Barter Event Session 4! PM Edition



  • tommcc9
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    Puzzle cube badge broken +5
    shadow ashura hat +10 (3 Dot's)
    Dark death thorn daggers(Gof,0.05,max attk +130) 2 garnets +12
    Ocean supreme brigandine(r8r plate) (0.05 x2, mp+217) +7
    Ocean supreme boots(r8r boots) (0.05, magic+9, mp+214) +7
    Ocean supreme pants(r8r legs) (350hp, hp recovery+9) +7
    generals badge r8 ring
    Shadow ashura wrists +5
    Shadow ashura greaves +8 (3x Dot's)
    Ocean supreme armour(3x Dot's) +7
    ashura boots +7 (3x Dot's)
    ashura wrists +7 (3x Dot's)
    Jadeon Emperor Defiance bow g16 +1 (0.05x2, 100phys attk)
    lionheart necklace +7 (2x yakasha stones)
    lionheart belt +7 (2x yakasha stones)
    full g16 awakened LA armour set +5-+7 all 4 sockets
    drunk azure daggers(2016 TW daggers)
    chaotic sign of frost
    silk perfume wings
    spectral haze wings
    blue faction uniform set

    elder of streams(s)

    2 Giant bunny eggs
    Noctulient mount egg
    Dark abyss mount egg
    Machinated Terror egg
    Aurora Egg
    Cursed tiger demon egg
    Sho the ninja frog
    Ancestral horror egg
    baby lochmur egg
    infant devil egg
    5x anniversairy mounts
    doom stare mount

    astrospira pear lvl 1 x140
    war avatar order x30
    Nirvana key x638
    fairy box key x611
    reflective shard x311
    warsong inscription x100
    garan stone
    soldier pay x201
    jade dragon order x193
    subsiding dirt x307
    feerless blessing x3
    peerless blessing x1
    invincible blessing x6
    suspicious dragon orbs(fake flame orbs haha) x4
    chrono keys x3
    dragonlord coins x600
    espionage potion x229
    tideborn guardian medal x30
    jade of returning x6
    orb of cultivation x9
    konwuu blade x3
    strongwind badge x6
    endless armour card x4
    major homestead supply bag
    ancient gift x2

    and my trump card my most prized possession, better than all my gear put together, only 1 more person on our server has it too:
    White egg (white jaguar mount, from public quest 2)

    Character: nub
    Server: Twilight Temple
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  • jmqbxbfv
    jmqbxbfv Posts: 4 Arc User
    575xbasic bages(575 gold value)
    968xAstropira pearl lv1(968 gold value)
    sealed auspicious light
    sealed flowing rainbow
    8xplatinum ore packs
    2xoricalcum ore packs
    999xespionage potion
    61x ether jade
    242 rough bloodstone shard
    143xrough iron shard
    5x dragon orb 4*(37.5gold value)
    13xFearless blessings
    9xinvincible blessings
    8,000 soldiers pay(4 sealed flyers)
    40x elysian seals
    7x safe extension stone
    4x inventory extension stone
    Jaden Emperor's Defience (1 socket(s))+8 +40 atk lvl +100physical attack +1% crit rate+19 strength
    96x vitae pills
    +11chaotic sign of frost+11 (strength+10 engrave)
    456x reflective shards
    3200x fairy box keys
    504x nirvana palace key
    238x attendeance sheets
    28xTienkang stone
    22xTisha stone
    232x advice box
    1xS card Lethal Vengeance
    1xA card Emissary of Luminance
    3xA card wolfen ironside
    1xA card primeval elemental
    1x General's Badge
    1xBlack Lovebird Coat
    50x ink dragons blood
    400x subsiding dirt

    awakened demon obscure robe(3sockets)+10 (str+9mdex+10,dex+12,magic+11)2x incomperable garnet shards&1x Drakeflame shard(phys resis+225 engrave)


  • mahmood55222
    mahmood55222 Posts: 2 Arc User
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    -Sealed Scroll of Truth
    -Sealed Flowing Rainbow

    -*Necklace of Giant Strength +3
    -* Chaotic Sign of Antiquity +3
    - * Dark Flower Spirit's Ring +3
    - * Cape of Elite Leather +3
    - *Archangel's Boots +3
    - *Archangel's Sleeves +3
    - ** Heaven's Forge
    - ** Ceremonial Axes
    - * Swindler's Necklace +5
    - ** Lion's Roar helm +10
    - ** Lion's Roar Clock +7


    - Panderic Knight x1

    - Frozen Kirin Mount Egg x1
    - Golden Riding Dog x1
    - Doom's Stare Egg x1
    - Jade Cosmos x1

    - Astropira Pearl Lvl1 x925
    -Bloodflare Whestone x3
    - Soulforge Whestone x3
    - Plat Mp Charm x2
    - Plat HP Charm x2
    - Makeover scroll x1
    - Red : Envelope : Gold x1
    - Dragon Orb ( 1 star ) x47
    - Dragon Orb ( 2 star ) x47
    - Dragon Orb ( 5 star ) x44
    - Scroll of Calling x44
    - Dragonlord's coin x100
    - Dragon Blood Stone x14
    - Lost Skyblade Amulet x2500
    - Tune of Fortune x163
    - Page of Fate x2
    - Old Book Page x3
    - Holy Pill x 93
    - Mystical Pill x 267
    - War Avatar Order x46
    - Warsong Emblems x4
    - Socket Stone x1000
    - War Avatar Crystal x1
    - Piglet x6
    - Deer Fawn x43
    - Adamantine Powder x10
    - Strongwind badge x3
    - kunwoo blade x1
    - Warsoul Tag x5
    - Soulcleanse Orb x94
    - Espionage Potion x322
    - Reflective Shard x2272
    - Radiant Shard x230
    - Hyper Exp stone x300
    - Attendance Sheet x728
    - Advice Box x300
    - Teleport Incense x30
    - Basic Badge x168
    - Fortification Draught x1500
    - Mortal Reversion x1
    - Warsoul : Ksitigarbha x9
    - Warsoul : Avalokites x9
    - Red Pigment x1
    - Blue Pigment x2
    - Flood Stone x2
    - Bloody Stone x1
    - Mirage Stone x500
    - Mysterious Chip Pack x2
    - Demure Attendant Pack x1

    WhiteBoxer ---> Etherblade
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  • dingo488
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    I didnt think it would come to this, but to wear a crown of madness I must first embrace madness, so I offer you my firstborn as well as my sanity.


    IGN: White Twilight Temple

    IGN: Madskillz
  • iliad#1359
    iliad#1359 Posts: 37 Arc User
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    IIiad (spelled iiiad) Twilight Temple

