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Barter Event Session 4! PM Edition

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
Happy Anniversary Everyone!

This evening we have a very special item up for grabs!

Today's Barter:
Crown of Madness

We will open up the bids today with:
Any 2 combination of the following - Dragon Orb Mirage, Dragon Orb Flame, Jade of Steady Defense, Diety Stone, Raven Stone, Genie Stone, Sovereign Stone, Cube of Fate Stamp or necklaces (1st cast)

For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.
You cannot have collaborative bids.
You may trade any type of item that is considered “high value” – this includes things like rare chance pack drops (all drops that are less than a 1-2% drop rate), items that can only be obtained in the cash shop, and exclusive high tiered items in game or that are only acquired through competitive gameplay.
You can offer any amount or quantity of an item that matches or bests the previous offer.
At the end of every session, we will close the thread at the end and look at the list of items. All items that are offered in the winning bid will be removed during maintenance and replaced with the items won.
If there are no satisfactory offers or the minimum offer value has not been met, the thread will be closed as “no bid, did not complete”. Minimum offer value is determined by current in-game coin value average.
When bidding, players must list their Character Name and Server in each bid, even if you had already previously bid on the same item.

We will keep this Session open until 9/26/16!

Good luck Everyone!


  • jorock457jorock457 Posts: 28 Arc User
    Baby Hercules Pet Egg
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x 929
    Cerberus Pet Egg x 1
    Panderic Knight x 1
    Yang g14 necklace
    Ether Jade x50
    Dragonlord's Coin x4000
    Cloud Stir Ring
    Sapphire Gem x 1
    Identity Stone x 1
    Astral Ballad +10 refine, 1 sock w/ garnet stone
    5 Star Dragon Orb x 54
    Basic Badge x131
    Holy Pill x44
    White Pigment x 2
    Stone of Jungle x 31
    Anniversary Mount Egg x 1
    Celestial Insignia x 188
    Grand Commanders Order x2
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 6 x 66
    Strongwind Badge x13
    Strongwind Badge Minor Pack x 3
    Benevolence Seal Minor Pack x 1
    Kunwoo Blade Minor Pack x 2
    Orichalum Ore Pack x 10
    Damascene Ore Pack x8
    Platinum Ore Pack x12
    Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack x9
    Damascene Ore Minor Pack x3
    Flowing Crystal x3
    Perfect Horn x8
    Warsong Waistband Incription x40
    Warsong Embelem x 437
    Warsoul: Manjusri x10
    Warsoul: Arkarsja x18
    Warsoul: Vajra x9
    Warsoul: Avalokites
    Pyro Stone x19
    Reflective Shards x 705
    Dustfall Relic x 9
    Blood Whisper Stone x1
    Socket Stone x 692
    Jane The Harper S Card
    Anonymous Wiseman S Card
    City of The Lost Elder S card

    Character: TalonSeek

    Server: Twilight Temple
  • pasarinhpasarinh Posts: 17 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    • ☆Puzzle Cube Badge - Vain +5
    • ☆☆Silent Negation
    • Ether Jade x120
    • Gold-Plated Iron x80
    • Rough Iron Shard x315
    • Blood Spirit Stone x340
    • Rough Blood Stone Shard x335
    • Identity Stone x1
    • Elysean Seal x90
    • Subsiding Dirt x1000
    • Supply Token x315
    • Soldier's Pay x2000
    • Dragonlord's Coin x1100
    • Basic Badge x139
    • Grand Commander's Order x1
    • Vitae Pill x175
    • Socket Stone x1264
    • Training Exoterica x34
    • Blood Battle Soul: Resist x1
    • Blood Battle Soul: Slaughter x6
    • Astrospira Pearl lvl 1 x 660
    • Astrospira Pearl lvl 2 x4
    • Mystical Pill x 504
    • Reflective shard x 114
    • Attendance Sheet x 167
    • Absente Note x6
    • Fairy Box Key x1200
    • Primordial Blood x200
    • Mysterious Chip x6375
    • Dragon of Anciente Fortune x1
    • Dark Abyss Mount Egg x1
    • Golden Riding Dog Mount Egg x1
    • Aurora's Egg x1
    • Ancestral Horror x1
    • Cerberus Pup Egg x1
    • Dragon Orbs (4 Star) x14
    • Dragon Orbs (5 Star) x1
    • War Avatar Pack C x11
    • War Avatar Pack B x4
    • Cosmic Lion Lord (rare mount)
    • Saint Feng Drime (S Card)
    • All A Cards From Warsong City Card Combo
      1. Snake Fist Guardian
      2. Shadowskull Lich
      3. Obscure Reaper
      4. Pestilent Destroyer
      5. Cannon fist Orclord
    • Full Abbadon Card Combo:
      1. Borobudur Lord
      2. Peach Blossom Ritualist
      3. Mask of Grief
      4. Leaf Rain Dryad
      5. Puppeteer

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  • freakinjosefreakinjose Posts: 1 Arc User
    Sadness Card

    Twilight Temple
  • nunuatornunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    S Cards:
    1x Dark Radiance
    1x Yi the Earthquake
    1x Kestra (portal card)

