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Barter Event! Session 2 Evening Edition

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
edited September 2016 in General Discussion
Happy Anniversary Everyone!

Session 2 pm Edition is underway!

Today's Barter:
Wings of Ascension

We will open up the bids today with:
Jade of Steady Defense, Dragon Orb Ocean, Dragon Orb Mirage, Diety Stone

For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.
You cannot have collaborative bids.
You may trade any type of item that is considered “high value” – this includes things like rare chance pack drops (all drops that are less than a 1-2% drop rate), items that can only be obtained in the cash shop, and exclusive high tiered items in game or that are only acquired through competitive gameplay.
You can offer any amount or quantity of an item that matches or bests the previous offer.
At the end of every session, we will close the thread at the end and look at the list of items. All items that are offered in the winning bid will be removed during maintenance and replaced with the items won.
If there are no satisfactory offers or the minimum offer value has not been met, the thread will be closed as “no bid, did not complete”. Minimum offer value is determined by current in-game coin value average.
When bidding, players must list their Character Name and Server in each bid, even if you had already previously bid on the same item.

We will keep this Session open until 9/12/16!

Good luck Everyone!
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  • hiitsmeguyshiitsmeguys Posts: 126 Arc User
    Wings of Ascension = 350m

    Jade of Steady Defense = 220m
    Dragon Orb Ocean = 110m
    Dragon Orb Mirage = 350m
    Deity Stone = 200m
    Total value = 880m

    Looks like you win this one domino, gg wp next barter please
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    I'd rather have the bid items than the WOA tiger-11.gif​​
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • perrionperrion Posts: 165 Arc User
    Seriously... -.-

    What is the point in the opening bid items anyway? To showcase just how out of touch with the game the staff is?
  • kurisukotzekurisukotze Posts: 240 Arc User
    DarthKurisu - Twilight Temple

    my bid is 996x Astrospira level 1 (Which is 996 gold ijs) :p

    which is also worth way more than that Cape >.>
    Rencko - 105/105/105 - Seeker -Twilight Temple Server

    Current Gear:
    *Out of Date*
  • bangbangbangbang Posts: 127 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    500 astrospira pearl level 1
    1 dragon orb ocean

    Twilight Temple
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  • werzn5e67anwerzn5e67an Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited September 2016

    Astropira Pearl Lvl 1 x 1800
    Fairy Box Key x 6500
    Reflective Shard x 5800
    Attendance Sheet x 1200
    Emperor's Letter x 600
    Advice Box x 200
    Mystical Pill x 2700
    Bless Box of Both x 1066
    Holy Pill x 1350

    Name: Paranouz
    Server: Dawnglory

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  • iliad#1359 iliad Posts: 37 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    1x warsoul of earth +7 4 sockets vit stones
    1x g15 warsoul belt +7
    9x 5* orbs
    4x 4* orbs
    3x 2* orbs
    3x1* orbs
    350 astrospira pearl level 1
    1000 soldiers pay
    100 ice shard coins
    Twilight Temple​​
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  • choasdriverchoasdriver Posts: 56 Arc User
    GG pwe GG
  • srovariesrovarie Posts: 44 Arc User
    Astrospira Pearl lvl*800
    Reflective Shard*4000
    Vacuity Powder*500
    Full r8r gear (Melodic Prophet's Tunic/Sandals/Leggings/Bangle)
  • etanasoretanasor Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    -9999 Soldiers pay
    -10 mirage stone

    Etanasor - Dawnglory
  • meel37175978meel37175978 Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Astrospira Pearls lvl1 x700
    Nirvana Palace Key x500
    Solpier Pay x2000
    Archangels of Justice
    Jaden Emperor's Defiance Bow +10 (bound)
    Sparklebright Elf flyer
    Radiant Shard x 200
    Dragon Orb (4 stars) x 14 (bound)
    Panderic Knight x2
    Warsong Inscriptions x60
    Perfect Iron Hammer x30
    Essence of Defense x 25
    Aurora's Egg
    Purple Fox Egg
    Nameless Dragonbow
    Longevity 77/100
    Espinage Potion x847
    Dew of Star Protection x450
    Sealed Blue Universe

