Barter Event Session 3.5!!!



  • berrynl
    berrynl Posts: 21 Arc User
    Soldier's Pay x5000
    Dragonlord's Coin x5000
    Nebula Dust Orb x300
    Astrospira Pearl Lv.1 x800
    Astrospira Pearl Lv.2 x45
    Dragon Orb Mirage x1
    Dragon Orb Ocean x2

    Character: Paparazzi
    Server: Dawn Glory
  • dylandarkk1
    dylandarkk1 Posts: 64 Arc User
    Is the bartered item going to be bound or not?
  • jmqbxbfv
    jmqbxbfv Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    575xbasic bages(575 gold value)
    968xAstropira pearl lv1(968 gold value)
    sealed auspicious light
    sealed flowing rainbow
    8xplatinum ore packs
    2xoricalcum ore packs
    999xespionage potion
    61x ether jade
    242 rough bloodstone shard
    143xrough iron shard
    5x dragon orb 4*(37.5gold value)
    13xFearless blessings
    9xinvincible blessings
    8,000 soldiers pay(4 sealed flyers)
    40x elysian seals
    7x safe extension stone
    4x inventory extension stone
    Jaden Emperor's Defience (1 socket(s))+8 +40 atk lvl +100physical attack +1% crit rate+19 strength
    96x vitae pills
    +11chaotic sign of frost+11 (strength+10 engrave)
    456x reflective shards
    3200x fairy box keys
    504x nirvana palace key
    238x attendeance sheets
    28xTienkang stone
    22xTisha stone
    232x advice box
    1xS card Lethal Vengeance
    1xA card Emissary of Luminance
    3xA card wolfen ironside
    1xA card primeval elemental
    1x General's Badge
    1xBlack Lovebird Coat
    50x ink dragons blood
    400x subsiding dirt

    awakened demon obscure robe(3sockets)+10 (str+9mdex+10,dex+12,magic+11)2x incomperable garnet shards&1x Drakeflame shard(phys resis+225 engrave)


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  • thedoc1212
    thedoc1212 Posts: 135 Arc User
    Holiday's Wish 4socket with 4 deity stones +8

  • dingo488
    dingo488 Posts: 936 Arc User
    edited September 2016
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  • nene#6448
    nene#6448 Posts: 226 Arc User
    Astrospiral Pearls lv1 x223
    Attendance Sheet x395
    Garan Stone
    Strongwind Badge x6
    Kunwoo Blade
    Feral Soul Star x330
    Warsong Inscription x101
    Silent Sea Sandgrain x80
    Area 52 Badge x8
    Origin of Durability Tier 7
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 7
    Origin of Battle Tier 7
    Sigil of Nightbloom x204
    Rough Iron Shard x87
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x145
    Ether Jade x39
    Platinum Brick
    Sticky Coin
    Soldier's Pay x2614
    Emperor's Letter x19
    Adamantine Powder x45
    Subsiding Dirt x1200
    Elysian Seal x100
    Bless Box of Both x764
    Bloom Whisper Stone
    Kowlin Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Egg x2
    Cerberus Pup Egg
    Crab Baby Egg
    Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg
    Baby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg
    Bubble Fish Baby Egg
    Baby Lochmur Egg
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    Aurora's Egg x4
    Nebula Dust Orb x62
    Robe of Spirit Eater +3
    Mystique Boots of Spirit Eater +3
    Mystique Pants of Spirit Eater +3
    Glorious Robe: Torment +3
    Wheel of Fate +2
    Order of the Stars +2
    Espionage Potion x759
    Silver Ring
    Mystical Tome Fragment x249
    Starseeker Powder x4
    Vitae Pill x90
    Hyper Exp Stone x75
    Mystical Pill x100
    Wing Trophy Lunar Glade x2
    Sealed Deus Omega Wings
    Frostcovered Sign Force
    Mold: Glaives of Divinity
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x2
    Immaculate Sapphire Shard
    Perfect Sapphire Shard x2
    Flawless Garnet Shard
    Immaculate Garnet Shard x2
    Perfect Garnet Shard x2
    Flawless Amber Shard x4
    Immaculate Amber Shard x4
    Perfect Amber Shard
    Flawless Citrine Shard x4
    Immaculate Citrine Shard x4
    Perfect Citrine Shard
    Mountcrasher Cuisses
    Unicorn +2
    Armor of Grieving Sorrow
    Sleeves of Sea Captain +2
    Mold: Sky Demon's Pearl x2
    Acrobatic Pants
    Acrobatic Boots
    Crystal Headdress +1
    Windcatcher +2
    Wind and the Clouds +3
    Book Credit Card x15
    Specially Produced Green Ink x12
    Specially Produced Gold Ink x14
    Specially Produced Yellow Ink x9
    Wraith's Spirit x53
    Wraith's Eye x7
    Celestial Shard x30
    Tough Scroll
    Starglade Chest x17