    A Cards:
    2x Archer Trainer
    1x Miss Chiu
    2x Monoblat Dracoboa
    3x Guard Seven
    2x King Kisian
    1x Dismal Duke
    2x Barbarian Trainer
    1x Venomancer Trainer
    3x Puppeteer
    1x Feikung Xing
    2x Emissary of Corona
    1x Emissary of Luminence
    1x Wizard Trainer
    2x Blademaster Trainer
    2x Madam Sadi
    1x Primeval Elemental
    2x Shonabu
    1x Seeker Trainer
    1x Mystic Trainer
    1x Hellfire Abomination
    1x Lord of Captivation
    1x Heavenly Tiger
    1x Demonic Tiger
    1x Ultimate Stance
    1x Wolfen Ironside
    2x Lady Frostburn
    3x Emissary of Light
    2x Emissary of Void
    1X Emissary of Shadow
    1x Psychic Trainer
    2x Sheomay
    1x Celestial Sister
    3x Tideborn Princess
    1x Dread Lord Hengchih

    B Card:
    1x Stargazer Kin Soz

    1x G16 HA helm +7 (3x +100 mdef shards)
    G16 Astral Ballad +1
    G17 first cast Late Frost
    1x Kabuki (seeker flyer 1.8 base speed)
    1x Calamitious Claymore +1
    G16 HA cape +4 (2x +100 mdef shards and 1x +53 mdef shard)
    1x Cloud Stir
    G16 HA Cape +11 (2x vit stone 2x +57 mdef shards) this is an unbound lunar cape
    R8 Ring General's Badge

    Misc Items:
    2x Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    1xBaby foxwing pet egg
    1x Anniversary Mount
    1x Murrid Housekeeper
    264x Astrospira pearl lvl 1
    2X Salted fish (The trademark salt item)
    125x basic badge

    In account stash:
    1x Lionheart Belt +4
    1x Lionheart Neck +5
    1x Ashura's bracers +7 (1x +75 hp shards and 2x +50 hp shards)
    1x Ashura's boots +7 (3x +50 hp shards)
    1x Energetic robe wraithgate +7 (No longer obtainable) (4x +50 hp shards)
    1x G16 LA +10 Hat (3x +50 hp shards)
    1x G16 LA +9 Cape (4x +75 hp shards)
    1x G16 HA +7 chest (3x +70 mdef shards)
    1x G16 HA +7 Arms (4x +53 mdef shards)
    1x G16 HA +7 Legs (4X +53 mdef shards)
    1x G16 HA +7 Boots (2x +70 mdef shards)
    1x G16 LA +7 Boots (3x +50 hp shards)
    1x G16 LA +7 Legs (1x +75 hp shard and 2x +50 hp shards)
    1x G13 -int daggers
    1x G15+2 Daggers

    Twilight Temple
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  • dudaidudai Posts: 12 Arc User
    Cube of Fate Stamp x1
    Grand Commander's order x 2
    Garan Stone Minor Pack x 1
    Strongwind Badge Minor Pack x 3
    Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack x 3
    Dustfal Relic x1
    Specter Kite -bound
    Soaring Centipede -(bound)
    Holiday ring of the warrior + 11 (bound)
    Adamantine whetstone x 10
    Sincere loyalty box
    PW holy knight vip pack

    Awakened Ancestral Divine Helm (bound) + 10 ,4 sockets shard with vit stone

    Awakened Demon Serene Robe + 10, 3 socket shard with immaculate Citrine

    Radiant Eye Greaves
    Radiant Eye Cuirass
    General's Badge
    Amethyst spirit charm x1
    Incomparable garnet shard x4 - (bound)
    Giant bunny pet egg- (bound)
    Aurora's egg- (bound)
    Stulish marmot pet egg-(bound)
    Murid housekeeper egg -(bound)
    Dark abyss mount egg -(bound)
    Doom's stare egg -(bound)
    Scarlet machinated terror- (bound)
    Dark machinated terror -(bound)
    Little star pet egg -(bound)
    Dapper rose pack x1
    Cherry topper pack x2
    Golden steed token x1
    Panderic knight x1
    Frozen kirin x 1
    Mechanical lion x1
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbarbha x11
    Vajra x10
    Arkarsja x13
    Avalokites x3
    Manjusri x4
    Jakari x 2
    Samantabhadra x2
    Safe extension stone x 3
    Basic badge x 216
    Imperial exam list x 130
    Cloud stir x 1
    Dragon Orb Mirage x1 bound)
    Wishful Incense x 50
    Astrospira Pearl Lv 1 x 323
    Wing Trphy-Lunar Glade
    Grand Lobster
    Skyrage Shark- bound
    Anniversary Mount Egg - bound
    Orchidmane Hippogriff

    Yeh Kuhan S card
    King Feng Triton S card
    Vanished Ancestor S card
    General Summer S card
    Feather Lord S card
    Lethal Vengeance S card
    Tse the Heavensent S card
    Ien the Arbor S card
    Yi the Earthquake S card
    Crushed Emblem x 6
    Lunar Glade Insignia-Weapon

    A card:
    Blademsater trainer
    Seeker trainer
    Borobudur lord x 3
    Peachblossom ritualist x 2
    Primarval elemental
    Venomaner trainer x
    Tideborn princess
    Lord gugg x
    Emissary of light
    Torturess venerator x
    Lady frost burn
    Dismal duke x 3
    Lord of captivation
    Fei kungxing
    Trap master fierce
    Chin wuming
    Wolfen ironside
    Gaunob guard
    Cleric trainer
    King kisian
    Leaf rain dryad
    Infernal spikewing
    Burial inferno
    Barbarian trainer
    Mask of grief
    Monoblat dracoboa
    Madam sadi
    Dread lord hengchih
    Emissary of void
    Celestial sister
    Ultimate stance
    Rancid venerator
    Guard seven
    Demonic tiger
    Wizard trainer
    Emissary of shroud
    Hellfire abomination x4
    Archer trainer
    Emissary of light
    Heavenly tiger
    Assassin trainer
    Overseer aeban
    Pet skill trainer tsu