    1x Warsoul Belt Elemental Defense G15 (second level) +7
    1x Tyreseus Power Warsoul Pataka (second level) +10 2x Sapphire Gems
    1x Awakened HA G16 Nirvana Armor FULL SET (resale value appr 1.2Billion)
    Cape, Robe, Helm, Chest, Legs, Wrists, Boots +7 - +10 Fully Sharded with Vitality Stones and Citrines
    1x Awakened AA G16 Nirvana Armor FULL SET (resale value appr 900M)
    Cape, Robe, Hat, Chest, Legs, Wrists, Boots +6 Fully Sharded with Garnets
    1x Puzzle Cube Badge Vain (First Level) +7, 2 sockets expedient Pyro Stones, +10 Mag engrave
    1x Calm robe: lunar glade +7
    1x Warsoul of Earth +7 4 Sockets Vitality Stones
    1x Magma Stone
    5x Garnet Gems
    2x Primeval Stones
    2x Savant Stones
    4x Sapphire Gems
    4x Citrine Gems
    9x Gold Spirit Charms
    3x Gold HP Charms
    2x Amethyst Spirit Charms
    3x Ruby Spirit Charms
    1x Bite of Archosaur
    150x Celemoon
    2x Faction Signets
    2300x Dragonlord’s Coin
    20x Lucky July Tokens
    1x Identity stone
    3x 1 Star Orbs
    3x 2 Star Orbs
    4x 4 Star Orbs
    9x 5 Star Orbs
    2x Amber Gold Ink
    1x Sunflower Yellow Ink
    3x Lime Green Ink
    21 vitae pills
    389 astrospira pearls
    7x Giant Conch
    79x Coral
    260x Hyper EXP Stones
    4x Dreamchaser Packs
    1x Orchidmane Hippogriff Mount
    1x Aurora Mount (Max Speed)
    2x Orchidmane Hippogriff Mount (Max Speed)
    2x Rainbow Peacock Mount (Max Speed)
    1x Graceful Antelope Mount (Max Speed)
    1x Quick Sika Deer Mount (Max Speed)
    1x Armored Juggernaut Mount (Max Speed)
    1x Elegant Goldfish Mount (Max Speed)
    1x Hurricane Silvermane (Max Speed)
    1x Assassin Companion All Class Pet
    2x Stylish Marmot All Class Pet
    1x Baby Dalmation All Class Pet
    1x Baby Tabby Plumdrop All Class Pet
    1x Baby Butterfly Fairy All Class Pet
    1x Baby Fire Fairy All Class Pet
    1x Baby Bear All Class Pet
    1x Baby Antelope All Class Pet
    1x Baby Foxwing All Class Pet
    1x Baby Elysium Fowl All Class Pet
    1x Baby Huggy Hare All Class Pet
    1x Baby Froggy All Class Pet
    1x Inspired Tortoise All Class Pet
    1x Pillar All Class Pet
    1x Cerberus Pup All Class Pet
    1x Baby Wukong All Class Pet
    1x Divine Tiger Sage All Class Pet
    1x Giant Bunny All Class Pet
    1x Wandering Parrot Pet
    1x Berrywood Monkey Pet
    10m Big Note x1
    100 IceShard Coins
    50x Various War Avatar C Cards
    50x War Avatar C Packs
    3x S War Avatar Cards
    3x A War Avatar Cards
    2x Wing Trophy·Lunar Glade
    1x Championship Scroll
    2x Lunarglade Insignia Weapon
    1x Bloodglass Shard
    2x Kunwoo Blades​​
  • hedireborn
    hedireborn Posts: 1 Arc User
    Heaven Ravager Light Helm +11
    (with 4 Primeval Stone Vit +10 and +150 Physical Attack engraving)

    Helm for a Helm (head for a head !) :smile:

    Name: iMario
    Server: Tideswell
  • werzn5e67an
    werzn5e67an Posts: 5 Arc User

    Astropira Pearl Lvl 1 x 1800
    Fairy Box Key x 6500
    Reflective Shard x 5800
    Attendance Sheet x 1200
    Emperor's Letter x 600
    Advice Box x 200
    Mystical Pill x 2700
    Soldiers' Pay x 9999
    Bless Box of Both x 1066
    Holy Pill x 1350

    Name: Paranouz
    Server: Dawnglory
  • tuttle
    tuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    Character - xKinkyxKongx
    Server - Etherblde

    (Would like helm on RenesmeDawn instead if possible, if it's bound)

    Only want this auction OR the AM, same bid for both.

    4,600 hyper stones (1656 gold)
    Unicorn's Tragedy +10, garnet gem
    Awakened Lionheart Vambraces +10
    Awakened Lionheart Cuisses +10
    Awakened Lionheart Armor +10 with Jade of Steady Defense
    Awakened Lionheart Greaves +10 with vit stones
    Awakened Hat of Infinitie Power +11 with garnet gems, +100 magic attack engrave
    Forest's Wisdom +10
    Warsong Lock - Null +10
    Star's Destiny +11, Vit+10 engrave
    Holiday Ring of the Warrior, Might ring
    Skyfire Hippogriff Mount Egg
    7x Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
    1x Dapper Rose Pack
    10x Lunar Glade Insignia - Ornament
    1700x Sadness Card
    1,929x Soldiers Pay
    Awakened Demon Spell Robe +11 3 garnet gems, +225 phys resist engrave
    Holiday's Wish 4 socket (event robe)
    501 Astrospira Pearl Level 1 (501 gold)
    82x Grand Commander's Order
    1x Sir cuddlesworth Egg
    1x Panderic Knight
    1x Colored Deer Egg
    1x Ceremonial Weapon Ticket
    218x Flood Stone
    75x Platinum Spirit Charm Box
    9x Dragon Orb 1 Star
    19x Dragon Orb 2 Star
    56x Dragon Orb 3 Star
    27x Dragon Orb 4 Star
    19x Dargon Orb 5 star
    1x Faction Rename Stone
    200x conch (sky pirate drake)
    100x pearl (sky pirate drake)
    100x Vitae Pill
    200x primordial blood
    700x Dragonlords coin

    Etherblade Elder (S Card)
    General Helian (S card)
    Elder Star (S card)
    Gu Hensin 2x (S cards)
    Yi the Mighty Wing (S card)
    Anonymous Wiseman (S card)
  • b3arz
    b3arz Posts: 33 Arc User
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    ☆☆☆Apotheosis (2 socket(s)) +12 Refine Shard: x2 Icebourne Stone Mag. Atk +100
    ☆☆☆Apotheosis Gloves (4 socket(s)) +10 Refine Shard x4 Exclusive Garnet Shard Phys. Def. 70
    ☆☆☆Apotheosis Wrap (4 socket(s)) +11 Refine Shard: x4 Exclusive Garnet Shard Phys. Def. 70
    ☆☆☆Apotheosis Robe (4 socket(s)) +10 Refine Shard: x4 Exclusive Garnet Shard Phys. Def. 70
    ☆☆☆Apotheosis Sandals (4 socket(s)) +10 Refine Shard: x4 Exclusive Garnet Shard Phys. Def. 70
    ☆☆☆Apotheosis Belt Engrave: Phys. Res.: 225
    ☆☆Shadow Ashura Hat (4 Socket(s)) +12 Refine Shard: x4 Diamond of Tiger Attack Lv +1 Engrave: Physical Attack +150
    ☆☆Shadow Ashura Cloak (4 Socket(s)) +12 Refine Shard: x4 Diamond of Tiger Attack Lv +1 Engrave: Phys. Res.: +330
    ☆Ashura's Boots (4 Socket(s)) +10 Refine Shard: x4 Diamond of Tiger Attack Lv+1
    ☆Ashura's Bracers (4 Socket(s)) +10 Refine Shard: x4 Diamond of Tiger Attack Lv+1
    ☆Chaotic Sign of Frost +12 Refine Engrave: 10 Dex
    ☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge·Emptiness +12 Refine Engrave: Dex +9 Phy Attack 40 (2 Socket(s)) +12 Spirit x2
    ☆☆Ring of Trauma Engrave: Magic Attack +20
    ☆☆General's Badge Engrave: Magic +6
    ☆Calm Robe: Lunar Glade
    ☆☆Mortal Relief
    ☆☆Ceremonial Sphere
    ☆Awakened Demon Spell Robe
    ☆Ancestral Robe

    S card: Anonymous Wiseman
    A Card: Overseer Aeban
    A Card: Archer Trainer
    A Card: Heavenly Tiger
    A Card: Sheomay x2
    A Card: Shadowskull Lich
    A Card: Dread Lord Hengchih
    A Card: Primeval Elemental
    A Card: Cleric Trainer
    A Card: Gaurnob Guard
    A Card: Tideborn Princess x2
    A Card: Lady Frostburn
    A Card: Lord Gugg

    Shadow Fury Bear Egg x15
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg x15
    Panderic Knight x1
    Doom's Stare Egg x1
    Cerberus Pup Egg x1

