it. Perhaps CN or Orinj would have a way to provide insight into what this place can be used for, or how to get into it/have it reworked. Though older content might be harder than straight up newer stuff, it would be pretty neat to have bouts held in here. I know certain instances in our version had been reworked (the Warsong area comes to mind) so it's not entirely impossible.
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  • berrynlberrynl Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Either of the areas could be used or refurbished. But I would agree that a newer map might be easier for anyone currently to get their hands on to use for a potential any-time-of-day match making instance.
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