    KiemMaXu - Etherblade
  • demunardemunar Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    1x Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat +12 with 4 JOSD and +150 phys atk engrave
    1x Wings of Cloudcharger +11 with 4 JOSD
    1x Shadow Ashura Greaves +10 with 4 JOSD
    1x Energetic Robe:Lunar Glade +10 with 3 Perfect Sapphire
    1x Ashura's Boots +10 with 3 Perfect Sapphire
    1x Ashura's Bracers +10 with 3 Perfect Sapphire
    1x Tidal Serpent
    1x Panderic Knight TW reward pet
    1x Spectral Haze
    74x Sweet Morai Wine
    800x Subsiding Dirt
    8,215x Hyper EXP Stone
    500x Supply Tokens
    500x Soldier's Pay
    1x General Po - S card

    Character: deleted
    Server: Twilight Temple
  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Netherworld Guidance +12
    Ashura`s Boots +10
    Myriad Blossom Greaves +10
    Myriad Blossom Helm +10
    Ashura`s Bracers +10
    Lionheart Necklace +10
    Energetic Robe: Lunag Glade +10
    Pan Gu, Creator
    Flanker`s Tome
    Cloudtide Observer

    S Cards:
    General Po, lvl 80
    Fen the Victorious, lvl 27
    Emperor Aurogon, lvl 1
    Vanished Ancestor, lvl 1
    Harpy Wraith, lvl 1
    Elder of the Streams, lvl 1
    Ancestor Feng Loriel, lvl 1
    Chungyun, lvl 1

    Basic Badge x600
    Warsong Emblem x500
    Soldiers` Pay x4500
    Sadness Card x290
    Dragonlord`s Coin x7000
    Astrospira Lv1 x1000

    Mounts & Pets:
    Conflagration Dragon Mount Egg
    Shelldon Pet Egg
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Frozen Kirin Mount Egg
    Frostmane War Ape Mount Egg

    Name: Pedotrician
    Server: Etherblade
    BlackList vs Frenzied 3/17

  • therevtherev Posts: 157 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    S cards
    Beastmaster Hokka
    war avatar artifact
    Ancestor Feng Loriel
    Tsen the Heavensent Rb1 maxed
    Elder Yashimo rb1 maxed
    Dark radiance


    2 delicious rice cakes
    full r9r3 10+ on armor mixed creation / vit +12 dervish axe StrangerThings - Twilight Temple
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    As Above, So Below MementoVivere
  • merrickxkunmerrickxkun Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Radiant Eye Breastplate +10, (4 socket) (4 x diamond of tiger)
    Lionheart Greaves +10 (4 socket) (4 x diamond of tiger)
    Lion's Roar Greaves +10 (3 socket) (3 x diamond of tiger)
    Lionheart Vambraces +10 (4 socket) (4 x diamond of tiger)
    Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade +10 (4 socket) (4 x diamond of tiger)
    Ashuras Necklace +10
    Ashuras Belt +10
    Lions Roar Bracers (2 socket)
    Lions Roar Boots (3 socket)

    Star chart:
    10 stat chart with 2x spirit
    9 stat chart with 2x spirit
    9 stat chart with 2x spirit
    9 stat chart assorted stats

    Dragonlord's Coin x 5700
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x 1286
    Astrospira Pearl Lv2 x 42
    Peerless Blessing x 11
    Invincible Blessing x 15
    Fearless Blessing x 26
    Holy Pill x 160
    Pearl Picker x 69
    Benevolence Seal x 8
    Crushed Emblem x 7
    Perfect Horn
    Hepatizon Whetstone x 51
    Reflective Shard x 516
    Special Reflective Shard x 36
    Radiant Shard x 240
    Cloud Wonder x 75
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x 526
    Horse Foal x 414
    Mushroom Seed x 378
    Subsiding Dirt x 1116
    Origination Order x 61
    Coral x 326

    Scarlet Machinated Terror
    Dark Abyss Mount Egg
    Jade Cosmos
    Shadow Fox Egg
    Crimson Fox Egg
    Golden Steed Egg

    Panderic Knight x3
    Chimei Companion Pet Egg
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Regal Owl Pet Egg
    Little Star Pet Egg
    Ginger Tiger Egg
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    Undead Bear

    Promotional Packs:
    Rich Reward Pack
    Halloween Warrior Bundle
    Perfect Pack
    PW Holy Warrior VIP Pack
    War Front Secret Gift
    Eternal Love Fashion Weapon
    Eternal Love Flyer Token

    Masquerade Mask x 14
    Masquerade Hat x 17
    Christmas Party Ticket
    Dapper Rose Pack

    Rare Quest Items:
    Demonal Document: Mercury x 4
    Demonal Document: Saturn x 8
    Demonal Document: Mars x 5
    Demonal Document: Venus x 4
    Demonal Document: Jupiter x 4
    Demonal Document: Sun x 4
    Demonhunt Document x 4
    Purgatol Document: Mars x 1
    Purgatol Document: Venus x 3
    Purgatol Document: Jupiter x 4
    Purgatol Document: Moon x 2