    Twilight Temple
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  • pao13elaizapao13elaiza Posts: 50 Arc User
    Soldier's Pay x1496
    Astrospira Pearl Level 1 x1472 = 1472 gold
    Vitae Pill x406 = 406 gold
    Holy Pill x521 at 50 silver each = 260 gold
    Mystical Pill x1569 at 5 gold per 50 = 156 gold
    Citrine Gem x1
    Warsong Inscription x74
    Reflective Shard x 4340
    Dragon Orb 3 star x11
    Dragon Orb 4 star x11
    Platinum Spirit Charm Box x2
    Wings Of Cloudcharger +10
    Jaden Emperor Defiance +10
    Calm Robe Lunar Glade (no refines)
    Energetic Robe Lunar Glade +4
    Peak Of Clouds +7
    Demonhunter Treads +6
    Demonhunter Vambraces +6

    Hope after Asterelle's win you won't change the value of atrospira pearls, Soldier's Pay, etc.

    Name: Destructure
    Server: Tideswell
  • nopersnopers Posts: 11 Arc User
    Just also listing random things on my character and praying to Pan Gu. :P

    Dragon Orb 8 Star
    Dragon Orb 5 Star x2
    Dragon Orb 4 Star x20
    Dragon Orb 2 Star x125
    Dragon Orb 1 Star x125
    Wishful Wing Token
    Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade
    Wings of Cloud Charger +9
    Puzzle Cube Badge: Vain
    Seraphic Mist
    Plantinum Gaurdian Charm x10
    Adamantine Powder x10
    Golden Mask
    Mystical Pill x1294
    Holy Pill x214
    Astrospira Pearl Lvl 1 x197
    Basic Badge x175
    Hyper EXP Stone x200

    Twilight Temple
  • xxxthekidxxxxxxthekidxxx Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Just thought I should join in.

    Awakened Ashura's Boots +3 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Shadow Ashura Bracers +3 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Shadow Ashura Greaves +4 (Bound with Hp shards)
    Lionheart Necklace +4 (Bound with +10 Vitality Engraving)
    Lionheart Belt +4 (Bound)
    Anniversary Mount Egg lv.11
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg Lv.1
    Pillar Pet Egg Lv.1
    Golden Steed Egg Lv.10
    Panderic Kinght Lv.1
    Dragon Orb (3 Star) x10
    Dragon Orb (4 Star) x27
    Dragon Orb (5 Star) x5
    Stamina Material x29
    Memorial Coin x240
    Adamantine Whetstone x20
    Basic Badge x150
    Chest of Coins x82
    Badge of Dexterity x1
    Nirvana Place Key x609
    Fairy Box Key x1492
    Refective Shards x162
    Warsong Inscription x74
    Radiant Shard x134
    Dragon Blood Stone x35
    Crushed Emblem x5
    Wildheart Jade x2
    Soldiers' Pay x638
    Koonwoo Blade x4
    Strongwind Badge x9
    Dragonlord's Coin x700
    Dancing Phoneix Shard x1
    Bloom Whisper Stone x1
    Gen.:Domed Cathedral x1
    Whisper Shot (Archer Book)
    Stone of Sacred Temple x183
    Tsuchun's Sillk Whip x26
    Illusion Spring x14
    Mystical Pill x120
    Holy Pill x162
    Mushroom Seed x102
    Cow Calf x27
    Horse Foal x98
    Leaf of Unicorn Forest x928
    Big Golden Sculpture x1199
    Big Luminostone x1252
    Astrospira Pearl lv1 x319
    Starglade Chest x12
    Lost Skyblade Amulet x9614
    Nebula Dust Orb x20
    Superior Leather x6
    Vega String x27
    Primordial Blood x223

    I can carry on for days but ill stop here lol...and yes they are all on this toon.


    Thanks :)
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  • davidmurphydavidmurphy Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Holy pillsx450 = 225gold
    Basic Badgex80=63gold
    Dragon orb (4star)x67 gold
    Astrospira Pearl lvl 1x466=466 gold
    Dragon orb (8star)x1
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  • arspaulina#4310 arspaulina Posts: 347 Community Moderator
    *shrugs* To be fair, WOA keeps getting nerfed due to influx and people now suddenly getting so many of them then trying to sell low them to get rid of them quick. Market values do change overtime, so maybe this was planned ahead of that curve? Alerting them to discrepancies doesn't hurt anyone so I'll poke them to keep that in mind when reading through bids :3
    ⋆Have a question? Feel free to shoot me an ask!⋆
  • tuttletuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    @superfedee and @davidmurphy You guys have not followed the rules/format for bids FYI, may want to edit your posts.
  • michikobabymichikobaby Posts: 42 Arc User
    2100 Fairy Box Key
    1900 Reflective Shard
    1300 Nirvana Palace Key
    1000 Hyper Exp Stone
    400 Mystical Pill
    75 Holy Pill