    Star Chart:
    Level 16 Star Chart
    Nebula Dust Orb x63
    Starglade Chest x18
    Astrobana Pearl Lv1 x2
    Astrospira Peral Lv1 x2
    War Avatar Pack C x21

    Gold Guardian Charm x1
    Gold Spirit Charm x2
    Ginseng Tonic Rice Ball x10
    Feastworthy Crab Dumplings x19
    Festive and Fresh Dumplings x18
    Rainbow Lantern Yuanxiao x20
    Ancient Gift x11
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x120 (18 gold each so 2,160 Gold Value)
    Hyper EXP Stone x3,183 (20 Silver ea on sale (636.6 Gold value)
    Lost Giant's Amulet x1,174
    Lost Incantation Amulet x3,388
    Lost Aether Amulet x15,991
    Teleacoustic x76
    Dream Guardian Scroll x76
    Supply Tokens x127
    Teleport Incenise x323
    Portal Banners x1
    Bless Box of Attack x54
    Profundity Scroll I x3
    War Front Secret Gift x1
    Drunk Lotus Pill x1
    Advice Box x47
    Vitae Pill x10
    Inkdragon's Blood x4
    Invitation Scroll x12
    Elysian Pill x2
    Generic Design Pack: Basic x1
    Primordial Blood x8
    Blood Whisper Stone x1
    Wheat Seed x3
    Pepper Seed x1
    Cloud Wonder x20
    Commander Badge: Shroud x1
    Vanguard Badge: Luminance x1
    Redbloom Dew x1400
    Chiflow Dew x1400
    Attendance Sheet x98
    Lucky Cube Game Coin x4
    Nirvana Palace Key x190
    Sweet Memory x2
    Perfect Horn x7
    Feat Token x10,961
    Apple Pie x4
    Dragon Blood x2
    Major Gift Money x1
    Fairy Box Key x487
    Jade Dragon Order x42
    Reflective Shard x390
    Radiant Shard x22
    X'Mas Fashion Box (Fixed Color)
    Mystical Pill x33
    Crushed Emblem x2
    Christmas Event Ticket: Dawn x15
    Christmas Event Ticket: Dusk x15
    Christmas Event Ticket: Noon x15
    Salted Fish x5
    Case of Moonlight x1
    Soldiers' Pay 727
    Archosaur Guardian Medal x1
    Identity Stone x1
    Wraith Hunter Insignia x1
    Jade of Returning x10
    Starseeker Powder x5
    Barbaric Blood x6
    Dragonlord's Coin x400
    Dancing Phoenix Shard x1
    Subsiding Dirt x85
    Sigil of Nightbloom x22
    Elysian Seal x10
    Silent Sea Sandgrain x3
    Professional Designgraph x1
    Teleport Stone x146

    Character Name: Zanarki
    Server: Etherblade
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  • tuttle
    tuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    Well, we found someone who is quitting psy ^^ lol
  • gret2692
    gret2692 Posts: 28 Arc User
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    Heaven Ravager Hat, refinement +11, 4 sockets with 4 Citrine Gem, +150 magic attack engrave

    Star's Destiny, refinement +11, +9 magic engrave

    The Book of Congratulations

    Sacred Legate Hat, refinement +10, 3 sockets

    Sacred Legate Bracers, refinement +7, 3 sockets

    Chaotic Sign of Antiquity, refinement +7

    chaotic sign of antiquity, refinement +6

    Dancing Sparkle, refinement +7, 2 sockets

    Ceremonial Glaive

    War Avatar S cards:

    Ancestor Feng Loriel Lv1

    Yeh Kuhan Lv30

    Elder of Archosaur Lv1

    Elven Priest Yuusa Lv1

    Feather Lord Lv1

    General Jen Lv10

    Princess of Moonlight Lv24

    Emperor Aurogon Lv80

    Tiger Won Lv80


    Trinity (unsealed)

    Sealed Ominous Raven

    Sealed Dragon Emperor Mogul


    Soldier's Pay x9999

    Dragonlord's Coin x9999

    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x998

    Songflow Ringstone x1945

    Strongwind Badge x39

    Kunwoo Blade x16

    Garan Stone x2

    Platinum Ore Pack x12

    Dragon Orb (4 star) x20

    Dragon Orb (5 star) x8

    Character Name: yuyi
    Server: Dawnglory
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  • dotz02lost
    dotz02lost Posts: 10 Arc User
    Solider's Pay x20,000
    Holy Pill x381
    Strongwind Badge x61
    Kunwoo Blade x20
    Basic Badge x25
    Mystical Pill x1,651
    Reflective Shard x2,810
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x1,031
    Shadow Ashura Bracer +7 (4x Diamond of Tiger)
    Snowflake Soles +5 (2x Primeval Stone)
    Chaotic: Sign of Frost
    Wings of Cloudcharger +7 (4x Stone of the Savant)

    Identical - Twilight Temple
  • nunuator
    nunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    My only question is...
    Are you allowed to offer R9 gears from alts?, cause my understanding of this is, that is basically account trading and account trading is a banned offense...
    Can we get an official word on this Domino.
    Cause if I can offer my whole sin account for a bound item on my seeker I would've done this ages ago

    Regards, Prespire
  • daxxor
    daxxor Posts: 11 Arc User
    nunuator wrote: »
    My only question is...
    Are you allowed to offer R9 gears from alts?, cause my understanding of this is, that is basically account trading and account trading is a banned offense...
    Can we get an official word on this Domino.
    Cause if I can offer my whole sin account for a bound item on my seeker I would've done this ages ago

    Regards, Prespire

    "For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

    Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
    All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character."
  • happyhail
    happyhail Posts: 128 Arc User
    Flood Stone x24
    Bloody Stone x24
    Pyro Stone x22
    Demure Attendant Fashion Pack x1
    Dapper Rose Pack x1
    Stone of the Jungle x6
    Imperial Exam List x127
    Warsoul: Arkarsja x18
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbha x21
    Warsoul: Vajra x19
    Warsoul: Samantabhadra x49
    Warsoul: Manjusri x15
    Warsoul: Avalokites x23
    Warsoul: Jakari x9
    Cloud Stir
    Sky Cover
    Golden Coin
    Wing Trophy Lunar Glade
    Hapatizon Whetsone Minor Pack
    Garan Stone Minor Pack
    Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack
    Icebourne Stone x1

    Dragon Orb (1 Star) x47
    Dragon Orb (2 Star) x47
    Dragon Orb (3 Star)
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x19
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x35

    Rose Gold Gourd
    Zuriel's Blade
    Ancestral Horror Mount Egg
    Golden Riding Dog Mount Egg
    Sylish Marmot Pet Egg
    Cerberus Pup Egg
    Aurora's Egg
    Purple Puff Bird Pet Egg
    Murid Housekeeper Egg
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    Frozen Kirin Mount Egg
    Crystalspine Garuda Egg
    Little Star Pet Egg
    Colored Deer Egg
    Dark Assassin Pet Egg
    Anniversary Mount
    Purple Fox Egg
    Doom's Stare
    Panderic Knight Pet Egg
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Egg

    Astrospira Pearl x661
    Soldiers' Pay x2135
    Dragonlord's Coin x7100
    Reflective Shard x790
    Basic Badge x98
    Soulflow Ringstone x105
    Kunwoo Blade
    Strongwind Badge x9
    Memorial Coin x132
    Shattered Nightspike Crystal x195
    Perfect Horn x6

    Fen the Victorious
    Yi the Earthquake
    General Helian
    Elven Priest Yuusa
    Emissary of Shadow
    Chin Wuming
    War Avatar Pack B x19
    War Avatar Pack C x60

    Sacred Legate Hat +10, +150 Magic Attack
    Sacred Legate Cloak +10, +225 Mag. Res
    Jade of Steady Defense x8
    Ceremonial Magic Sword x3