    General Summers S Card lvl 80
    Plume City Elder S Card lvl 70
    Elven Priest Yuusa S Card lvl 80
    Harpy Wraith S Card rebirth 1

    Character: Kalopsia
    Server Tideswell
  • alaia#4592 alaia Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited September 2016

    1x Warsoul of Heaven +8 (4x HP +75 shards)
    1x Warsoul of Earth (2x HP +62 / 1x HP +50 shards)
    1x General's Badge
    1x Phoenix Sister
    1x Soaring Phoenix Belt
    1x Soul Raver Robe
    1x Soul Raver Bottoms
    1x Legacy Imp Lord Scepter
    1x Archangel's Tunic
    1x Archangel's Wrap
    1x Archangel's Sleeves
    1x Archangel's Boots
    1x Ghostly Hat of Infinite Power
    1x Mantle of the Ghost Lord
    1x Inferno-Heaven Souleater
    1x Icemelt Edge +7 (1x Mag Atk +32 shard)
    1x Emerald Meteor
    1x Wings of Cloudcharger +8 (4x Phys Def +85 shards)
    1x Sandy World +7 (2x Mag Atk +32 shards)
    1x Aquadash (1x Mag Atk +40)
    1x Wheel of Fate +4 (1x Mag Atk +25 shard)
    1x Silver Cresent
    1x Ceremonial Wand
    1x Helm of Aqua Viciousness +2 (4x HP +40 shards)
    1x Wild Mane Mantle
    1x Sleeves of Sea Captain +3 (4x HP +40 shards)
    1x Swiftwind Bracers (3x HP + 40 shards)
    1x Swiftwind Boots (3x HP + 40 shards)
    1x Swiftwind Shins (3x HP + 40 shards)
    1x Swiftwind Chest (3x HP + 40 shards)
    1x Snow Dance Boots +2 (2x Hp +40 shards)
    1x Snow Dance Pants
    1x Snow Dance Robe +2 (2x Hp +40 shards)
    1x Acrobatic Armlets
    1x Acrobatic Boots
    1x Acrobatic Robe
    1x Acrobatic Pants +2 (3x HP +40 shards)

    1x Blue Universe
    1x Soaring Centipede
    1x Icelight

    Pets and Mounts:
    1x Panderic Knight
    2x Aurora's Egg
    1x Little Star Pet Egg
    1x Babby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg
    1x Cursed Tiger Demon Egg
    1x Baby Lochmur Egg
    1x Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    1x Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    1x Golden Steed Egg
    1x Dark Abyss Mount Egg

    S cards:
    1x Elder Star
    1x Princess of Moonlight
    1x Emperor Tsang

    A Cards:
    1x Leaf Rain Dryad
    1x Mask of Grief
    1x Borobudur Lord
    1x Astaria

    Refining adds:
    1x Dragon Orb 5 star
    8x Dragon Orb 4 star
    1x Dragon Orb 3 star
    140x Tisha Stone
    141x Tienkang Stone

    1x Flawless Garnet Shard
    3x Immaculate Garnet Shard
    4x Perfect Garnet Shard
    1x Flawless Sapphire Shard
    2x Immaculate Sapphire Shard
    2x Perfect Sapphire Shard
    4x Incomparable Sapphire Shard
    3x Flawless Amber Shard
    3x Immaculate Amber Shard
    2x Perfect Amber shard
    1x Incomparable Amber Shard
    4x Flawless Citrine Shard
    1x Bloody Stone

    1x Ginger Tiger Vendor License
    1x Lucky Ewe Vendor Shop

    1x Wondrous Hat
    1x Streetwise Boots
    1x Vampire Hat
    1x Eternal Love Heels
    1x Summer Pattern
    1x Eastern Heels

    Skill Books:
    1x Stomp of the King
    1x Blade Tornado
    1x (Demon) Raving Slash
    1x (Sage) Great Cyclone

    G17 mats:
    335x Rough Bloodstone Shard
    77x Ether Jade
    201x Rough Iron Shard
    1x Blood Spirit Stone
    6x Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard
    4x Dull Rough Iron Shard
    1x Dull Ether Jade
    173x Sigil of Nightbloom
    2x Sigil of Elysium

    1x Platinum Guardian Box
    12x Gold Spirit Charm
    3x Gold Guardian Charm
    5x Silver Guardian Charm
    16x silver Spirit Charm

