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Pinata Event PK

testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
It was fun and I recorded most of it (few bugreports on first day so missed out quite a bit there)
Feel free to post video if you also recorded

I switched to demon when I came back to the game not too long ago. Not really sure if I like it, actually I really missed being sage sometimes during this PK. So far I dont feel very comfortable being demon but I'll continue to try.
All I was able to pick up was 1x Anniversary Pack while GM was running around in Archosaur (playing with 500-600 ping, can only pick when nobody else tries, lol)
Hope some of you won some good items, and most important of all, hope you all had fun!
Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah


  • spytfyrespytfyre Posts: 8 Arc User
    i wish they will bring this event back as i was unable to attend the previous one
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