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Archer's have an interrupt?!

phmnphmn Posts: 57 Arc User
edited January 2016 in Archer
So yesterday there was a question raised in wc on Etherblade, if archers possessed an interrupt within their skill set. I responded with a no. Having played an archer since 09 and have read and re-read skill descriptions countless times over the years. I got into an arguement with someone who was quite adamant that we do infact possess an interrupt.


I opened said link above, and pressed Ctrl+F to do a text search on the webpage for any instance of the word interrupt. I got no results. Now if there is the ever so slight chance that I am wrong I'd love to know, or if there was an update to a skill that I do not know about. Could someone who "knows what they are talking about" please help me here because I clearly know nothing about an archer.

I do appologize in advance, this is to prove said person wrong and yes this post is full of sarcasm.
Arynx Demon Archer 105-105-105
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