    Name: Nettaya
    Server: Twilight Temple
  • michikobaby
    michikobaby Posts: 42 Arc User
    x4000 Soldiers' Pay
    x500 Shiny Flowsilver Coin
    x800 Tienkang Stone
    x200 Tisha Stone
    1x The Appetites of Spring

    Character: AyaMichi
    Server: Etherblade
  • noelitecasters
    noelitecasters Posts: 1 Arc User
    Star Destiny +8
    Book Credit Card x1554
    Ether Jade x10
    Lost Incantation Amulet x353
    Sir Cuddlesworth x1
    Lord Cuddlesworth x1
    Scroll of Calling x35
    Magic Shadow Pill x18
    Warsong Emblem x134
    Divine Honor of the Void x3
    Perfect Stone x512
    Teleacoustic x52
    Flower of Fortune x4
    Do-all Card x168
    Dice Ticket x144
    Elite Golden Silkworm x10
    Celestial Insignia x190

    Name: Bubble__
    Server: Tideswell
  • b3arz
    b3arz Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Mystical Pill x 1,117 (111.7 Gold)
    Holy Pill x289 (144.5 Gold)
    Basic Badge x89 (89 Gold)
    Training Esoterica x41 (20.5 Gold)
    Perfect Horn x8 (79.2 Gold)
    Dragon Orb (1 Star) x 75 (22.5 gold)
    Dragon Orb (2 Star) x 75 (90 Gold)
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x108 (1,944 Gold)
    Astrospira Peral Lv1 x 1,575 (1,575 Gold)
    Vitae Pill x224 (112 Gold)

    Total Gold Value: 4,188.4 Gold

    Server: Etherblade
    Character: EIysian

  • catgirldesu
    catgirldesu Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited September 2016

    Unknown Qualification x15 (Reward for placing first in Thursday's PvP Tournament)
    Warsoul Tag x900 (Obtained from PvP Tournament)
    Supply Tokens x2000 (Obtained from Nation Wars)
    Dragonlord's Coin x3000 (Obtained from Dragon's Conquest)
    Holy Pill x149
    Mystical Pill x637
    Terror of the Deep Mount Egg x1
    Ancestral Horror Mount Egg x1
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x1000
    Reflective Shard x2051
    Radiant Shard x283
    Dragon Orb (4 star) x30
    Dragon Orb (5 star) x5
    Swiftshadow x1 (Untamed Flyer)
    Archdemon Isrifar (War Avatar S) x1

    Character: Wyvelin
    Server: Twilight Temple
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  • malllliii
    malllliii Posts: 137 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Flowing Rainbow (RW BASE FLYER)
    Sealed Machnarium (Flyer)
    Heavenly Flyer Token (Firestorm,Jade of Eight Divines\Love of Arbor,Mistsoul,Opalescent Kirin,Silk Perfume)
    ☆Jaden Emperor's Defiance +10
    ☆☆Dark Death Thorn

    Heaven Ravager Light Helm (NW Base Helm)+10 deity sharded
    ☆ Shadow Ashura Hat +7
    ☆Awakened Ashura's Gloves (100) +4
    ☆Awakened Ashura's Greaves (100) +4
    ☆Awakened Ashura's Armor (100) +4
    ☆Awakened Ashura's Boots (100) +4
    ☆Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat (100) +10
    ☆Awakened Demon Obscure Robe (100) +10 (Stone of Svaent Sharded)
    ☆☆Warsong Barrier·Void +4
    ☆☆General's Badge
    ☆☆ Eye of the Jungle :Void

    War Avatar Cards
    *LVL 1 S Cards*
    Elder of Archosaur
    Lethal Vengeance


    Lio Gianni
    Anonymous Wiseman
    Elder of Archosaur
    Harpy Wraith

    The Weak Stream of Many Miles

    Lord Cuddlesworth x1
    Baby Wukong Pet x1
    Ginger Tiger x3
    Cerberus Pup x1
    Giant Bunny x2
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet x1