  • kurisukotze
    kurisukotze Posts: 240 Arc User
    Twilight Temple - DarthKurisu

    20x Herb Yuanxiao
    Rencko - 105/105/105 - Seeker -Twilight Temple Server

    Current Gear:
    *Out of Date*
  • nunuator
    nunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited September 2016
  • meradinea
    meradinea Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Opening Bid - Puzzle Cube Badge Vain x2

    Add ons -
    2x Faction signet
    4x Immaculate Citrine Shards
    7x Perfect Horn
    14x Ether jades
    12x Rough Iron Shard
    20x Rough bloodstone shard
    1x Blood Spirit stone
    40x Angel of wishes
    1x Silkloom Seeker flyer 3.3/3.6
    1x Moongrace Blade
    1x Skyfire Hippogriff Mount Egg
    1x Sealed Shining Butterfly
    1x Tender Socialite Fashion Set
    3x Warsong Marshal Badge
    5x Warsoul: Samantabhadra
    20x Warsoul: Ksitigarbha
    31x Warsoul: Vajra
    6x Warsoul: Arkarsja
    15x Warsoul: Jakari
    21x Warsoul: Avarokites
    20x Warsoul: Manjusri
    259x Mystical Tome Fragments
    40x Dragon Blood Stone
    6x Grand Commander Order
    10x Wings of Luminescenes
    1x Golden Steed Egg
    1x 4* orb
    2x 5* orb
    1x 6* orb
    9999x Socket stones
    210x Rapture Crystals
    15x Coral Red Pigments
    195 Celestial Insignia
    1x Colored Deer Mount
    14x Wine
    14x Oricalcum Ore Packs
    7x Damascene Ore Pack
    8x Platinum Ore Packs
    20x Inv. Extentsion Stone
    1x Championchip Scroll
    1x Mandarin Silk Gown
    1x Charming Princess Top
    2x Barfighter Stockings
    1x Butterfly Knott Hair
    1x Tender Nurse Top
    1x Gaia's Embrace
    1x Parakeet's Dress
    1x Aegean Dress
    1x Dynasty Heels
    1x War Avatar A card Miss Chiu
    1x War Avatar A card Prophet Mogo
    1x War Avatar A card Lord Isrifar
    1x War Avatar A card Blade Master Trainer
    1x War Avatar A card Psychic Trainer
    1x War Avatar A card Assassin Trainer
    2x War Avatar A card Emissary of Void
    1x War Avatar A card Lady Frostburn
    1x War Avatar A card Emissary of Luminance
    1x War Avatar A card Cleric Trainer

    Twilight Temple - Nalliea
  • nene#6448
    nene#6448 Posts: 226 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    • Auroras Egg x4
    • Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg
    • Baby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg
    • Kowlin Pet Egg
    • Armored Bear Pet Egg
    • Bubble Fish Baby Egg
    • Anniversary Mount Egg
    • Baby Crab Egg
    • Golden Steed Egg x2
    • Baby Lochmur Egg
    • Dark Abyss Mount Egg
    • Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    • Quick Sika Deer
    • Cerberus Pup Egg
    • Little Star Pet Egg
    • Bless Box of Both x1248
    • Specially Procured Green Ink x12
    • Specially Procured Gold Ink x17
    • Specially Procured Yellow Ink x9
    • Silver Ring
    • Nebula Dust Orb x83
    • Wing Trophy Lunar Glade x2
    • Horse Foal x81
    • Cow Calf x32
    • Deer Fawn x20
    • Piglet x5
    • Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard x92
    • Dull Rough Iron Shard x55
    • Celebrity Fashion Box
    • Badge of Bravery
    • Badge of Endurance
    • Celestone of Human x138
    • Celestone of Earth x133
    • Celestone of Heaven x118
    • Celestone Fragments x198
    • Frostcovered Sign Force
    • Revelation Potion x5
    • Espionage Potion x779
    • Flawless Amber Shard x4
    • Immaculate Amber Shard x4
    • Perfect Amber Shard
    • Flawless Citrine Shard x4
    • Immaculate Citrine Shard x4
    • Perfect Citrine Shard
    • Flawless Sapphire Shard x4
    • Immaculate Sapphire Shard
    • Perfect Sapphire Shard x2
    • Flawless Garnet Shard
    • Immaculate Garnet Shard x2
    • Perfect Garnet Shard x2
    • Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x263
    • Tough Scroll
    • Sealed Deus Omega Wings
    • Energy Core
    • Dragon Orb 1* x57
    • Dragon Orb 2* x47
    • Starglade Chest x22
    • Vitae Pill x99
    • Sleeves of Sea Captain 3 sockets +2 (flawless citrine)
    • Armor of Grieving Sorrow 3 sockets (flawless citrine)
    • Wind and the Clouds 1 socket +3 (flawless garnet)
    • Robe of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    • Mystique Pants of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    • Mystique Boots of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    • Glorious Robe: Torment 3 socket +3 (perfect citrine)
    • Calm Robe: Wraithgate 4 socket +2 (flawless citrine)
    • Order of the Stars 2 socket +2 (beautiful sapphire)
    • Dancing Sparkle 3 socket +3 (perfect citrine)
    • Emerald Meteor +2
    • Wheel of Fate 2 socket +2 (flawless sapphire)
    • Skygraze 1 socket +2 (flawless sapphire)
    • Silverrain 1 socket +3 (perfect sapphire)
    • Eye of the Jungle +2
    • Unicorn 1 socket +2 (flawless garnet)
    • Acrobatic Pants 3 socket
    • Acrobatic Boots 2 socket
    • Lamp of the Mind 1 socket
    • Mountcrasher Cuisses 2 socket
    • Windcatcher 1 socket +2 (flawless garnet)
    • Crystal Headdress 2 socket +1 (immaculate citrine)
    • Drum Master's Hat 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine)
    • Servant's Necklace
    • Skysunder Amulet +2
    • Mold: Skydemon's Pearl x2
    • Celemoon x60
    • Angel of Wishes x10
    • Wedding Candy x4
    • Adamantine Powder x45
    • Uncanny Crystal x14
    • Emperor's Letter x19
    • Soldier's Pay x3359
    • Sticky Coin
    • Platinum Brick
    • Dragonlord's Coin x200
    • Starseeker Powder x4
    • Ether Jade x42
    • Rough Bloodstone Shard x160
    • Rough Iron Shard x96
    • Sigil of Nightbloom x216
    • Wraith's Spirit x53
    • Wraith's Eye x7
    • Celestial Shard x30
    • PWI Undercurrent Coin x29
    • Origin of Battle Tier 7
    • Origin of Soulprime Tier 7
    • Origin of Durability Tier 7
    • Ancient Tinder x6
    • Sacred Mother's Aura
    • Sacred Mother's Orb
    • Chromatic Tinder x4
    • Essence of Nature x5
    • Unknown Tinder x2
    • Crushed Emblem x13
    • Silent Sea Sandgrain x80
    • Subsiding Dirt x1400
    • Elysian Seal x128
    • Love like Honey x17
    • Garan Stone
    • Strongwind Badge x6
    • Kunwoo Blade
    • Hyper Exp Stone x75
    • Socket Stone x67
    • Socket Stone 2082
    • Grand Commander's Order x3
    • Book Credit Card x15
    • Divine Honor of the Void x30
    • Mystical Tome Fragment x249
    • Warsong Inscription x101
    • Ultimate Substance x3
    • Lucky Coin x3
    • Attendance Sheet x401
    • Page of Fate x79
    • Old Book Page x81

      Twilight Temple
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  • chary
    chary Posts: 850 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Wings of Cloudcharger +10 4soc Citrine Gem sharded
    Heaven Ravager Hat +11 4soc Incomparable Citrine sharded
    Wheel of Light +7 2soc Sapphire Gem sharded
    Robe of Light +4 3soc Perfect Citrine sharded
    Guard of Thundershock +5
    Necklace of Giant Strength +5
    Archangel's Sleeves +4 3soc Perfect Garnet sharded
    Glorious Robe: Eden +7 4soc Perfect Citrine sharded
    The Bard's Wanderlust tome
    Chaotic Sign of Antiquity +5 with +20 magic attack engraved

