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Suggestion BOX ( Fashions Suggestion Thread )

heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯Posts: 4,167 Community Moderator
edited July 2016 in Suggestion Box
Hello All,

So its something that has been asked for since the start of the game. Here we are going to make a list of all the Fashions you would like to see ingame. This is not Limited to Clothing. Ill take suggestions for Clothing, Weapons Fash, Mounts, Pets, Wings (Or flying things), Shoes, Hats And anything that falls into this. Including Designs where you can attach them. (Just remember once its uploaded to here you have shared it to the world)

If the Items are already in the game please submit the Item Number or PW Database Link.

Please use this for ONLY submitting Ideas. Open a new discussion if you need to start one, Just make sure its in the right place.

@sylenthunder as discussed Thanks.



2016 Submissions.
Items Not In game and NEW suggestions to the game.

Requested Sets Or Items Already In-game.
Reindeer Set. Female. Reindeer Set. Male
Woodlands set
Mascot set
Lunar Ripple set
Clockwork Genius set (search for Clockwork Genius for the rest of the set)
Exiled Dark Diva set*
Patriotic set 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

* Notes Any item asked for more than once.​​
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