    Character: Michiko_x
    Server: Etherblade
  • scruncyscruncy Posts: 458 Arc User
    I am surprised how many **** people stashing away.....
    Like thousends of useless pieces who just fill up ur bank/inv. :o
  • nene#6448 nene Posts: 226 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Astrospiral Pearls lv1 x223
    Attendance Sheet x386
    Garan Stone
    Strongwind Badge x6
    Kunwoo Blade
    Feral Soul Star x222
    Warsong Inscription x101
    Silent Sea Sandgrain x80
    Area 52 Badge x8
    Origin of Durability Tier 7
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 7
    Origin of Battle Tier 7
    Sigil of Nightbloom x150
    Rough Iron Shard x84
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x140
    Ether Jade x38
    Platinum Brick
    Sticky Coin
    Soldier's Pay x1904
    Emperor's Letter x19
    Adamantine Powder x45
    Subsiding Dirt x1200
    Elysian Seal x100
    Bless Box of Both x736
    Bloom Whisper Stone
    Kowlin Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Egg x2
    Cerberus Pup Egg
    Crab Baby Egg
    Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg
    Baby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg
    Bubble Fish Baby Egg
    Baby Lochmur Egg
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    Aurora's Egg x4
    Nebula Dust Orb x43
    Robe of Spirit Eater +3
    Mystique Boots of Spirit Eater +3
    Mystique Pants of Spirit Eater +3
    Glorious Robe: Torment +3
    Wheel of Fate +2
    Order of the Stars +2
    Espionage Potion x759
    Silver Ring
    Mystical Tome Fragment x249
    Starseeker Powder x4
    Vitae Pill x85
    Hyper Exp Stone x70
    Mystical Pill x100
    Wing Trophy Lunar Glade x2
    Sealed Deus Omega Wings
    Frostcovered Sign Force
    Mold: Glaives of Divinity
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x2
    Immaculate Sapphire Shard
    Perfect Sapphire Shard x2
    Flawless Garnet Shard
    Immaculate Garnet Shard x2
    Perfect Garnet Shard x2
    Flawless Amber Shard x4
    Immaculate Amber Shard x4
    Perfect Amber Shard
    Flawless Citrine Shard x4
    Immaculate Citrine Shard x4
    Perfect Citrine Shard
    Mountcrasher Cuisses
    Unicorn +2
    Armor of Grieving Sorrow
    Sleeves of Sea Captain +2
    Mold: Sky Demon's Pearl x2
    Acrobatic Pants
    Acrobatic Boots
    Crystal Headdress +1
    Windcatcher +2
    Wind and the Clouds +3
    Book Credit Card x15
    Specially Produced Green Ink x12
    Specially Produced Gold Ink x14
    Specially Produced Yellow Ink x9
    Wraith's Spirit x53
    Wraith's Eye x7
    Celestial Shard x30
    Tough Scroll
    Starglade Chest x14

    Name: Nettaya
    Server: Twilight Temple

    Yes, Im a hoarder.​​
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  • scruncyscruncy Posts: 458 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    1 Josd
    1 Dragon Orb Ocean
    1 Firbolg Drudge Egg
    823 Astrospira Pearl lvl 1
    15 Specially Procured Yellow Ink
    22 Specially Procured Green Ink
    18 Specially Procured Golden Ink

    Name: Phrike
    Server: Dawnglory
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  • layla05layla05 Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    1 Faction Rename Stone
    1 Identity Stone
    1 Glaive G16 +9
    1 Glaive G16 +7
    1 G16 AA Wristguards
    1 G16 AA Boots
    1 Demon Warrior Pet Egg
    1 Golden Riding Pet Mount Egg
    1 G15 AA Robe +9
    1G15 AA Leggings +5
    200x Astrospira lvl 1
    900x Holy Pills

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  • etanasoretanasor Posts: 15 Arc User