    Anonymous Wiseman S card unleveled
    Vanished Ancestor S card unleveled
    Feather Lord S card 36/80 levels
    Elder of the Streams S card unleveled
    Princess of Moonlight S card unleveled
    Emperor Aurogon S card 80/80 fully leveled
    City of the Lost Elder S card unleveled
    Emperor Locen A card x1 for AEU set unleveled
    Snakefist Guardian A card x4 for Warsong set unleveled
    Shadowskull Lich A card x3 for Warsong set unleveled
    Obscure Reaper A card x3 for Warsong set one leveled to 7/40 and other two unleveled
    Pestilent Destroyer A card x5 for Warsong set one fully leveled to 40/40 and other four unleveled
    Cannonfist Orclord A card x3 for Warsong set unleveled
    full Anniversary Adventure B card set
    War Avatar Chest B x1
    War Avatar Pack B x9
    War Avatar Pack C x57

    Soaring Centipede flyer
    Galactic Beetle flyer
    Shalim's Glory flyer
    Sealed Scroll of Truth flyer
    Sealed Gemini flyer
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    Chimei Companion Pet Egg
    Stylish Marmot Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Pet Egg
    Panderic Knight Pet Egg
    Purple Fox Pet Egg x2
    Anniversary Mount Egg x2
    Aurora's Egg x1
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg x5

    Dragon Orb (8 Star) x1
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x4
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x14
    Grand Commander's Order x11
    Sovereign's Seal x1
    Benevolence Seal x33
    Crushed Emblem x4
    Platinum Ore Pack x6
    Warsong Inscription x179
    Warsoul: Manjusri x2
    Warsoul: Jakari x3
    Warsoul: Vajra x2
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbha x1
    Warsoul: Samantabhadra x6
    Warsoul: Arkarsja x2
    Warsoul: Avalokites x1
    Chrono Page x1
    Warrior Seal x2
    Shattered Nightspike Crystal x105
    Mushroom Seed x127
    Cow Calf x52
    Horse Fowl x145
    Myrtle Seed x49

    Diamond Ring x2
    Holy Pill x128
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x283
    Dragonlord's Coin x9850
    Soldier's Pay x9999
    Trophy Ticket x1
    Jade Dragon Order x200
    Celestial Shard x214
    Celestial Insignia x315
    Radiant Shard x304
    Orihalcum x10
    God's Tea x26
    Vacuity Powder x300
    White Tea x200
    Dew of Star Protection x542
    Espionage Potion x300
    Spirit of Defense x300
    Spirit of Assault x100
    Teleport Incense x100
    Profundity Scroll I x126
    Nirvana Palace Key x507
    Fairy Box Key x1107
    Hyper EXP Stone x293
    Lv. 6 Darkness Stamp x28
    Wedding Candy x3
    Peerless Blessing x12
    War Avatar Order x250
    Angel of Wishes x4
    Bless Box of Defense x573
    Bless Box of Attack x144
    Attendance Sheet x531
    Scroll of Calling x150

    Character: Eoria
    Server: Dawnglory​​
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  • liliida
    liliida Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    ok here goes my hoarded stuff:

    matchless wings +10 with 4x vitstone (2x primeval 2x savant) with hp +150 engrave (bound!)
    golden blast coif (49x 10m bignote + 105k faction base points)
    vigorous robe: abaddon +4 with 3x immaculate citrine shard (bound!)
    archangel's pendant +3 (bound!)
    archangel's sash +3 (bound!)
    belt of the holy spirit +3 (bound!)
    ring of the starry night +3 (bound!)
    spirit of justice (g16 polehammer)

    5x sealed love of arbor (= 10,000 soldier's pay)
    5x sealed flowing spirit (= 10,000 soldier's pay)
    1x jade of eight divines
    1x deus omega wings

    1400x dragonlord coin
    1000x mystical pill
    700x astrospira pearl lv1
    160x minor homestead supply bag
    237x radiant shard
    186x holy pill
    1x incomparable citrine shard
    70x inv. extension stone
    70x safe extension stone
    3x bloodflare whetstone
    3x soulforge whetstone
    170x tisha stone
    170x tienkang stone
    30x origin of destruction tier 6
    3x origin of destruction tier 7
    1x bloodglass shard
    2x quicksand smokewisp
    6x strongwind badge
    127x songflow ringstone
    2x original force key
    11x warrior seal
    1x nightspike crystal x1
    6x stone brain signature
    1x faithfullness
    105x sincerity
    13x angel of wishes
    3x round shield medal
    1x suspicious dragon orb
    1x archosaur guardian medal
    1x bloom whisper stone
    200x dragon orb (1star)
    200x dragon orb (2star)
    1000x fortification draught
    999x espionage potion
    1x bikini top
    1x zebra bottoms
    3x bewitch (tiger)

    1x ancestral kirin
    5x aurora's egg
    1x chieftain's battlecat
    1x chubbs
    1x colored deer egg
    1x doom's stare egg
    1x hell hound
    1x polaris snow cub
    1x quick sika deer
    1x terror of the deep mount egg
    1x vicious raptor
    1x windsprint panther
    1x baby elysium fowl pet egg
    1x baby huggy hare pet egg
    1x baby tabby plumdrop pet egg
    1x baby windwalking piggy pet egg
    1x chimei companion pet egg
    1x murid housekeeper egg
    1x red squirrel pet egg

    pack items
    1x magma stone
    1x yaksha stone
    2x primeval stone
    1x sky cover
    3x cherry topper pack
    3x dapper rose pack
    2x wing trophy lunarglade
    37x nightspike crystal pack
    1x championship scroll
    55x fortifications seal
    1x hapatizon whetstone pack
    1x damascene ore pack
    6x dustfall relic
    10x songflow ringstone minor pack
    3x kunwoo blade minor pack
    1x benevolence seal minor pack
    2x strongwind badge minor pack
    2x hapatizon whetstone minor pack
    3x damascene ore minor pack
    2x sovereign seal
    1x citrine gem
    600x flood stone (no typo)

    war avatar card A
    3-card set:
    1x thom mundan (dark trio set)
    1x monoblat dracoboa (dark trio set)
    1x gaurnob guard (dark trio set)

    1x hellfire abomination
    1x celestial sister
    1x infernal spikewing
    1x king kisian
    1x torturess venerator
    1x fei kungxing

    note: all A cards bartered are lv1 and on the bottom of my war avatar bag (unless i have to move them to inventory)

    sry if theres minor typing/amount errors @[email protected]

    character: oOAutumNOo
    server: Twilight Temple
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  • cvrcko
    cvrcko Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Star"s Destiny+10 (NW ring,bound)
    Awakened Hat of infinite Power+7
    121x Astrospira Pearl lv 1
    50x Vitae Pill
    Barbaric Bloodx29
    Primordial Bloodx219
    93x Reflective Shard
    Dragon Orb Mirage(bound)
    3xDragon Orb Ocean(bound)
    6xNebula Dust Orb (blue text)
    9x Nebula Dust Orb( pink text)
    710x Fortification Draught
    Holy Pill x95
    Holy Pill x 65
    Specially Procured Yellow Ink x15(not tradeable)
    Specially Procured Green Ink x8(not tradeable)
    Specially Procured Gold Ink x4(not tradeable)
    9x Grand Commander Order
    Ancestral Horror mount egg
    Panderic Knight
    Awakened Demon Spell Robe +6
    S cards:King Feng Triton
    Elder of the Streams

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  • michikobaby
    michikobaby Posts: 42 Arc User
    edited September 2016