    Ancestral Horror Mount x1
    Dark Abyss x1
    Golden Riding Dog x1
    Jade Cosmos x1
    Quick Sika Deer x1
    Golden Steed x1
    Terror of the Deep x1
    Tidal Serpent x1
    Scarlet Machinated Terror x1
    Frozen Kirin x1

    Mystical Pills x427
    War Avater Order x136
    Flood Stone x34
    Dragonlord Coin x1400
    Soilder's Pay x4221
    Socket Stone x943
    Radiant Shard x94
    Flowing Crystal x39
    Primordial Blood x119
    Warsong Inscripions x155
    Socket Stonex943
    Warsong Emblems x1340
    Warsong Waistband Inscriptins x20
    Supply Tokens x200
    Grand Commander's Order x9
    Oricalcum Ore Pack x2
    Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack x40
    Kunwoo Blade Minor Pack x6
    Strongwind Badge Minor Pack x13
    Graran Stone Minor Pack x2
    Hapatizon Whetstone Minor Pack x15
    Damascene Ore Minor Pack x14
    Tisha Stone x52
    TienKang Stone x58
    Dragon Orb 1 Star x10
    Dragon Orb 2 Star x14
    Dragon Orb 3 Star x2
    Dragon Orb 4 Star x8
    Dragon Orb 5 Star x1
    Diamond Ring (Yes the Diamond is real)
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x4
    Perfect Sapphire x2
    Holy Pill x79
    Fortication Seal x1
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbha x9
    Adamantine Whetstone x49
    Adamantine Powder x10
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x10
    Rough Iron Shard x6
    Dragon Blood x20
    Radiant Shard x94
    Reflective Shardx671
    Astrospira Pearl lv1 x32
    Basic Badge x56
    War Avatar Catalyst x2
    Gold Spirit Charm x3
    Platnium Spirit Charm x2
    Ruby Spirit Charm x1 (Platnium Spirit Charm x10)
    Genie Stone x1( Yaksha x3)
    Dayflame Soul x1
    Amber Gold Ink x1
    Specially Precurred Green Ink x4
    Specially Precurred Gold Ink x1
    Specially Precurred Yellow x4
    Espionage Potion x260
    Celestial Insignia x77
    Oricalcum x10
    Ether Jade x10
    Major Homstead Supply Bag x1

    Character: BigBlackClock
    Server: Etherblade
    Youtube Channel
    "A demon's only path to joy is through suffering"
    BigBlackClock 105x3 Assassin
  • liliida
    liliida Posts: 7 Arc User
    matchless wings +10 with 4x vitstone (2x primeval 2x savant) and hp +150 engrave (bound!)
    golden blast coif (49x 10m bignote + 105k faction base points)
    mystical pill x1000
    sealed love of arbor x5 (=10,000 soldier's pay)
    sealed flowing spirit x5 (= 10,000 soldier's pay)
    astrospira pearl lv1 x700
    doom's stare egg x1
    red squirrel pet egg x1
    flood stone x600
    minor homestead supply bag x160
    espionage potion x999
    radiant shard x237
    incomparable citrine shard x1
    inv. extension stone x20
    safe extension stone x20

    character: oOAutumNOo
    server: Twilight Temple
  • fitk11
    fitk11 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Unsealed Eerie Dream Flyer (Resource Wars Flyer) 3.3/6.3
    Dragonlord's Coin x 7300
    Soldier's Pay x35
    Bloody Stone (Vitality+6) x9
    Basic Badge x136
    Mystical Pill x756
    Holy Pill x211
    Astrospiral Pearls lv1 x382
    Nebula Dust Orb x213
    Vitae Pill x271
    Dragon Orb (3 Star) x2
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x37
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x19
    Sealed Shining Butterflies
    Radiant Shard x118
    Reflective Shard x 3256
    War Avatar Order x428
    Warsong Emblem x815
    ☆Wings of Cloudcharger +5
    ☆Forest's Wisdom+5
    ☆Traceless Dimension G16(Lv.16) Claw
    ☆☆Crystallus Cleavers: Sky+3
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Breastplate+5
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Cuisses+5
    ☆☆Radiant Eye Shinguards+5
    Hapatizon Whetstone Pack x 3
    Damascene Ore Pack x19
    Platinum Ore Pack x12
    Garan Stone
    Strongwind Badge x13
    Kunwoo Blade
    Warsong Inscription x20
    Emperor's Letter x167
    Elysian Seal x85
    Little Star Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Egg
    Doom's Stare Egg
    Aurora's Egg
    Jade Cosmos
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg x3
    Book Credit Card x5
    Specially Produced Green Ink x18
    Specially Produced Gold Ink x2
    Specially Produced Yellow Ink x12
    Random Pigment x51
    Warrior Seal x15
    Nirvana Palace Key x1561
    Fairy Box Key x5254

