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If one has g16 what's better to aim for. R9 gear or g17 wep and wait for g17 armor?

g16 armor feels squishy while r9s survive for ages


  • phmnphmn Posts: 57 Arc User
    I'd just farm r9. its easier to upgrade over all. Also keep in mind that the G17 weapon will cost you a few years of farming on top of like a 2bil coin sink. I will also say this the most recently released version of r9 from the Elysium update is not worth the time and effort to acquire. It has worse stats then the r9s3 we currently have. The full set of r9 will cost you more than 2bil yes, but the set is far better than the G17 weapon. If they do release any G17 armor which they have not hinted at, there will most likely be a r9 upgrade that surpasses that as well.
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  • tetraem007tetraem007 Posts: 129 Arc User
    That's hard to answer. Imo it's impossible now to "farm" Rank 9. They removed most opportunities to generate an income, especially for newcommers. Even merchanting is very hard now, at least on my server (TT server).

    Most of the time 3rd cast of Nirvana Gear feels squishy because people use it on new toons or on alts. They don't refine that gear as good as they do it on their R999 mains. And it's the same with skills, shards, avatars, meridians, nueamas. Ofc NV3 is not as good as R999, but if you would fully +10 it and maximize all other stuff too, you wouldn't call a character like this "squishy".

    Imo there are just two ways left over for PWE: either put Rank 9 on a real sale. 100 dollars or less. I'm not kidding. A newcommer wouldn't spend more. It would still cost you a lot of time or money to upgrade it to second cast of Rank9. If you farm it, it will take at least a half year or maybe a year. There are many characters in Nation War around which will be WAY stronger than you; they get most Supply Tokens, the others get just the crumbs.

    The second way would be to give us a time line for G17 armor/weapons. And if there will be other (cheaper) sources for G17 materials. We have to know how to plan for the future.
    PW China would have to respond of those questions. I know it's very unlikely they will do. Most likely they will just show us the middle finger instead - which isn't a nice gesture for a company. And PWE will have to swallow the feedback on forums like Steam. Which won't make them happy too. Like everything in this world it's about politics at the end of the day and we can't influence it.

    If you are new, if you don't have a few hundred thousand dollars left over in real life (= you can spend 2-5k dollars for a game easily without missing it), don't invest more than 50 dollars for this game. Invest the 50 dollars for a full set of NV3, that's it. You will just become a hater if you waste more. If you spend 200 or 300 dollars, you will recognize later that you won't get far with this money. It's just like a drop of water in the desert.
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    Is there g17 armor in China? If not I guess it'll be worth to go for r9 but do I then farm for full r9 ? Just r9 gear and g17 wep? Or what?
  • tetraem007tetraem007 Posts: 129 Arc User

    Is there g17 armor in China? If not I guess it'll be worth to go for r9 but do I then farm for full r9 ? Just r9 gear and g17 wep? Or what?

    No, there isn't g17 armor around yet. Calculate the costs for R9 armor on your server.
    If you have the money left over irl, buy it on next sale.
    If you want to farm it, make a list for a month and check out how much you can farm per month.
    Be realistic and ask yourself, if you will have that much time left over in the future too.

    If you can farm 150m per month it might still take 4-5 years to farm enough coins, just for the basic Rank9 set.
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    Nv3 is better than g16?
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    I had a sin with g16 +7 all. But in nw I felt like lvl1 I would get 1shot and r9 sins felt like mountains that could withstand a thousand blows. Just want to feel like I can matter in nw.... is this cause of my gear or do I just suck?
  • tetraem007tetraem007 Posts: 129 Arc User

    Nv3 is better than g16?

    NV3 has grade 16. R9 R99 and R999 have grade 16 too.

    ☆Mountcrasher Plate is g11
    ☆Lionheart Plate is g12
    ☆☆Darkness Armor is g15 (nirvana "1st cast")
    ☆☆Lion's Roar Armor is g15 (nirvana 2nd cast)
    ☆Awakened Lionheart Armor is g16 ("nirvana 3rd cast" = nv3 = Awakened gear)

    The different versions of "grade 16" refine different, there is no consistency. Some people call NV3 gear "g16".
  • tetraem007tetraem007 Posts: 129 Arc User

    I had a sin with g16 +7 all. But in nw I felt like lvl1 I would get 1shot and r9 sins felt like mountains that could withstand a thousand blows. Just want to feel like I can matter in nw.... is this cause of my gear or do I just suck?

    Spirit is a huge factor. Most likely you even don't use the free defence charms. Most likely your genie is bad. Most likely your skills are not maxed, most likely you are not 3x105. And since you seems not to be new to this game you start to smell like a troll, sorry. I'll stop here. I hope I can at least help some newcommers with my posts.
  • suzukmannsuzukmann Posts: 86 Arc User
    lets get a few misconceptions out of the way>

    theres not that much of a difference between a FULL primal dailz, full nuema full spirit g16 or r9. it might seem like it is, but in realitz it is not. the thing that does make a huge difference is the refinements. ppl in g16 hardlz refine to 10 or higher ...

    its jsut not worth it on gears that cost 40m a pop to use 1b of coins to get refinements. ppl with r9 do this.
    then next point would be shards ... cant tell a g16 to shard with full defense lvl stones . 4 stones do cost 1.2b ... u need 24 of those.... its jsut something a g16 would never do on his character.

    hence ur comparing apples and oranges `.`

    i tihnk i remember u beeing a barb... sooo get all ur primal passives to amx, get all ur nuema and cards to maxlvl and u wont reallz see a big difference between a semi geared r9 and zourself in g16.

    to give u an example. i merhced mz r9 in a few months ... bought it, madfe it plus 10 before i equipped it. felt like a wanker. dueles a barb friend of mine in g16.. guz oneshots me. he had lvled passives and cards, i did not.
  • jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
    as @suzukmann said, if you do everything for both sets of gear, the results are very similar. The problem is that people do not see g16 as endgame gear, so they do not invest heavily in that gear. Quite often people go the tt path for their g16 gear which makes it quite hard to get any money back from your equipped gear.