    Complete List of Items:
    2x Bloody Stone
    1x Flood Stone
    3x Warsoul: Vajra
    9x Warsoul: Manjusri
    3x Warsoul: Ksitigarbha
    3x Warsoul: Jakari
    19x Warsoul: Arkarsja
    6x Waroul: Samantabhadra
    483x Mystical Pill
    310x Astrospira Pearl Lv1
    1x Diamond of Dragon
    5x Sapphire Gem
    1985x Reflective Shard
    5x Lunar Glade Insignia * Ornament
    16x Lunar Glade Insignia * Weapon
    6x Nightspike Cluster Box
    146x Nightspike Crystal
    1x Whisper Shot
    1x Blinding Blaze
    1x Tactical Reversion
    353x Shining Pill
    23x Fortifications Seal
    29x Chest of Coins
    1x Rapture Chest
    6x Uncanny Chest
    5x Frostcovered Sign * Force
    8x Stone of Savant
    500x Advice Box
    926x Bless Box of Defense
    389x Bless Box of Attack
    9x Cube of Fate Stamp
    2x Shroud of Shadow
    2x Chi Burn
    1300x Nirvana Palace Key
    2100x Fairy Box Key
    4000x Socket Stone
    2000x Soldiers' Pay
    1000x Hyper EXP Stone
    2000x Supply Token
    2x Championship Scroll
    1x Longevity Genie Lv 103
    1x Sacred Legate Hat +8
    1x Wings of Cloudcharger +10
    1x Warsoul of Heaven +10
    1x Sacred Legate Cloak +8
    186x Imperial Exam List
    2x Purple Fox Egg
    6x Wing Trophy * Lunar Glade
    6x Primeval Stone
    3x Colored Deer Egg
    102x Round Shield Medal
    10x Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
    4x Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Onyx)
    5x Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Ivory)
    7x Adamantine Whetstone
    4x Hapatizon Whetstone Pack
    3x Damascene Ore Pack
    8x Oricalcum Ore Pack
    5x Platinum Ore Pack

    1x Mold:★★★Etherwalker Staff
    1x Mold:★★★Reincarn. Scepter
    1x Mold:★★★Reincarn. Belt
    1x Mold:★★★Etherwalker Sand.
    1x Mold:★Awake. Archangel Sleeves
    1x Mold:★Awake. Ashura Gloves
    2x Mold:★Awake. Archangel Wrap
    2x Mold:★Awake. Ashura Greaves
    2x Mold:★Awake. Archangel Tunic
    2x Mold:★Awake. Archangel Boots
    1x Mold:★Awake. Ashura Boots
    1x Mold:★Awake. Lionheart Greaves
    2x Mold:★Awake. Hat of Inf. Power
    2x Mold:★Awake. Ances. Div. Hat
    2x Mold:★Awake. Ances. Div. Helm
    2x Mold:★Awake. Demon Spell Robe
    1x Mold:★Awake. Demon Obscu. Robe
    1x Mold:★Awake. Demon Seren. Robe
    1x Mold:★Autumn Crescent
    1x Mold:★Halfway Galaxy
    1x Mold:★Foundation of World
    1x Mold:★Sandy World
    1x Mold:★Buddha's Hatred

    Character: Michiko_x
    Server: Etherblade

    CoM please :)
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  • xxxthekidxxx
    xxxthekidxxx Posts: 38 Arc User

    ★★ Ceremonial bow
    ★★ Bursting Spirit +3 (G17 Bow)
    ★ Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat +7 (Phycal Attack +100 Engraving and Sapphire Gem x3)
    ★ Awakened Demon Obscure Robe +7 (Hp +150 Engraving and Sapphire Gem x4)
    ★ Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (HP +40 Shard x3)

    ★★ Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (HP +40 Shard x3)
    ★★ Shadow Ashura Greaves +4 (HP +65 Shard x2)

    ★ Lionheart Necklace +4 (With +10 Vitality Engraving)
    ★ Lionheart Belt +4

    ★★ Empowered Darkblade +4
    ★★ Sky Cover +3
    ★★ Warsong Barrier.Void +2
    ★ Chaotic Sign of Frost +2

    ★★ General's Badge (Might ring with Dex +7)
    ★★ Demonhunter Bow +5 (+64 Magic Shard x2)
    ★★ Demonhunter Armor +3 (HP +40 Shard x3)

    ★ Guard of Thundershock +4
    ★ Attendance Ring .Perfect +3
    ★ Eye of the Jungle +4
    ★ Wild Mane Mantle (HP+40 Shard x4)

    ★ Helm of Aqua Viciousness +3 (HP +40 Shards x4)
    ★ Mountcrasher Plate +2 (HP +40 Shards x3)
    ★ Mountcrasher Cuisses +2 (HP +40 Shards x3)
    ★ Mountcrasher Greaves +2 (HP +40 Shards x3)
    ★ Mountcrasher Bracers +2 (HP +40 Shards x3)
    ★ Sky Demon's Pearl +3
    ★ Band from Heaven's Jail +4


    Dragon Orb (3 Star) x10
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x33
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x5
    Tienkang Stone x8
    Tisha x2
    Mirage Celestone x200


    The Rose's Thorn +20 Dex
    Tales of Beauty +15 Dex
    Tome of the River Sprits +5 Str
    Flanker's Tome +5 Dex
    Tome of Grace +5 Dex


    Watcher of the Skies
    Sealed Blue Universe
    Sealed Rayplume

    Mounts and Pets:

    Conflagration Dragon Lv.11

    Anniversary Mount Egg Lv.11
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg Lv.1
    Pillar Pet Egg Lv.1
    Golden Steed Egg Lv.10
    Panderic Kinght Lv.1
    Little Star Pet Egg Lv.1
    Cursed Tiger Demon Pet Egg Lv.1
    Aurora's Egg Lv.1 (x4)
    Jade Cosmos Lv.11


    Eternal Love Hat / Eternal Love Suit / Eternal Love Pants / Eternal Love Gloves / Eternal Love Shoes
    Sapphire Mask
    Warlord Jacket / Warlord Pants / Warlord Boots
    Royal Jacket / Royal Pants
    Celebrity Vest / Celebrity Jeans / Celebrity Shoes
    Eternal Love Female Pack

    Random Pigment x8
    Specially Procured Green Ink x9
    Specially Procured Yellow Ink x4

    Whisper Shot
    ○ Heart Shatter
    ○ Rock Splitting Cleave
    Archangels of Justice

    Homestead + G17/UP Materials:

    Bloom Whisper Stone x1
    Gen.:Domed Cathedral x1
    Subsiding Dirt x500
    Sigil of Nightbloom x150

    Ether Jade x63
    Dull Ether Jade x47
    Dull Rough Iron Shard x132
    Rough Iron Shard x159
    Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard x251
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x265

    Deer Fawn x10
    Piglet x1
    Mushroom Seed x106
    Cow Calf x28
    Myrtle Seed x15
    Horse Foal x106
    Abiu Seed x2


    Primodial Blood x228
    PWI Undercurrent Coin x5
    Starglade Chest x25
    Nebula Dust Orb x72
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x345
    War Avatar Order x46

    War Avatar A Cards:

    This list contains full small card sets eg. Drak Trio/E.guard/T.born etc

    Thom Mundan
    Heavenly Tiger
    Assassin Trainer
    Archer Trainer
    Wizard Trainer
    Emissary of Void x3
    Monoblat Dracoboa x2
    Ultimate Stance
    Dread Lord Hengchih
    Dimentora x2
    Seeker Trainer x2
    Miss Chiu
    Blademaster Trainer x3
    Psychic Trainer
    Chin Wuming
    Dismal Duke
    Gaurnob Guard
    Wolfen Ironside
    Emissary of Luminance x2
    Torturess Venerator
    Mystic Trainer