    Name: Initial_D_
    Server: Tideswell
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  • klysboob
    klysboob Posts: 2 Arc User
    1x Diamond of Tiger
    9999x Soldiers' Pay
    30x Dragon Orb (4 star)
    1x ☆☆Cloud Stir
    1x Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon
    2x Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Staff, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Ence's Scar, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Awakened Archangel's Sleeves, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Awakened Archangel's Boots, +7 Refinement
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Armor, + 6 Refinement
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Pants, + 6 Refinement
    1x ☆Attendance Signet·Perfect, +5 Refinement
    1x ☆Attendance Signet·Perfect

    Server: Twilight Temple
    Character: MysticBoob
  • dingo488
    dingo488 Posts: 936 Arc User
    25x Gold Medal: Frigoris, thats right GOLD MEDALS!
    1x PW Holy Warrior VIP Pack

    After a quick Google I found out Gold Medals can be sold for as much as $310,700, so if you transfer 25 of those into ingame gold it'll be valued at about:

    $310,700 x 25 = $7,767,500 which is roughly 8 million boutique gold, with gold being 4.2m each that would be about:

    33,600,000,000,000 coin :)

    Twilight Temple
  • aphrodita
    aphrodita Posts: 228 Arc User
    ☆☆☆Badge of the Cube: Defiance +10

    ☆☆☆Star's Destiny +10

    Omnious Raven Flyer 3.3

    ☆☆Sinrabansho +10 (first tt100 magic Sword on harshlands server 2009)

    ☆Ence's Scar +10 (anni pack helmet)

    ☆Glorious Robe: Torment +10 (anni pack cloak)

    ☆Dancing Sparkle +7 (anni pack boots)

    ☆☆Ceremonial Pataka (A reward for victory in the Territory Wars.)

    2016 Territory War Reward

    Dragonlord's Coin x6400

  • xxxthekidxxx
    xxxthekidxxx Posts: 38 Arc User
    R8 Demonhunter Bow +5 (With Magic Shards)
    R8 Demonhunter Armor +3 (With Hp Shards)
    Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Shadow Ashura Greaves +4 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Lionheart Necklace +4 (Bound with +10 Vitality Engraving)
    Lionheart Belt +4 (Bound)
    Guard of Thundershock +4
    Attendance Ring .Perfect +3
    Anniversary Mount Egg Lv.11
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg Lv.1
    Pillar Pet Egg Lv.1
    Golden Steed Egg Lv.10
    Panderic Kinght Lv.1
    Little Star Pet Egg Lv.1
    Dragon Orb (3 Star) x10
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x31
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x5
    Random Pigment x8
    Specially Procured Green Ink x9
    Specially Procured Yellow Ink x4
    Mystical Tome Fragment x476
    Memorial Coin x240
    Adamantine Whetstone x20
    Basic Badge x202
    Wildheart Jade x2
    Whisper Shot (Archer Book)
    Chest of Coins x82
    Damascene Ore Pack x2
    Badge of Dexterity x1
    Mysterious Chips x2506
    Warsong Emblem x141
    Nirvana Place Key x617
    Hyper Stones x33
    Celestial Shard x246
    Celestial Insignia 109
    Fairy Box Key x1540
    Refective Shards x176
    Warsong Inscription x74
    Radiant Shard x134
    Crushed Emblem x5
    Dragon Blood Stone x35
    Primodial Blood x228
    PWI Undercurrent Coin x5
    Soldiers' Pay x638
    Dragonlord's Coin x1200
    War Avatar Order x36
    Dancing Phoneix Shard x1
    Bloom Whisper Stone x1
    Gen.:Domed Cathedral x1
    Deer Fawn x10
    Piglet x1
    Mushroom Seed x106
    Cow Calf x28
    Myrtle Seed x15
    Horse Foal x106
    Strongwind Badge x9
    Koonwoo Blade x 4
    Leaf of Unicorn Forest x939
    Big Golden Sculpture x1220
    Desert Tower Miniature x118
    Big Luminostone x1286
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x345
    Starglade Chest x21
    Nebula Dust Orb x56
    Lost Skyblade Amulet x9614
    Mystical Pill 133
    Holy Pill x174
    Subsiding Dirt x500
    A cards:
    Heavenly Tiger x1
    Wizard Trainer x1
    Emissary of Void x2
    Dread Loard Hengchih x1
    Dementora x1
    Seeker Trainer x1
    Blade Master Trainer x2
    Chin Wuming x1
    Emissary of Luminance x1
    Torturess Venerator x1
    Dismal Duke x1

