Anniversary code

Hey i'm back,and deleted my 2 lvl 100 characters on other server,isit posible to a anniverry code from somewere?


  • assasin30#2740
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    new main toon is level 42 assasin
  • sylenthunder
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    Anni codes are limited to the Anniversary in September. Even if you had a code from last years anni, it would have expired last October.

    Check your email to see if you got the inactivity bonus code for free RB2 and gear.​​
  • krian090590
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    besides email, check the stickied thread for all other PWI Codes
    Etherblade Server
    due to mishaps in my past few years in game, I do NOT accept random invites (faction/squad/friend no randoms period) NOR will I give buffs (cleric/barb/sin/exp if i have it) to random people because they ask. If I DO give buffs to a random person, it's because of a random whim (much like the red detonator button sitting at my desk that i will one day push at a random whim)
    Also do NOT look at my gear and then proceed to pm me asking to buy my gear or for a loan of coin. It's just plain rude.
    I have too many toons to name, but if you play on Etherblade server and you come across a toon that acts this way, or if the world is suddenly destroyed, it was probably me.