    I have r999+10, weapon is +12, but i still get hit for 25k~40k by people who have maxed out their gear, cards, passives and the likes. I have not done those extra things.

    When i got r9 the first time, i found it far worse than my aps gear.

    If someone is really undecided on what to get. I would say farm your G17 weapon to 5th stage. By that time we will know whether g17 armour is out, whether there is an upgrade to r999 or a whole new rank gear set coming out. A person can make their decision at that time. Do remember though, every 2~3 years, what ever is the top end gear will get knocked down a few tiers. One has to constantly keep on top of things if they want the best at all times while playing this game.​​
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    Not a troll how do you even mean I would be? played some long ago but came back recently (like a week). I know basicly nothing atm except some basic lvling and terms as Its been years. And vague memories of whatever instances I did back then. Like how I got rekt in nw.

    I would consider myself New to the game as the only instance or event I remember how to do is fc pv and bh caves. And fc is dead cause no hypers

    Also never spent much time PvP except for some nw runs I failed at. This was when nw first came out

    Yesterday I learnt it seems my old acc with my sin got banned for my own safety years back cause a hacker compromised it. So seems I can get it back.
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    I read something about just getting the wep from r9 with g16 armor? is that worth it or will it cost about the same? Or better to just get g17 wep with g16 armor?
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    That moment when your no-refined TT90 mystic is stronger than your NV3/G16 +6 mystic, you start to understand the importance of meridian/passives/nuemas/cards etc. Yes, this is the case for my two mystics lol.

    Personally I would aim for R9 armor and stay with a NV3/G16 weapon untill you're able to afford something better, but I guess it's also depends on which class you're playing.
    I think archer is the only class where I would pick the R9 weapon before the armor.
    Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    So gear better than wep?
  • darkonomedarkonome Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    As there is no g17 armour on the horizon (minimum 1year+ if ever) I would say go for r9 ring, belt, armours in that order, then check forums check news ask questions see if it's still worth getting the weapon, as in a couple months from now there could be an update that makes G17 wep easier to get, or maybe even r9r5 wep... ;)
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    edited May 2016
    That sounds reasonable i Guess :) altHough is the ring and belt really worth it ? I mean thats 440 g i could use on getting almost wep or armor
  • darkonomedarkonome Posts: 253 Arc User
    You can't get anything unless you get the ring first, and the belt is the best defensive piece of them all.
  • myhero#0905 myhero Posts: 89 Arc User
    Ok thanks for the advice!
  • magiceffectmagiceffect Posts: 162 Arc User
    If its survivability you need, g16 will suffice (due to extra percentage based stats, it might even be better at full +12).

    I know 2 g16 chars that very few ppl can kill (Da server): one cleric and one seeker. But like most ppl told you already, when you add all the things together you will see that its not really the set itself which counts most, but the refines, shards, engravings, 105x3, cards and chart.

    Even in PVP, r9rr and g17 only really matter for the very few ppl at the top of the food chain. You can only compete with these people if you manage to "farm" at least 500m per month (1b is a safer amount), or are willing to spend at least 5k on the upgrades.

    If you are on the casual side, g16 is good enough. If you do that, go lunar because at least at some point you are able to resell it.

    Now, if you want to blast people to small pieces of dust, r9rr/g17 wep is the thing to go for. And when you consider the price of that, getting r9rr armors for a bit more stats is nothing really.

    My advice for you, do these things in the right order to get most of surviviability, and then reevaluate:
    0. farm lunar g16 set and take it to +7 minimum (ideally, 10). you have the option to resell it later.
    1. nuemas maxed out.
    2. reborn twice, max out astral sky.
    3. time to farm them cards. Aim for at least a 5card A set, if not lucky enough to get the AEU set. Take all to lvl40, maybe reborn a few if you're lucky.
    4. get a proper pair of rings g16, whichever type suits you best.
    5. get the good necklace
    6. engrave the shizz out of the non lunar things.
    7. spend 6 months of daily PV's at this point to get to 105x3. It helps A LOT. (If you completed the first 6 steps you will be able to solo easily, and do at least 12 runs per day).
    8. try to make a good chart, you need JFSP for this and a couple other dailies.
    Now, most important, you do not afford time to waste on homestead, nice as it may be. By the time you are done with the mandatory things I just listed, everything homestead related will be easier to get.

    After you complete step 8, reevaluate yourself against a decent r9rr. You will be amazed how well you fare in survivability, but do know that killing said person will be very hard.

    And one last advice, new 2 classes deal a lot more damage than all previous ones. You would be wise to start with a stormbringer (I love the skill casting while moving) or duskblade if you want a better assassin.

    Good luck :smile:
    Dawnglory - SpellStormer (105 x 3): http://mypers.pw/10/#435948
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