    Basic Badge x204
    Warsong Inscription x74
    Warsong Emblem x194
    Warsong Medal x3
    Mold ★Awake. Lionheart Sleeves


    Gold Mats/
    Feng's Steel Armor
    Evil Minion's Shell x7
    Giant Beast's Shell
    Ghost Lord's Protection
    Giant Beast's Footprint
    Empire's Sigh
    Tsuchun's Blazing Wings x2
    Unknown Tinder x3
    Ancient Tinder x5
    Heart of Genesiac Blink x2
    Gloom of Mystical Jarax
    Gem of Hauntery Queen x4
    Ring Fragment of Primal Fear

    Iron Plate of Darkness x98
    Evil Minion's Horn x37
    Sorceress's Hand x41
    Sacred Mothers Orb x52
    Ghost Lords Ribbon x2
    Antenna of Consumer of Souls x2
    Giant Beast's Armor x32
    Shard of Darkness x2
    Giant Pincers of Darkness x35
    Sorcerss's Headwear x47
    Evil Minion's Burning Heart x77
    Sacred Mother's Heart x32
    Sacred Mother's Stone x5
    Sorceress's Aura x4
    Sacred Mother's Heart x32
    Ghost Lord's Dark Aura x38
    Giant Beast's Crimson Horn x30
    Saidread's Orb x5
    Minister's Stone x2
    Monarch Will x43
    Tsuchun's Silk Whip x26
    Illusion Spring x14

    Mystical Tome Fragment x476
    Chest of Coins x82
    Old Book Page x9
    Stamina Material x29
    Leaf of Unicorn Forest x1134
    Big Golden Sculpture x1259
    Desert Tower Miniature x118
    Big Luminostone x1321
    Tear of Heaven x38
    Stone of the Scarred x32

    Immaculate Garnet Shard
    Perfect Sapphire Shard x5
    Immaculate Amber Shard
    Perfect Amber Shard
    Immaculate Citrine Shard
    Perfect Citrine Shard
    Immaculate Turquoise Shard x4
    Perfect Turquoise Shard
    Immaculate Alabaster Shard x4
    Immaculate Aquamarine Shard x2
    Perfect Aquamarine Shard
    Immaculate Amethyst Shard x2
    Immaculate Ruby Shard x3
    Perfect Ruby Shard x2
    Immaculate Topaz Shard
    Perfect Topaz Shard
    Incomparable Topaz Shard


    Soldiers' Pay x1138
    Dragonlord's Coin x1200
    Supply Token x610
    Mysterious Chips x2571
    Socket Stone x6000
    Lost Skyblade Amulet x9614

    Memorial Coin x240
    Adamantine Whetstone x20
    Wildheart Jade x2
    Damascene Ore Pack x6
    Oricalcum Ore Pack x8
    Platinum Ore Pack x4
    Warsoul: Samantabhadra x2
    Warsoul: Vajra
    Warsoul: Manjusri
    Round Shield Medal x100
    Kunwoo Blade x4
    Strongwind Badge x9
    Badge of Dexterity
    Dragon Blood Stone x35

    Mystical Pill 144
    Holy Pill x182
    Nirvana Place Key x620
    Hyper Stones x33
    Celestial Shard x246
    Celestial Insignia 109
    Fairy Box Key x1558
    Refective Shards x183
    Radiant Shard x134
    Crushed Emblem x5
    Dancing Phoneix Shard

    And Finally

    Major Gift Money (Level 105 Gift)


    Thanks and good luck all :)
  • danjeff
    danjeff Posts: 1 Arc User
    Happy Anniversary Everyone!

    This evening we have a very special item up for grabs!

    Today's Barter:
    Crown of Madness

    We will open up the bids today with:
    Any 2 combination of the following - Dragon Orb Mirage, Dragon Orb Flame, Jade of Steady Defense, Diety Stone, Raven Stone, Genie Stone, Sovereign Stone, Cube of Fate Stamp or necklaces (1st cast)

    For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

    Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
    All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.
    You cannot have collaborative bids.
    You may trade any type of item that is considered “high value” – this includes things like rare chance pack drops (all drops that are less than a 1-2% drop rate), items that can only be obtained in the cash shop, and exclusive high tiered items in game or that are only acquired through competitive gameplay.
    You can offer any amount or quantity of an item that matches or bests the previous offer.
    At the end of every session, we will close the thread at the end and look at the list of items. All items that are offered in the winning bid will be removed during maintenance and replaced with the items won.
    If there are no satisfactory offers or the minimum offer value has not been met, the thread will be closed as “no bid, did not complete”. Minimum offer value is determined by current in-game coin value average.
    When bidding, players must list their Character Name and Server in each bid, even if you had already previously bid on the same item.

    We will keep this Session open until 9/26/16!

    Good luck Everyone!
    Elemental Badge of the Cube: Defiance +11
    Jaden Emeperor's Defiance (1 socket(s))+8
    Awakened Ashura's Armor(3 socket(s))+5
    Deadly Thorn (1socket(s))+10
    Shadow Ashura Hat(3 socket(s))+10 imbue soulgem Stone of the Savant Vit. x3
    Radiant Firebug flyer
    Silk Perfume flyer
    fairy Box x2101
    Hyper EXP Stone x49
    Mirage Celestone x2420
    Socket Stone x1399
    Adamantine Powder x28
    S card Elder of the Streams lvl 18/80
    S card Harpy Wriaith lvl 80/80
    S card General Helian lvl 80/80
    imperial exam list x69

  • scruncy
    scruncy Posts: 458 Arc User
    3x Jade of steady defense
    5x dragon orb ocean
    1x dragon orb mirage

  • cenaisback
    cenaisback Posts: 54 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    -Blizzard Flyer X 1
    -Holy Pill x 149
    -Tienkang Stone x 133
    -Tisha Stone x 101
    -War avatar Order x 141
    -Warsong medal X 9
    -Basic BadgeX 409
    -Radiant shard X212
    -Hyper EXP stone X 136
    -Astrospira pearl X 600 ( tats 600 gold on it own)
    -Horsemen's belt X1

    Rare Chance Pack Drop:
    -Dark Lord fashion pack(ivory) X2
    -Dark Lord fashion pack(onyx) X2
    -Demure Attendant fashion pack X1
    -Imperial Exam list X 1027

    -Neatherworld Guidance +10
    -Jade emperor's Defiance +10
    -Awakened demon Obscure robe +10 ( +2 def lvl stones X4 ) tats over 350g
    -Awakened Ancestral Divine hat +10 ( +2 def lvl stones X4 ) tats over 350g

    War Avatar (S) cards:
    -Archdemon Isrifar(lvl 80/80)
    -Ancestor Fend Loriel(lvl 80/80)
    -Gu Hensin(lvl 9/80)
    -Emperor Tsang(lvl 80/80)
    -Ien the Arbor(lvl 80/80)
    -City of the lost elder(lvl 1/80)

    War Avatar (A) cards
    -Mistress of Night X1
    -Burial Inferno X 1
    -Seeker Trainer X1 (lvl 40/40)
    -Snakefist Guardian X1
    -Mystic Trainer x1 ( Rb 1 max lvl)
    -Cannonfist Orclord X1
    -Emperor Aohe X 3

