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Barter Event Session 4! AM Edition

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
Happy Anniversary Everyone!

We're in full swing of the Bartering Events, so lets keep the good times rolling shall we?

Today's Barter:
Basic Badges (x50), War Avatar Chest : S

We will open up the bids today with:
Any 2 combination of the following – Warsong Marshal Badge, Wings of Cloud Charger, Cloud Stir/Skycover, Wing Trophy : Lunar Glade, Garnet Gem/Sapphire Gem/Citrine Gem, Stone of the Savant/ Primeval Stone, Yaksha Stone, Battlement Stone, W. Waistband Inscription

For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.
You cannot have collaborative bids.
You may trade any type of item that is considered “high value” – this includes things like rare chance pack drops (all drops that are less than a 1-2% drop rate), items that can only be obtained in the cash shop, and exclusive high tiered items in game or that are only acquired through competitive gameplay.
You can offer any amount or quantity of an item that matches or bests the previous offer.
At the end of every session, we will close the thread at the end and look at the list of items. All items that are offered in the winning bid will be removed during maintenance and replaced with the items won.
If there are no satisfactory offers or the minimum offer value has not been met, the thread will be closed as “no bid, did not complete”. Minimum offer value is determined by current in-game coin value average.
When bidding, players must list their Character Name and Server in each bid, even if you had already previously bid on the same item.

We will keep this Session open until 9/26/16!

Good luck Everyone!


  • jorock457jorock457 Posts: 28 Arc User
    W. Waistband Inscription x 40
    Sapphire Gem x 1
    Soldier's Pay x 1000
    Anniversary Mount x 1

    Character: TalonSeek

    Server: Twilight Temple
  • ayejay101ayejay101 Posts: 238 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    ☆Sandy World +3
    ☆☆Armor of Light +3
    ☆☆Pants of Light +3
    ☆Wings of Cloudchanger +7
    ☆Attendance Ring·Perfect +3
    ☆☆Sky Cover +5 with +7 Vitality engraving
    Dark Abyss Mount Egg Lv. 11
    Mystical Tome Fragments (75)
    Soldiers' Pay (6000)
    Warsong Inscription (143)

    Character: GreenLegend
    Server: Etherblade
    GreenLegend Cleric 105-105-105
    Historic Leader
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  • kurisukotzekurisukotze Posts: 240 Arc User
    DarthKurisu - Twilight Temple

    2x Garnet Gems
    562x Astrospira pearls lvl 1 (562 gold)
    1x Soul drain (AEU skill book)
    Rencko - 105/105/105 - Seeker -Twilight Temple Server

    Current Gear:
    *Out of Date*
  • milkinsmilkins Posts: 44 Arc User
    1800 x Stamina Material
    1034 x Astropira Pearl lvl 1
    248 x Sigil of Nightbloom
    100 x 2012 Sweet Remembrance event Red Envelopes
    399 x Dice Ticket
    4568 x Fairy Box Key
    2269 x Reflective Shard
    36 x Angel of Wishes

    IeIantos - GoldDigrz
  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    1x Inspired Tortose Egg
    1x Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    1x Inspired Swine Egg
    1x Valley Lemur Pet Egg

    Name: CivillioN
    Server: Tideswell
  • tuttletuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    Character - xKinkyxKongx
    Server - Etherblde

    Only want this auction OR the PM, preference to the PM

    Unicorn's Tragedy +10, garnet gem
    Awakened Lionheart Vambraces +10
    Awakened Lionheart Cuisses +10
    Awakened Lionheart Armor +10 with Jade of Steady Defense
    Awakened Lionheart Greaves +10 with vit stones
    Awakened Hat of Infinitie Power +11 with garnet gems, +100 magic attack engrave
    Forest's Wisdom +10
    Warsong Lock - Null +10
    7x Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
    1x Dapper Rose Pack
    10x Lunar Glade Insignia - Ornament
    1700x Sadness Card
    Awakened Demon Spell Robe +11 3 garnet gems, +225 phys resist engrave
    501 Astrospira Pearl Level 1 (501 gold)
    82x Grand Commander's Order
    1x Sir cuddlesworth Egg
    1x Panderic Knight
    1x Colored Deer Egg
    1x Ceremonial Weapon Ticket
    218x Flood Stone
    75x Platinum Spirit Charm Box
    9x Dragon Orb 1 Star
    19x Dragon Orb 2 Star
    56x Dragon Orb 3 Star
    27x Dragon Orb 4 Star
    19x Dargon Orb 5 star
    1x Faction Rename Stone