    Sorry about the long list, please save me from my hoarding lol..thanks ;)

  • bangbang
    bangbang Posts: 127 Arc User
    If only we could have a pokemon card like barter event. I would love to be able to trade in these useless S cards for something I need as well.... Even if it was one of those type specific S chests i.e. I am sure people would love being able to lets say trade in 5x S Longevity cards for 1 random new one. Where it can be the same as one you traded in or something completely new.... Then you can do generic S trade ins where you trade in 6x S cards of any type for 1 S chest.

    If you agree with this let the GMs know it! :D Because S cards are completely useless when you don't need them. You can't devour them for EXP and you can only turn them into War Avatar Artifacts which are just inventory filler items that do nothing.
  • andrelguera2009
    andrelguera2009 Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    * posted from wrong acct.

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  • perrion
    perrion Posts: 165 Arc User
    Tienkang Stone x3000
    Tisha Stone x1000
    Mirage Celestone x3000
    Stone of the Savant x2
    Diamond of Dragon x1
    Astral Stone x2
    Dragon Orb Ocean x6
    Adamantine Powder x111


    Twilight Temple

  • tuttle
    tuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Character - xKinkyxKongx
    Server - Etherblde

    (Would like tome on RenesmeDawn instead if possible, if it's bound)

    4,600 hyper stones (1656 gold)
    Unicorn's Tragedy +10, garnet gem
    Awakened Lionheart Vambraces +10
    Awakened Lionheart Cuisses +10
    Awakened Lionheart Armor +10 with Jade of Steady Defense
    Awakened Lionheart Greaves +10 with vit stones
    Awakened Hat of Infinitie Power +11 with garnet gems, +100 magic attack engrave
    Forest's Wisdom +10
    Warsong Lock - Null +10
    Star's Destiny +11, Vit+10 engrave
    Holiday Ring of the Warrior, Might ring
    Skyfire Hippogriff Mount Egg
    7x Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
    1x Dapper Rose Pack
    1x Lunar Glade Insignia - Ornament
    39x Holy Pill
    1,549x Sadness Card
    1,929x Soldiers Pay
    Awakened Demon Spell Robe +11 3 garnet gems, +225 phys resist engrave
    Holiday's Wish 4 socket (event robe)
    501 Astrospira Pearl Level 1 (501 gold)
    82x Grand Commander's Order
    1x Sir cuddlesworth Egg
    1x Panderic Knight
    1x Colored Deer Egg
    1x Ceremonial Weapon Ticket
    218x Flood Stone
    75x Platinum Spirit Charm Box
    9x Dragon Orb 1 Star
    19x Dragon Orb 2 Star
    56x Dragon Orb 3 Star
    27x Dragon Orb 4 Star
    19x Dargon Orb 5 star
    1x Faction Rename Stone

    Etherblade Elder (S Card)
    General Helian (S card)
    Elder Star (S card)
    Gu Hensin 2x (S cards)
    Yi the Mighty Wing (S card)
    Anonymous Wiseman (S card)
  • kriegsgott#0744
    kriegsgott#0744 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Astropira Pearl LV1 (951)
    Attendance Sheet (385)
    Mystical Pill (1,383)
    Nirvana Palace Key (1,032)
    Soldiers' Pay (7,260)
    Dragonlord's Coin (2,800)
    Lucky Skyblade Amulet (20,000)
    Cloud Stir +10
    Chaotic Sign of Frost +10
    Chaotic Sign of Frost +5
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbha (37)
    Warsoul: Vajra (84)
    Warsoul: Samantabhadra (74)
    Warsoul: Arkarsja (74)
    Warsoul: Jakari (55)
    Warsoul: Avalokites (73)
    Traceless Dimension +11
    Lionheart Vambraces +10 (4 Primeval Stone Vit. +10)
    Lionheart Greaves +10 (4 Primeval Stone Vit. +10)
    Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade +10 (4 Primeval Stone Vit. +10)
    Drakeflame Stone (2)
    Platinum Guardian Charm Box (10)

    Twilight Temple
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