    Chanky- Twilight Temple
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  • fitk11
    fitk11 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Jade of Steady Defense
    Diamond of Dragon
    Cube of Fate Stamp x 3
    Garnet Gem x 2
    Sapphire Gem x 1
    Bloody Stone x 9
    ☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge•Vain +6
    Amethyst Guardian Charm (made with 5 Platinum Guardian Charm)
    Amethyst Spirit Charm (made with 5 Platinum Spirit Charm)
    Platinum Guardian Charm
    ☆Wings of Cloudcharger+5
    ☆Forest's Wisdom+5
    Sealed Shining Butterflies (2000 Soldier’s Pay)
    Dragon Orb (3 Star) x 1
    Dragon Orb (4 Star x)37
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x17
    Basic Badge x 103
    Dragonlord's Coin (Dragon’s Conquest) x 7700
    Supply Tokens (Nation Wars) x 8233
    Mystical Pill x 813
    Holy Pill x 272
    Vitae Pill x 282
    Nebula Dust Orb x 227
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x 429
    Soldiers' Pay x 35
    Grand Commander's Order x 2
    Sovereign's Seal x 2
    Hapatizon Whetstone Pack x 3
    Damascene Ore Pack x 10
    Platinum Ore Pack x 12
    Radiant Shard x 119
    Warsong Inscription x20
    Reflective Shard x 3285
    Garan Stone x 1
    Kunwoo Blade x 1
    Strongwind Badge x 13
    Random Pigment x51
    ☆Glaive of Nirvana (Lv.16) +3 with 1 Sapphire Gem
    ☆☆Sacred Legate Pants x 2
    ☆☆Sacred Legate Robe
    ☆☆Lion's Roar Greaves
    ☆☆Lion's Roar Armor
    ☆☆Shadow Ashura Greaves
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Breastplate+5
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Cuisses+5
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Shinguards+5
    ☆☆Crystallus Cleavers: Sky +3
    Nirvana Palace Key x 1565
    Fairy Box Key x 5278

    Name : Initial_D_
    Server : Tideswell
  • nanioxgirl
    nanioxgirl Posts: 2 Arc User
    General's Badge
    Leggings of Light + 4
    Robe of Light + 4
    Arcanic Muse Bracers + 4
    Wheel of Light + 7
    Puzzle Cube Badge . Vain + 6 (Magic +9)
    (Lunar) Awakened Demon Spell Robe 3 sockets (Incomparable Garnets) + 7
    (Lunar) Awakened Hat of Infinite Power 3 sockets (Perfect Citrines) + 7
    (Lunar) Awakened Archangel's Boots 3 sockets (Perfect Citrines + Garnet) +7
    (Lunar) Awakened Archangel's Sleeves 4 sockets (Immaculate Citrines + Garnet) +7
    (Lunar) Awakened Archangel's Tunic 4 sockets (Exclusive + Perfect Garnets) +7
    (Lunar) Awakened Archangel's Wrap 4 sockets (Perfect Garnets) +7
    Lunar Glade Insignia . Ornament x 1

    Warsong Inscription x 129
    Basic Badge x 175
    Mold: Awake. Archangel Wrap x 1
    Mold: Awake Archangel Boots x 1
    Mold: Awake. Demon Seren. Robe x 1
    Mold: Awake. Demon Obscu. Robe x 1
    Mold: Awake. Lionheart Armor x 1
    Mold: Awake. Ances. Div. Hat x 1
    Mold: Awake. Hat of Inf. Power x 2
    Mold: Awake. Lionheart Greaves x 1
    Mold: Buddha's Hatred x 1
    Mold: Unicorn's Tragedy x 2
    Mold: Infinite Longing x 1
    Mold: Silence of Frost x 1
    Mold: Sandy World x 1
    Mold: Peak of Clouds x 1

    Origin of Battle Tier 6 x 1
    Origin of Lifeprime Tier 6 x 1
    Origin of Destruction Tier 6 x 1
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 6 x 2
    Essence of Durability Tier 6 x 1
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 5 x 2
    Essence of Durability Tier 7 x 1
    Origin of Battle Tier 7 x 3
    Origin of Lifeprime Tier 7 x 1
    Origin of Longevity Tier 7 x 2

    Eternal Love Female Pack x 1
    Eternal Love Male Pack x 1
    Gem-Studded Hairstyle x 1

    Pets / Mounts / Flyers:
    Baby Lochmur Egg x 1
    Bubble Fish Baby Egg x 1
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg x 1
    Crab Baby x 1
    Giant Bunny Egg x 1
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg x 1
    Jade Cosmos x 1
    Purple Fox Egg x 1
    Doom's Stare Egg x 1
    Golden Steed x 1
    Golden Riding Dog x 1
    Dark Abyss x 1
    Ancestral Horror x 1
    Brillant Plumes x 1
    Sealed Ominous Raven x 1
    Sealed Love of Arbor x 1
    Pious Entity x 1

    Misc Items:
    Halloween Warrior Bundle x 1
    Warrior Seal x 18
    Halloween Badge x 10
    War Front Badge x 20
    War Front Secret Gift x 1
    Archosaur Guardian Medal x 11
    Laborer's Insignia x 5
    Brianpower Orb x 314
    Fantasy Fruit Bag x 2150
    Profundity Scroll I x 115
    Profundity Scroll III x 20
    Drunk Lotus Pill x 96
    Training Esoterica x 87
    Emperor's Letter x 20
    Wedding Candy x 4
    Delicious Rice Cake x 1
    Honeydew Rice Cake x 4
    Kunwoo Blade x 2
    Soulforge Whetstone x 3
    Bloodflare Whetstone x 3
    Reflective Shard x 186
    Mystical Pill x (1899+845)
    Holy Pill x (780+96)
    Fairy Box Key x 4409
    Eye of Observation x (5+93)
    Divine Honor of the Shadow x 45
    Divine Honor of the Void x 268
    Lost Aether Amulet x 39996
    Nirvana Palace Key x 1369
    Jade Dragon Order x 495
    Wildheart Jade x 2
    Celestial Shard x 192
    Quicksand Smokewisp x 11
    Teleport Stone x 295
    Teleport Incense x 448
    Teleport Scroll: Archosaur x 49
    Angel of Wishes x 15
    Strongwind Badge x 1
    Makeover Scroll x 2
    PWI Undercurrent Coin x 25
    Cloud Blossom x 3
    Pearl Picker x 2
    Magic Shadow Pill x 46
    Inconsistent Chest x 1
    Maiden-Kissed Chest x 11
    Diamond Ring x 1
    Scroll of Calling x 40
    The Past of Frostcovered City x 143
    Dragon Blood Stone x 136
    Memorial Coin x 76
    Damascene Ore Pack x 8
    Platinum Ore Pack x 4
    Adamantine Powder x 17
    Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest x 148
    Attendance Sheet x 1627
    Soldiers' Pay x 6000
    Supply Tokens x 7000
    Seal of War x 15
    Citrine Gem x 1
    Mirage Celestone x 25000
    Dragon Orb Ocean x 4
    General Summer's Token x 30

    HomeStead / G17 Mats:
    Subsiding Dirt x 1000
    Rough Iron Shard x 200
    Ether Jade x 70
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x 300
    Elysian Seal x 34
    Sigil of Nightbloom x 402

    Star Charts:
    Gold Star Chart (Evasion, Accuracy, Spirit, Wood Resist., Fire Resist., Phy Penetration, Phy Atk)
    Gold Star Chart (Phys Atk x 2, Evasion, Fire Resist., Phy Penetration, Mag Resist., Spirit)
    Gold Star Chart (Spirit x 2, Phy Resist., Phys Penetration, Mag Resist. x 2, Mag Penetration)

    Complete War Avatar Sets (A):
    Dimension (4): Lady Frostburn x 3, Wolfen Ironside x 2, Ultimate Stance x 4, Chaotic Ravager x 4
    Seat of Torment (4): Lord of Captivation x 3, Hellfire Abomination x 3, Trap Master Fierce x 3, Queen Xipher x 2
    Skynet (4): Astaria x 3, Madam Sadi x 2, Shonabu x 1, Primeval Elemental x 7
    Abaddon (5): Peachblossom Ritualist x 5, Puppeteer x 6, Leaf Rain Dyrad x 2, Borobudar Lord x 4, Mask of Grief x 4

    War Avatar Cards (S):
    Elder of the Streams (lvl 13)
    Lio Gianni
    Yi the Earthquake

    Server: Tideswell
    Name: nanigirlwecl
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