  • bangbangbangbang Posts: 124 Arc User
    Qualification Items:
    Garnet Gem x1
    Primeval Stone x1
    Wings of Cloudcharger +6 w/ 4x Citrine Gems

    Soldier's Pay x3000
    Tisha Stone x65
    Tienkang Stone x70
    Celestial Insignia x 361

    Character: Snow
    Server: Twilight Temple

  • daehyun4daehyun4 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Wings of Cloudcharger +8
    Sapphire Gem x1
    Wing Trophy: Lunar Glade x1
    Warsong Waistband Inscription x2
    Book Credit Card x150
    Sir Cuddlesworth x1
    Panderic Knight x1
    Ceremonial Glaive x1
    Fairy Box Key x734
    Jade Dragon Order x28
    Fantasy Fruit Bag x5
    Perfect Horn x6
    Dark Abyss Mount x1
    Pearl x2
    Peerless Blessing x12
    Fearless Blessing x6
    Magic Stick of the Penguin King x1
    Emperor's Letter x109
    Laborer's Insignia x5
    Perfect Citrine Shard x1
    Warsoul Tag x89
    Divine Honor of the Void x3
    Immolation Order x11
    Mystical Tome Fragment x37
    Skypool Scriptures x55
    Angel of Wishes x11
    Staff of Sir Cuddlesworth x8
    Bloom Whisper Stone x1
    Purification Balm x8
    Elite Goldensilkworm x13
    Celestial Insignia x85
    Apocalypse Page x4
    Dragonbreath Fragment x5
    Exclusive Mystic Armor Charm x778
    Ether Jade x10
    Astropira Pearl lvl 1 x81
    Original Force Key x3
    Flower of Fortune x4
    Perfect Stone x239
    Teleacoustic x52
    Tienkang Stone x3
    Mysterious Echo x27
    Mystical Pill x198

    Name: Bubble__
    Server: Tideswell
  • lelagaslelagas Posts: 3 Arc User
    Holly Pill x329
    Astrospira Pearl lv1x283
    Dragon Orb 5* x1
    Hyper EXP Stone x55

    Name: slimWhite
    Server: Tideswell
  • mohtofumohtofu Posts: 5 Arc User
    Panderic Knight x 1
    Dragon Orb Ocean (bound) x 2
    Warrior Seal x 8
    Duty Badge x 237
    Crushed Emblem x 3
    Wildheart Jade x 2
    Hyper Exp Stone x 247
    Emperor's Letter x 14
    Sweet Memory x 354
    Eternal Love Fashion Pack x 1
    eternal Love Flyer token x 1
    Astrospira Pearl lv 1 x 2100

    Name: Sifu_MohTofu
    Server Twilight Temple
  • hocic0hocic0 Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Drakeflame Stone
    Yaksha Stone
    Warsong Waistband Inscription x100

    Brilliance Stone x2
    Abyss Stone
    Magma Stone x2
    Pyro Stone x100
    Flood Stone x100
    Bloody Stone x 10

    Silence of Frost +10 (Incomp. Sapphire Gem)
    Deadly Thorn +11 (Garnet Gem x2)
    Striking Dragon Fist +10 (Perf. Garnet Shard x2)

    Dragon Orb Ocean x3
    Fuhsi Pearl x50
    Dustfall Relic x3
    Astropira Pearl x300
    Bite of Archosaur x 3
    Warsong Inscription x 40
    Fortification Seal x 15
    Mystical Pill x1000
    Phoenix Feather x 880
    Flowing Crystal x20
    Soldier's Pay x1500
    Hyper Exp Stone x 300

    Scarlet Machinated Terror
    Golden Riding Dog Mount
    Colored Deer Egg
    Aurora's Egg
    Baby Dalmation Pet Egg
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    Purple Puff Bird Pet Egg

    S Card:
    Jane The Harper (80/80)
    Archdemon Isrifar (80/80)

    A Cards:

    Pet Skill Trainer Tsu
    Lord Isrifar
    Burial Inferno
    Duke Blacke
    Mystic Trainer
    Fei Kungxing
    Venomancer Trainer
    Psychic Trainer
    Dismal Duke
    Cleric Trainer
    Guard Seven
    Wizard Trainer
    Archer Trainer
    Assassin Trainer
    Heavenly Tiger

    Name: Testament
    Server: Tideswell
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