    1x Banquet Reservation
    585x Astrospira Pearl lvl 1
    1x Major Homestead Supply Crate
    1x Wishalloy Bar
    12x Stone of the Jungle
    8646x Mysterious chips
    298x Perfect Token of Luck
    2124x Mystical Pill
    480x Holy Pill
    3x War Avatar Catalyst
    38x Imperial Exam List
    3x Stone of Refreshment
    60x Origination Order
    208x Teleport Incense
    25x Inv. Extension Stone
    25x Safe Extension Stone
    2x Random Pigment
    360x Socket Stone
    4x Wraith Officer's Badge
    55x Mystical Tome Fragment
    29x Old Book Page
    32x Page of Fate
    53x Apocalypse Page
    6x Warsong Medal
    476x Warsong Emblem
    23x Do-all Card
    764x Dice Ticket
    126x Rebirth Order Delta
    1x Uncanny Ore
    26x Elysian Seal
    463x Subsiding Dirt
    90x Sweet Memory
    1x War Avatar Artifact
    1x Wishful Incense
    61x Primordial Blood
    69x Training Esoterica
    5x White Day Chocolate
    14x soldiers' Pay
    1x Squad Signet
    246x Horse Foal
    21x Barbaric Blood
    3x Wine
    4x Wedding Candy
    1x Poisoned Arrows
    1x Emperor's letter
    1x Doll
    1x Essence of Primal Fear
    2x Ancient Tinder
    35x Chaos Essence
    32x Steel Essence
    20x Life Essence
    20x Earth Essence
    24x Flame Essence
    25x Aqua Essence
    6x Chaos Crystal
    18x Steel Crystal
    9x Earth Crystal
    10x Flame Crystal
    22x Aqua Crystal
    1x Golden Spirit
    1x Empire's Sigh
    76x Chaos Fragment
    73x Steel Fragment
    67x Life Fragment
    80x Earth Fragment
    76x Flame Fragment
    114x Aqua Fragment
    89x Martial Arts Scroll
    199x Celestone of Human
    162x Celestone of Earth
    78x Celestone of Heaven
    246x Celestone Fragments
    535x Revelation Potion
    920x Espionage Potion
    14x Chest of Coins
    9x Eye of Observation
    7x Warsong Inscription
    5x Love Like Honey
    5x Tidal Wafer
    1x Ultimate Water Orb
    1x Diamond Ring
    33x War Avatar Order
    1x Uncanny Crystal
    1x Rapture Crystal
    1x Essence of Nature

    Dhalie, Tideswell
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    Dhalie : : Mystic : : Tideswell
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 935 Arc User
    Sadness Card

    Twilight Temple

    give this man his CoM, none of these shjtty bids can top this

    IGN: Madskillz
  • dregenfoxdregenfox Posts: 713 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Ence's Scar +11
    3x Jade of Steady Defense (bound on helm)
    1x Jade of Steady Defense (unbound and free)
    Chaotic Sign of Frost +10
    1x The Voidlands Tome (From Script of Fate)
    Chaotic Sign of Antiquity +6
    1x Innocent Foulness (TW 1st place weapon)

    Orbs and refines:
    500x Nebula Dust Orb - +1 astral energy from boutique
    500x Tienkang stone
    500x Tisha stone
    1x 8-Star Dragon Orb (222,750,000 value)
    20x 5-Star Dragon Orb (660,000,000 value)
    1x Dragon Orb Ocean (100,000,000 value)

    Star Charts:
    295x Astrospira Pearl
    1x 5stat star chart with 2x magic attack, 2x magic pen, 1x phy res (unknown value)

    1x Meteoric Peacock (unique 3.3 flyer, 100,000,000 value)
    1x Rashnu (12,000,000 value)
    1x Sealed Auspicious Light

    Underflow/G17 Weapon Mats
    19x Ether Jade
    6x Dull Ether Jade
    45x Rough Bloodstone Shard
    36x Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard
    27x Rough Iron Shard
    22x Dull Rough Iron Shard
    2x Dragonbreath Fragment
    25x Horse Foal
    4x Baby Bunny
    13x Mushroom Seed

    War Avatar Cards/Packs and Neumas
    3x War Avatar Pack S
    1x Yeh Kuhan - S Battle Card
    1x Saint Feng Drime - S Soulprime Card
    A Cards:
    3x Shonabu
    2x Astaria
    2x Wizard Trainer
    2x Demonic Tiger
    2x Ultimate Stance
    2x Queen Xipher
    2x Dread Lord Hengchih
    2x Chaotic Ravager
    2x Primeval Elemental
    1x Thom Mundan
    1x Heavenly Tiger
    1x Sheomay
    1x Rancid Venerator
    1x Guard Seven
    1x Burial Inferno
    1x Cleric Trainer
    1x Dismal Duke
    1x Tideborn Princess
    1x Mystic Trainer
    1x Emissary Of Luminance
    1x tier 6 Essence of Soulprime
    2x tier 6 Origin of Longevity
    1x tier 6 Origin of Soulprime

    Competitive Misc Items
    2500x Dragonlord's Coin
    50x Soldier's Pay

    Mounts and special pets:
    1x Ancestral Horror
    1x Golden Riding Dog
    1x Panderic Knight
    1x Purple Puff Bird
    1x Little Star Pet

    Misc Items
    500x Reflective Shard
    40x Revelation Potion
    461x Memorial Coin
    10x Drunk Lotus Pill (400,000 exp per pill)
    30x Brainpower Orb (660,000 exp per pill)
    1x Death Chain (Assassin OS skill book)
    1x Admantine Whetstone
    2x Hapatizon Whetstone
    850x Fairy Box Key
    200x Nirvana Palace Key
    330x Attendance Sheet
    1x Diamond Ring (Don't Ask)
    6x Damascene Ore Pack
    10x Oricalcum Ore Pack
    12x Platinum Ore Pack
    8x Peerless Blessing
    3x Fearless Blessing
    5159x Socket Stone
    90x Advice Box
    10x Basic Badge (20,000,000 value)
    2100x Mysterious Chips (2,100,000 value)
    5x Vitae Pill (10,000,000 value)
    50x Teleport Inscense (19,000,000 value)
    2x Ancient Gift
    750x Fortification Draught
    500x Subsiding Dirt
    1x Dreamchaser Pack

    IDK what to put this under :astonished:
    1x X'mas World Card: Fauna

    Well this ended up taking almost 2 hours to type up lmao, really hope it's enough!

