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Final solution to the ulti question.

demansfairydemansfairy Posts: 456 Arc User
So since I never seen anyone mention it before, out ulti does 600% wep damage over 15 secs per stack, for a total of 3000% at 5 stacks. It also ignores def lv, spirit and attack level. Nice to know a SB without armor and no spirit can 1 shot a +12 josd char, nerf when?
full +12 SB, currently lv 105 105 105


  • bloodedone87bloodedone87 Posts: 1,883 Arc User
    Let them concentrate on duskblade... Those should be nerfed first and than storms but deep down inside of me I do not want storms ulti to be nerfed: MUAHAHAHA!


  • grace83shingrace83shin Posts: 55 Arc User
    Right hush up! Damn ulti lets me kill r9s now
    Stormbringer Thaumaturg of Tideswell
    102/101/101 Chaotic Soul
    One lightning bolt at a time baby!
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