    11000 Soldier pay
    100 basic badge

    Etanasor - Dawnglory
  • traficanturotraficanturo Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    ★Wild Mane mantle (3 socket(s))+2
    ★Energetic Robe: Lunar Glade (4 socket(s))+1
    ★★Lion`s Roar Greaves (3 socket(s))
    ★Lionheart Belt
    ★Lionheart Necklace +1
    ★Resonance of Pride (1 socket(s))
    ★★Warsong Lock • Void
    ★★Dominator`s Armor (4 socket(s))+1
    ★Dominator`s plate (3 socket(s))+1
    Spotted Skymanta
    Opalescent Kirin
    Sealed Flowing Rainbow
    Baby Bear
    Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg
    Divine Sage Tiger Pet Egg
    Golden Steed Egg
    Aurora`s Egg
    Other Stuff
    Celestial Insignia (136)
    Dragon Blood Stone (51)
    Mysterious Chip 10-Pack (37)
    Reflective Shard (1027)
    Radiant Shard (17)
    Nirvana Place Key (144)
    Fairy Box Key (839)
    Orb Of Cultivation (11)
    Basic Badge (104)
    Wind Widget (40)
    Astorpira Pearl lv 1 (685)
    War Avatar Order (267)
    Martial Arts Scroll (14)
    Training Esoterica (64)
    TT Goldmats
    Illusion Stone (2)
    Empire`s Sigh (8)
    Tsuchun`s Blazing Wings (12)
    Empire`s Black Image (1)
    Ghost Lord`s Protection(1)
    Name: LeeDdD
    Server: Dawnglory
  • valdismanvaldisman Posts: 568 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    My discontinued Pickaxe &
    190 Red Envelopes from 2012 Sweet Remembrance event.

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    Moonshine drinker
    In a world of 10s, be an 11.
  • klysklys Posts: 283 Arc User
    1x Diamond of Tiger
    9999x Soldiers' Pay
    30x Dragon Orb (4 star)
    1x ☆☆Cloud Stir
    1x Lunar Glade Insignia·Weapon
    2x Lunar Glade Insignia·Ornament
    1x ☆Wings of Cloudcharger, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Staff, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Ence's Scar, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Awakened Archangel's Sleeves, +10 Refinement
    1x ☆Awakened Archangel's Boots, +7 Refinement
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Armor, + 6 Refinement
    1x ☆☆Verdant Soul Pants, + 6 Refinement
    1x ☆Attendance Signet·Perfect, +5 Refinement
    1x ☆Attendance Signet·Perfect

    Server: Twilight Temple
    Character: MysticBoob
  • rafaelabelrafaelabel Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Hi :blush:

    -Supply Tokens (x1150)
    -Basic Badges (x154)
    -Astropira Pearl Lv1 (x434)
    -Reflective Shard (x3500)
    -Mystical Pill (x1500)
    -Vitae Pill (x149)
    -Primordial Blood (x180)
    -Barbaric Blood (x46)
    -Holy Pill (x448)
    -Fairy Box Key (x4306)
    -Nirvana Palace Key (x196)
    -Warsong Inscription (x369)
    -Soldiers' Pay (x5)
    -Mirage Celestone (x1001)
    -Teleacoustic (x1000)
    -Absence Note (x3)
    -Random Pigment (x4)
    -War Avatar Order (x279)
    -Squad Signet (x4)
    -Faction Signet (x2)
    -Specially Procured Green Ink (x4)
    -Specially Procured Gold Ink (x3)
    -Specially Procured Yellow Ink (x2)
    -Espionage Potion (x380)
    -Nirvana Palace Key x197
    -Page of Fate (x16)
    -Old Book Page (x19)

    -Training Esoterica (x20)
    -Experience Jade (x300)
    -Brainpower Orb (x9)
    -Elemental Essential (x10)

    PETS and MOUNTS:
    -Sun Wukong's Cloud
    -Blazing Tempest
    -Silver Mane
    -Murid Housekeeper

    -Midnight Fascination
    -Watcher of the Skies

    -Dragon Orb (1 star) (x11)
    -Dragon Orb (2 star) (x1)
    -Dragon Orb (4 star) (x3)
    -Dragon Orb (5 star) (x52)
    -Tisha Stone (x42)
    -Tienkang Stone (x28)

    -Generic Design Pack: Basic (x2)
    -Professional Designgraph (x1)
    -Major Homestead Supply Bag (x1)

    -Rough Blood Stone Shard (x10)
    -Dull Rough Blood Stone Shard (x3)
    -Rough Iron Shard (x6)
    -Dull Rough Iron Shard (x2)
    -Ether Jade (x12)