    Character: _Nocturnal_
    Server: Dawnglory

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  • terrabyteterrabyte Posts: 71 Arc User
    Since I'm sure the GM loves wadding through the "kitchen sink" bids ill keep it short.

    +10 Forest's Wisdom
    +11 Traceless Dimension
    +12 Ghost Vanquisher
    +10 Lion's Roar Helm
    +8 Calloused Lionheart Hatchets

    Character: Curiosity
    Server: Etherblade
  • tomcooltomcool Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Divine robe(r9rr) +5
    Divine wrap(r9rr) +5
    Divine sandals(r9rr) +6
    Divine gloves(r9rr) +5
    Divine belt(r9rr)
    Ring of Trauma r9 ring
    Generals badge r8 ring
    Deus Omega wings
    The voidlands tome

    Featherlord (S)
    Queen Xipher (A)
    Fei Xunyxig (A)
    Celestrial sister (A)
    Pet skill trainer (A)
    Lord of captivation (A)
    Sheomay (A)

    3 Stat one

    ^ yes im offering my r9rr and i won't be able to get it back but hey! g16 nv3 is just as good right? :)

    Name: True

    Server: Twilight Temple
  • rvd1990rvd1990 Posts: 14 Arc User
    Character: Gen_Assassin
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Cube of Fate stamp(2)
    Wings of Ascension(1)
  • milkinsmilkins Posts: 44 Arc User
    Nothing. Its anni event so ill take it as a gift for playing for 8 years.

    IeIantos - GoldDigrz
  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    2x 6 star dragon orb
    5x 5 star dragon orb
    30x 4 star dragon orb
    40x 3 star dragon orb
    2300x Mystical Pill
    450x Holy Pill
    6700x Reflective Shard
    40x Sweet Morai Wine
    100x Exclusive Sparkle Rune
    1000x Attendance Sheet
    2200x Bless Box Of Attack
    1200x Astrospira Pearl lv1
    1100x Nirvana Palace Key
    4800x Fairy Box Key
    350x Radiant Shard
    3000x Socket Stones
    500x Duty Badge
    40x Laborer`s Insignia
    1000x Power Material
    1000x Stamina Material
    25x Stringwind Badge
    150x Mystic Tome Fragment
    1000x Jade Dragon Order
    20x Invincible Blessing
    20x Fearless Blessing
    20x Pearless Blessing
    1x Inspired Tortose Egg
    1x Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    1x Inspired Swine Egg
    1x Valley Lemur Pet Egg
    1x Lovestruck Guppy Egg
    1x Chimei Companion Pet Egg
    1x Stylish Marrmot Pet Egg
    1x Murid Housekeeper Egg
    1x Little Dino Egg

    Name: CivillioN
    Server: Tideswell
  • azgaurdazgaurd Posts: 11 Arc User
    1x Pickaxe "super rare doesnt exist anymore"
    30x Chest of Coins
    60 Adamantine Powder

    IGN: Queba
  • meel37175978meel37175978 Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Elder of the Streams S card lvl 18
    The incancerate S card lvl 62 (warsong set)
    Pentilent Destroyer A card (warsong set)
    Shadowskull Lich A card (warsong set)
    Obscure Reaper A card (warsong set)
    Snakefist Guardian A card (warsong set)
    Archangels of Justice
    Dew of Star Protection x500
    Nirvana Palace Key x500
    Espionage Potion x867
    Jaden Emperor's Defiance +10
    Cerberus pup Egg
    Panderic Knight x2
    Chronobike Key
    Sealed Blue Universe
    Radiant Shard x235
    Astropira Pearl lvl 1 x792
    Dragon Orb 4 stars x16
    Drakeflame Stone x2
    Celestial Shard x40
    Warsong Inscription x72
    Perfect Iron Hammer x30
    Memorial Coin x105
    Soldier's Pay x2500
    Essence of Defense x25
    War Avatar Catalyst x10
    Celestial Insignia x300
    Supply Tokens x500

    Twilight Temple
  • devapathpain1229devapathpain1229 Posts: 68 Arc User
    is the com bound to the acc its bartered from?
  • prancingprancing Posts: 143 Arc User
    Tideswell server

    Dragon Orb (5 star) (462)​​
  • kartterkartter Posts: 151 Arc User

    There goes my bid:

