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Losing Internet from 00:20 -01:00 server time when i log in PWI(TT server)

opalhsopalhs Posts: 34 Arc User
From yeserday,when server reset i log in and start doing primal daylies,and around 00:20 i start losing internet on this PC where i play PWI.I have cable internet and my cable goes directly from internet Router so i cant lose signal cos its not wifi.Router say everything is ok and on same router there are 2 more cables for 2 more PC's and both have woriking internet exept this one where I play PWI.

In around 00:20 when that happens,internet on this PC just stop sending and reciving data.It not show on screen Local Area Conection is unpluged like other times when I dont have internet,so i need to restart PC and then i have internet again,but if i log on pwi again and enter my character after 5 seconds I have been loged in I lose internet again,and again I restart PC and i have internet again,,,,and that goes until some time.
So i cant play PWI from around 00:20 to some time...Anyone else have this problem?Because for sure have nothing with my PC or internet provider cos i can play everything else in that time,just cant play PWI?


  • aameetingsaameetings Posts: 2 Arc User
    So your internet travels through different nodes on route to servers in which the game is hosted, it is entirely possible that during this time your traffic through one of these nodes is being obstructed. should run a trace route to your pwi server during this cause and it will help narrow down the problem so someone could potentially assist you understand the problem, however i can not gurantee anyone will be able to fix it.
  • opalhsopalhs Posts: 34 Arc User
    Thanks man,can you tell me how can i trace route during this?

    I dont have much knowlege in this but i started to think pwi have some virus or something.Thats why I wana know if other ppl have this problem.I play on that time of day for past 7 years allmost every day and never had that problem,cos PWI shouldnt be able to stop sending and reciving data on my computer.I play only pwi and 1 more very famous game(not gona say name cos its forbiden to say other game names on forum but for sure dont have viruses) on this PC,watch erotic videos only on 1 site who dont have viruses(also not gona say name for same reason but for sure dont have viruses),and doing all this for past 7 years and was allways playing normal exept when dont have internet but then it will say local area conection not conected(or lights on router will be off) or if server is down.And if this is only happening when i log on pwi then must be PWI problem.

    Asked to see if pwi changed something yesterday before server reset,I didnt instal anything or downloaded something or was on some internet site that I didnt go for last 7 years,I was doing what I was doing for last 7 years and dont know what is problem.Will see if it will happen again tomorow,if it happen tomorow again then its very big problem and will try to trace route,but still wana know if someone else have this problem so i can know if its just me or its global problem.
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    Moved this to the correct forum. Read the stickies here for more information.

    No offense to OP, but why does no one look past General Discussion when there's a large mass of other forums below it? The first of which being this one, the one where you would look for this kind of help and information.​​
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