    -Sacred Mother's Heart (x835)
    -Monarch's Will (x606)
    -Ghost Lord's Dark Aura (x429)
    -Tsuchun's Silk Whip (x339)
    -Illusion Spring (x377)
    -Sacred Mother's Orb (x60)
    -Skaidread's Orb (x17)
    -Minister's Stone (x16)
    -Iron Plate of Darkness (x127)
    -Feng's Black Armor (x3)
    -Chientien's Armor Shard (x27)
    -Shards of Darkness (x11)
    -Evil Minion's Horn (x33)
    -Power of the Seven Luminaries (x1)
    -Touch of the Seven Luminaries (x1)
    -Giant Ape's Palm (x4)
    -Ancient Devil's Soul (x1)
    -Golden Spirit (x8)
    -Ancient Serpent's Orb (x4)
    -Evil Minion's Shell (x8)

    -Unknown Tinder (x53)
    -Chromatic Tinder (x12)
    -Heart of Genesiac Blink (x19)
    -Gloom of Mystical Jarax (x88)
    -Crystal of Relic of Wind (x6)
    -Shard of Relic of Wind (x16)
    -Tooth of Massaca Saben (x7)
    -Seal of Buddah's Servant (x59)
    -Ring Fragment of Primal Fear (x5)
    -Gem of Hauntery Queen (x4)
    -Mystical Jarax's Poison (x1)
    -Scale of Drake Fling (x4)
    -Tali's Treasure (x41)
    -Essence of Primal Fear (x2)
    -Horn of Drake Fling (x6)
    -Dragonling Essence (x1)
    -Life Essence (x1559)
    -Chaos Essence (x965)
    -Earth Essence (x987)
    -Aqua Essence (x552)
    -Steel Essence (x962)
    -Flame Essence (x937)
    -Life Fragment (x3394)
    -Life Crystal (x1952)


    ★Chaotic Sign of Frost +10
    ★★Dark Death Thorn +10
    ★Netherworld Guidance +11
    ★Ocean Supreme Bracers
    ★★★Ocean Supreme Tunic
    ★★★Ocean Supreme Leggings
    ★★★Ocean Supreme Treads
    ★★General's Badge
    ★Jaden Emperor's Defiance +10
    ★★Abomination of Dragons +2

    All of the items listed above are in the referred character bank (cupboard) and inventory, no safety passwords
    I also have made sure everything listed is 100% correct
    Thankyou for your time!!! :blush:

    Character: xDawNx
    Server: Tideswell
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  • scruncyscruncy Posts: 458 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Ok, Update
    I offer:

    Josd x1
    Dragon Orb Ocean x1
    Firbolg Drudge Egg x1
    Astrospira Pearl lvl 1 x833
    Specially Procured Yellow Ink x15
    Specially Procured Green Ink x22
    Specially Procured Golden Ink x18
    Shining Pill x218
    Blinking Poultice x191
    Basic Badge x91
    War Avatar Order x89
    Teleport Incense x66
    Warsong Inscription(bound) x39
    Wraith's Eye x1889
    Origination Order x40
    Profundity Scroll I x62
    Lv6 Soulgem Exchange Card x1
    Telepath Charm x1
    White Day Chocolate x5
    Coldblood x1
    ☆Blade of the Red Dust x1
    ☆Cape of Elite Leather x1
    Average Citrine Shard x2
    Immaculate Citrine Shard x4
    Flawless Citrine Shard x4
    Common Sapphire Shard x2
    Average Sapphire Shard x3
    Immaculate Sapphire Shard x3
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x1
    Common Garnet Shard x3
    Beautiful Garnet Shard x3
    Immaculate Garnet Shard x3
    Flawless Garnet Shard x1
    Beautiful Amber Shard x5
    Flawless Amber Shard x21

    Name: Phrike
    Server: Dawnglory
  • kriegsgott#0744 kriegsgott Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Reflection shards (1500)
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 (800)
    Fairy Box Keys (1800)
    Nirvana Palace Keys (1000)
    Mystical Pill (1000)
    Warsong Inscriptions (228)
    Soldiers Pay (2000)
    Lost Skyblade Amulet (9999)
    Platinum Guardian Charm Box (20)
    Warsong City A Card: Snakefist Guardian
    Warsong City A Card: Shadowskull Leach
    Warsong City A Card: Obscure Reaper
    Warsong City A Card: Cannonfist Orclord
    Warsong City A Card: Pestilent Destroyer
    Cloud Stir (+10)
    Chaotic Sign of Frost (+10)
    Chaotic Sign of Frost (+5)
    Lunar Glade Insignia - Ornament (2)
    Pious Entity (Seeker/Mystic Flyer)
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