    3x Masquerade Hat
    27x Colored Deer Egg
    16x Benevolence Seal Minor Pack
    10x Garan Stone Minor Pack
    22x Strongwind Badge Minor Pack
    73x Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack
    21x Damascene Ore Minor Pack
    5x Kunwoo Blade Minor Pack
    5x Wing Trophy Lunar Glade
    3x Eye of the Jungle Sky
    4x Heart of the Jungle Sky
    3x Cloud Stir
    19x Wishful Wing Token
    1x Wings of Cloudcharger ( Non bound )
    1x Vile Drake Mount Egg
    1x Demon Roar of the Pride skillbook
    1x Summon skillbook
    1x Snowman Paster
    1x Dapper Rose Pack
    1x Cherry Topper Pack
    120x Warsong Waistband Inscription
    4x Warsong Marshal Badge
    1x Star-Reset Plate
    40x Ruby Spirit Charm (2400 Gold atm)
    24x Ruby Guardian Charm (1440 Gold atm)
    1x Glorious Robe: Eden
    1x Sapphire Gem
    1x Garnet Gem
    2x Citrine Gem
    12x Icebourne Stone
    1x Barrier Thorn
    1x Bone Licker
    1x Warsoul of Earth +6 4x Immaculate Citrine in
    1x Golden Steed mount Egg
    42x Tisha Stone
    7x Tienkang Stone
    1x Crimson Horn Soulsmasher
    1x Robe of Spirit Eater +3 2x Flawless Garnet Shard in
    1x Mystique Pants of Spirit Eater +3 2x Flawless Garnet Shard in
    1x Wings of Cloudcharger Bound, 4 socket: 4x Incomparable Garnet Shard, +10 refine, Phys. Res.: +180 engrave
    1x Bound Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat +7 refine, 4x Citrine Gem in
    2x Dreamchaser Pack Lv40
    1x Attendance Signet Perfect +6 refine, Mag. Res.: +26 Engrave
    31x Profundity Scroll I
    784x Astrospira Pearl Lv1
    1x Holiday's Wish
    999x Reviving Sap of Death
    6x Roses
    787x Dragon Orb (5 Star) bound ( 14166 gold atm )
    271x Flood Stone
    1x Heaven Ravager Hat 4 socket, 4x Citrine Gem in, Magic attack +150 engrave, +11 refine
    3114x Reflective Shard
    4571x Firy Box Key
    1886x Nirvana Palace Key
    1x War Avatar Artifact
    355x Mystical Tome Fragment
    100x Scroll of Calling
    2200x Dragonlord's Coin
    30x Dustfall Relic

    g16 molds:
    2x Awake. Archangel Sleeves
    2x Awake. Lionheart Sleeves
    1x Awake. Archangel Wrap
    4x Awake. Lionheart Cuisses
    1x Awake. Archangel Tunic
    1x Awake. Lionheart Armor
    1x Awake. Archangel Boots
    2x Awake. Ashura Boots
    2x Awake. Lionheart Greaves
    1x Awake. Hat of Inf. Power
    1x Awake. Demon Spell Robe
    2x Awake. Demon Obscu. Robe
    1x Astral Ballad
    1x Waves o the Glacier
    1x Sandy World
    1x Moongrace Blade

    Character: Birds
    Server: Dawnglory
  • matthew4matthew4 Posts: 373 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    My Bid :
    G16 ☆Netherworld Guidance 2 socket 2x aps and 350hp garnet gem 2x refine +11
    G16 ☆Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat 3 socket 3x Garnet Gem refine +10 phy atk +100 (stat Dexterity +10,Dexterity +11,Vitality +11,Reduce Physical damage taken +2%
    G15 ☆☆Shadow Ashura Greaves 3 socket citrine shard 3x refine +8
    G15 ☆☆Shadow Ashura Hat 3 socket 3x Perfect citrin refine +10 +150 phy atk (stat +10 Dexterity,Phys. Res. , +100Mag. Res.: +100, Critical Hit Rate +1%
    G14 ☆Ashura's Boots 3 Socket Citrine shard 3x refine +7
    R8 ☆Ocean Supreme Armor 4 Socket +75 Shard 4x refine +8
    ☆Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade 4 Socket 4x Vit 10 Refine +8
    G16 ☆Jaden Emperor's Defiance 1 Socket 2x aps 350hp refine +6
    Golden Riding Dog Mount Egg
    1052 Mystical pill
    13x Dragon Orb (5 stars)
    4x Dragon Orb (4 stars)
    10 Dragon Orb (1 stars)
    10 Dragon Orb (2 stars)
    2x Dryad's Spiritstone
    227x Perfect Topaz Shard
    182x Perfect Ruby Shard
    150x Perfect Amethyst Shard
    250x Perfect Aquamarine Shard
    233x Perfect Alabaster Shard
    220x Sigil of Nightbloom
    R8 ring
    2x Kunwoo Blade
    6x Strongwind Badge
    14x Damascene Ore
    37x Dull Rough Iron Shard
    23x Ether Jade
    7x Dull Ether Jade
    10x Dragonbreath Fragment
    1x Blood Spirit Stone
    65x Rough Bloodstone Shard
    58x Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard
    39x Rough Iron Shard
    221x Holy Pill
    6471 Chip
    519 Warsong Emblem
    1x Drakeflame Stone
    1170 Socket Stone
    382x Supply Tokens
    20x Crushed Emblem
    1100x Dragonlord's Coin

    S Card

    General Helian lvl 1
    General Jen lvl 1
    Minister Tsu lvl 1
    Ien the Arbor lvl 1
    Holeen lvl 17

    A Card

    Hellfire Abomination
    Torturess Venerator
    Thom Mundan
    Queen Xipher
    Archer Trainer
    Madam Sadi
    Celestial Sister
    Mask of Grief
    Prophet Mogo
    Emissary of Shroud
    Emissary of Light
    Pet Skill Trainer Tsu
    Emperor Locen
    Emperor Aohe

    Name Hau/\/ted
    Server Tideswell
  • srovariesrovarie Posts: 44 Arc User
    Astrospira Pearl lvl 1 x 800
    Holy Pill x 740
    Mystical Pill x 1410
    Reflective shard x 4000
    Attendance Sheet x 1100
    Sadness Card x 92
    Fairy Box Key x 5000
    Full r8r gear (Melodich Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle)

    60 War Avatar Cards (1 S card + 59 A cards)
    General Helian (S) x 1
    Overseer Aeban (A) x 2
    Pet Skill Trainer Tsu (A) x 1
    Assassin Trainer (A) x 2
    Emissary of Light (A) x 2
    Heavenly Tiger (A) x 1
    Archer Trainer (A) x 1
    Lord Isrifal (A) x 2
    Demonic Tiger (A) x 1
    Guard Seven (A) x 1
    Sheomay (A) x 1
    Prophet Mogo (A) x 2
    Rancid Venerator (A) x 1
    Barbarian Trainer (A) x 1
    Monoblat Dracoboa (A) x 2
    Emissary of Void (A) x 1
    Dread Lord Hengchih (A) x 1
    Burial Inferno (A) x 1
    Madam Sadi (A) x 2
    Ultimate Stance (A) x 2
    Celestial Sister (A) x 1
    Seeker Trainer (A) x 1
    Chaotic Ravager (A) x 2
    Primeval Elemental (A) x 4
    Cleric Trainer (A) x 3
    Dimentora (A) x 1
    Emissary of Corona (A) x 1
    Miss Chiu (A) x 1
    Infernal Spikewing (A) x 1
    Blademaster Trainer (A) x 1
    Shonabu (A) x 2
    Chin Wuming (A) x 1
    Gaurnob Guard (A) x 2
    Emissary of Shadow (A) x 1
    Dismal Duke (A) x 2
    Venomancer Trainer (A) x 1
    Tideborn Princess (A) x 1
    Duke Black (A) x 1
    Torturess Venerator (A) x 1
    Lord Gugg (A) x 1
    Lady Frostburn (A) x 1
    Mystic Trainer (A) x 1

  • purrmeowpurrmeow Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2016

    FULL Rank 9 set for Venomancer:
    Voidwalker Wand with 2 Sapphire gems +10
    Voidwalker Robe +5
    Voidwalker Shinguards +5
    Voidwalker Shoes +5
    Voidwalker Gloves +5
    Voidwalker Insignia
    G16 Awakened Hat of Infinite Power +12, 4 Sockets with 4 Jade of Steady Defense shards

    also, Rank 8 Melodic Prophet's Pataka +10
    Rank 8 Melodic Prophet's Robe
    Rank 8 Melodic Prophet's Pants
    Rank 8 General's Badge ring
    Ceremonial Pataka
    Ceremonial Glaive

    Hercules battle pet
    Blazing Phoenix battle pet
    Purple Fox Mount
    Valley Lemur Pet

    Character: MeowPurr
    Server: Tideswell

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  • bangbangbangbang Posts: 124 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Dragon Orb Mirage x1
    Jade of Steady Defense x1

    Dragon Orb Ocean x1
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x96
    Soldier's Pay x5000
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x891
    Bronze Spirit Charm Box x22
    Holy Pill x100
    Mystical Pill x61
    Radiant Shard x230
    Reflective Shard x689
    Basic Badge x337
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg x1

    Twilight Temple
  • alona3alona3 Posts: 4 Arc User
    4x Suspicious Dragon Orbs (It Look same as Dragon Orb Flame)
  • kriegsgott#0744 kriegsgott Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Opening Bid Items:
    -Dragon Orb Mirage x1
    -Jade of Steady Defence x1

    Additional Items:
    -Dragon Orb Ocean x6
    -Pious Entity Flyer
    -Soaring Centipede
    -Reflection Shards x1552
    -Mystical Pill x1385
    -Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x956
    -Soldiers' Pay x7260
    -Dragonlords' Coin x2800
    -Warsong Inscription x228
    -Fairy Box Key x1891
    -Lost Skyblade Amulet x20,000
    -Invitation Scroll x50
    -Nirvana Palace Key x1034
    -Attendance Sheet x385
    -Holy Pill x236
    -Tienkang Stone x100
    -Tisha Stone x100
    -Ceremonial Weapon Ticket x1
    -Panderic Knight x2
    -Warrior Crusade Pack x20
    -Frontline Warrior's Gift x10
    -Halloween Warrior Bundle

    Rare Chance Pack Drop:
    -Warsong Marshal Badge x2
    -Wing Trophy Lunar Glade x4
    -Lunar Glade Insignia Ornament x2
    -Colored Deer Egg x2
    -Orchidmane Hippogriff x2
    -Cherry Topper Pack x10
    -Dapper Rose Pack x10

    -Traceless Dimension (refined +11)
    -Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade (refined +10) (sockets 4 Vit +10 stones)
    -Lionheart Vambraces (refined +10) (sockets 4 Vit +10 stones)
    -Lionheart Greaves (refined +10) (sockets 4 Vit +10 stones)
    -Cloud Stir (refined +10)
    -Chaotic Sign of Front (refined +10)
    -Chaotic Sign of Front (refined +5)

    War Avatar (S) cards:

    -Etherblade Elder
    -King Feng Triton
    -Lethal Vengeance
    -Elder Star
    -Anonymous Wiseman (lvl 80/80)
    -Yi the Earthquake x2 (lvl 80/80) and (lvl 1/80)
    -Yi the Might Wing x2 (lvl 80/80) and (lvl 1/80)

    War Avatar (A) cards (Warsong City):
    -Snakefist Guardian x3
    -Shadowskull Lich x4
    -Obscure Reaper x6
    -Pestilent Destroyer x4
    -Cannonfist Orclord x2

    Twilight Temple
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